Black Friday air fryer deals: Save up to 64% ahead of the sales event

We've searched high and low for the best air fryer deals, and these are the biggest discounts we've spotted this month

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This month's best air fryer deals include impressive savings from well-known brands like Salter, Ninja, Tefal and Instant Pot.

The best air fryers offer a healthier way to cook, as you can use substantially less - or sometimes no - oil in them. Not only that, cooking times can be very short, so they’re great kitchen gadgets for people who are low on time but still want to create healthy, interesting meals.

We've rounded up the best air fryer deals this month below, with up to 64% of savings available - but move fast, as these appliances do tend to sell out quickly. We'll be updating this list regularly, too, so rest assured you'll find the best deals below.

Where to find the best deals on air fryers right now

The best air fryer deals to shop now

Salter 7.6L Stainless Steel Dual Air Fryer: £279.99

Salter 7.6L Stainless Steel Dual Air Fryer: £279.99 £99.99 | Robert Dyas

If you're looking for a high-quality, large air fryer that features two drawers, this Salter option currently has a huge £180 off at the moment, which represents a 64% saving. It's easy to choose from the ten cooking modes with the digital display, and the timer goes up to an hour, meaning you can cook substantial meals in the two drawers.

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Tefal EasyFry 9-in-1 11L Air Fryer Oven: £189

Tefal EasyFry 9-in-1 11L Air Fryer Oven: £189 £119 | Argos

This Tefal option features all the best bits of lots of popular air fryers: a large window to see your food cooking, an easy-to-read digital display, and nine cooking modes including dehydrate and rotisserie. The fryer also comes with several 'shelves' which mean you can separate different foods while cooking. Even better, this deal represents a half-price saving.

Philips Essential 6.2L Air Fryer: £199.99

Philips Essential 6.2L Air Fryer: £199.99 £119.99 | Amazon

This Philips fryer has a 'keep warm' function of up to 30 minutes, a clear and easy-to-read digital display - with several preset modes for fuss-free cooking - and can be used alongside the NutriU app, which features healthy recipes to try out in the fryer, if you're wondering what to cook in an air fryer.

Daewoo 12L Rotisserie Air Fryer Oven: £219.99

Daewoo 12L Rotisserie Air Fryer Oven: £219.99 £79.99 | Robert Dyas

As a larger model, this 12-litre air