The GHD sales live now–Amazon Prime Day hair tool deals plus more

The very best GHD sale deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021, as discovered by the Woman & Home team

GHD Helios hair dryers in various colours
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Treating yourself to a fancy new GHD hair tool? Here are the best GHD sales to shop right now, with Amazon Prime Day here and lots more rival sales on as we speak.

Whether it's the best hair straightener or the newest GHD hair dryer you are after, you can find the best deals below – with a little help from us. We've been doing some shopping (at St Regis, Amazon, Walmart and more) to find the cheapest deals and the best GHD sales for June 2021.

What to buy in the GHD sales below? The GHD Gold Styler is currently on sale at Amazon UK, while St Regis has the entire GHD Curve range on sale. We also spotted the GHD Rise on sale for £150. In the US, the deals are equally as impressive – the GHD Original flat iron is only $93.99, while both Amazon and Walmart have some great discounts on both hair dryers and curling irons.

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Where to shop a GHD sale?

The best GHD deals in the UK

GHD Gold Styler

GHD Gold Styler | £149 £134.50 (save £14.50) at Amazon
The dual-zone technology used for this professional styler from GHD maintains and regulates at an optimum heat from root to tip – so you can protect your hair from damage while making it look fabulous! It takes 25 seconds to heat up and will turn itself off after 30 mins. What's not to love? Save 10% when you buy today.

By price: low to high

GHD Flight Travel Hair Dryer

GHD Flight Gift Set | £59 at Amazon
This hair dryer gift set is a bargain at just under £60. We know it isn't on sale, but it really is so affordable we couldn't not mention it. With it comes a travel case, too, as well as a precision nozzle. The GHD Flight is travel-friendly (hence the name) so it folds to be packed in a suitcase with ease. It's also lightweight, it works at 65°C and it features a clever auto shut-off mode that kicks in if it's held too close to your hair.

Ghd Air

GHD Air | £109 at Amazon
The GHD Air is powerful and boasts advanced iconic technology to reduce frizz and flyaways. It comes with a concentrator nozzle and it's suitable for both left and right-handed users. Choose between three temperature modes and two speed settings, and make use of the cool shot button afterwards. This is currently the cheapest price you'll find the GHD Air on the web for.

GHD Original Hair Straightener

GHD Original Hair Straightener | £109 at Amazon
Boasting a rounded barrel and floating plates, the GHD Original Styler glides effortlessly through all hair types, creating beautiful everyday styles with enhanced shine. It's a classic and it heats up in only 30 seconds. An auto shut-off mode makes it safe to use, and it styles at 185ºC. Right now, this is the most affordable price the GHD Original is online.

GHD Curve® Soft Curl Tong 32mm

GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong | £129 £115 (save £14) at St Regis
This GHD curling tong is one of the best you can buy. It clamps your hair around its 32mm barrel, leaving you with super bouncy curls. Also, its tri-zone barrel ensures the optimum temperature is delivered constantly, while it has a cool tip and a safety stand for easy use. It heats up super quick, while it has a safety auto shut-off feature, too.

GHD Curve Classic

GHD Curve Classic | £129 £115 (save £15) at St Regis
Want a waving wand for a cheap price? Check out this saving from St Regis. It has a 38-26mm oval-shaped barrel as opposed to a rounded one, which creates more of a bend and wave than a curl. It works at 185ºC, while it boasts a safety stand, 30-minute auto shut-off and the best part? Its advanced ceramic coating makes your curls smoother.

Ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand

Ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand | £129 £115 (save £14) at St Regis
Create bouncy elegant curls or tousled beachy waves with this creative curl wand from GHD. With a tapered barrel that measures from 28mm to 23mm, you can use this curler to go from chilled daytime curls to a fancy nighttime hairdo with ease. It heats up in just 25 seconds and also has a special advanced ceramic coating for a smoother finish.

GHD Mini Gold styler

GHD Mini Gold styler | £119 at Amazon
Great for those with short or thin hair, the very lightweight GHD Mini has a rounded barrel for easy styling, while it boasts a 2.7m swivel cord and it heats up in only 25 seconds. Due to its compact size, it's easy to store and super convenient to take on holidays or staycations, too. Small but powerful. The GHD Mini is £119 at its cheapest price right now.

GHD Glide Hot Brush

GHD Glide Hot Brush | £139 £121 (save £18) at Toni & Guy
A cheap price to pay for this sought-after hot brush, especially since it's convenient to use and it does the job fast. Great for straightening hair without causing as much damage – as well as adding volume – this hot brush even eliminates frizz in seconds.

GHD Helios Hair Dryer

GHD Helios Hair Dryer | £159 £139.99 (save £19.01) at Amazon
This hair dryer makes a lovely gift, and it's impressively built with 2200 watts of power behind it for fast drying. For a salon-style blow dry from home, anti-frizz and ionic technology also live inside, while its lightweight and ergonomic design are another bonus. There are three power modes and temperature settings, and a cool shot button to set your style. It also comes in black, blue, white and plum – so that it looks the part on your dressing table.

GHD Rise

GHD Rise | £169 £150 (save £19) at Supercuts
The GHD Rise is an incredible hair tool as it curls and combs hair at the same time, leaving it looking super voluminous. The 32mm barrel has 5mm nylon bristles that heat to 185ºC fast. It's rare to find this hair tool on sale – we say grab it while you can.

GHD Platinum+ Black Styler

GHD Platinum+ Black Styler | £189 £169 (save £20) at Tony & Guy
With £20 off right now, the sleek platinum+ is a bargain. It has a one-button operation to make straightening your hair easy, while it works at 185ºC. Ultra-zone technology intelligently recognises each section of hair – – from thickness, and the speed at which you style to adjust the heat – giving you unbeatable, personalised results. 

GHD New Max Styler

GHD New Max Styler | £179 at Amazon
The brand new GHD Max is better suited to those with thick, long hair as its wide plates make a quicker time of large jobs. The wide plates are ghd's widest surface ceramic floating plates with high gloss coating for frizz-free styling and 80% more shine. It also features a rounded barrel to make curling a breeze, and it heats up in 30 seconds and comes with a protective plate guard. Unsurprisingly, this hair tool isn't on sale as it's new, but rest assured £179 is the cheapest price around.

The best GHD deals in the US

GHD Original Hair Straightener

GHD Original Hair Straightener | $149 $93.99 (save $55.01) at Walmart
The GHD Original Styler is one of the best GHD stylers you can buy as it glides effortlessly through all hair types, creating beautiful everyday styles with enhanced shine. It's a brilliant all-rounder that can also be used to create waves, and it's super affordable at Walmart right now. Not to mention it has a nine-foot cord and an auto shut-off mode.

By price: low to high

GHD Flight Hair Dryer

GHD Flight Hair Dryer | $99 $80 (save $19) at Walmart
Frequently booking vacations? This GHD travel hair dryer folds up to fit in your luggage and it's on sale right now. It may be small but it's powerful, while it's impressively lightweight at the same time. Buy now while there's nearly $20 off.

GHD Electric Pink Gold Styler Flat Iron

GHD Electric Pink Gold Styler Flat Iron | $199 $96.05 (save $102.95) at Walmart
The pop of color gives these GHDs that unique stamp, perfect as a gift. Suitable for straightening and curling, why not snap these up while you can? Not just stylish, they are even comfortable to hold and bursting with features.

GHD Gold Styler

GHD Gold Styler 2" | $199 $140 (save $59) at Walmart
With gold ceramic places (hence the name), this wide flat iron is perfect for styling thick or long hair. They effortlessly glide through all hair types, while they also make curling hair an easy task. They take just 30 seconds to heat to 365ºF – impressive. With nearly $60 off, they're a steal.

GHD Curve Iron Curl

GHD Curve Iron Curl | $199 $142.68 (save $56.32) at Walmart
This is the cheapest GHD curling iron we can find on sale right now, and it's great for creating voluminous yet soft waves. With a cool tip for easy holding, as well as a stand so that you can place it on your dresser worry-free. Ultra-zone technology guarantees homogeneous heat across the entire large barrel, and you need only hold your hair around it for 5-8 seconds for it to do its magic.

GHD Glide hot brush

GHD Glide Hot Brush | $169 $163.20 (save $5.80) at GHD
Style and straighten your mane with ease thanks to this hot brush. It will tame flyaways and smooth frizz for silky locks and a volume boost, and there's a small discount at the moment.

GHD Curl & Wave Wand

GHD Curl & Wave Wand | $199 $186.90 (save $12.10) at Amazon
The perfect tool for achieving beachy waves, this flat wand works on the majority of hair types. It also boasts ultra zone technology to maintain the same temperature across the entire barrel, for healthier looking hair. Heat up time is 25 seconds – to get to 365ºC – and right now there's $12 off the price tag.

GHD Platinum+ White Professional Styler Flat Iron

GHD Platinum+ | $249 $189 (save $81.50) at Walmart
This flat iron uses revolutionary tri-zone technology and operates at the optimum heat of 365°F. The same heat is maintained from root to tip so you don't need to worry about damage like you do with an ordinary straightener. And, it comes in your choice of black or white.

GHD Helios Hair Dryer

GHD Helios Hair Dryer | $249 $211.25 (save $37.75) at Amazon
The Helios is GHD's newest hair dryer, and it's on sale with 15% off. Not only can it dry your hair super fast, but it also has a range of temperature and speed settings to choose from. It comes in lots of colors, and a contoured nozzle comes included in the box.

GHD deals by product

Want to browse all GHD products and compare the today's best prices on various models? Not sure if you want a styler or curling wand? Our clever pricing widgets ensures you get the best deal, so check out all the latest deals below and choose based on price and model.

GHD straighteners

GHD call their straighteners 'stylers'. This is because they are not just for making your hair silky sleek, but can also be twisted, rolled and turned to create all manner of curls and waves. They come in a number of sizes from mini to max. Their mini styler is great for short hair and for creating small curls, and most people will find their professional styler the best all rounder – it's wide enough for straightening most hair lengths and types in a jiffy, but narrow enough for using as a curler. The GHD Max Styler is wider and will get through thick, long hair with ease.

GHD curling wands

For curls, ringlets or barrel waves, give a GHD curling tong – or wand – a go. Tongs grip the hair for easier styling, but a wand can give you a greater range of movement for more versatility and various styles.

GHD hairdryers and hot brushes

A good hair dryer will speed up your routine after a shower. A Good Hair Days (that's GHD to me and you) hair dryer will do it in a way that reduces heat damage and static flyaways. There's a reason GHD feature twice on our list of the best hair dryers. See the best deals on GHD hair dryers and hot brushes below.

GHD gift sets

Buying a present for someone? Maybe it's your partner, or your mum – maybe your sister? Whoever it is, why not buy them a GHD gift set? We've found the most affordable sets below from top UK retailers. Sets span everything from hair dryers with cases to a styler AND curling wand.

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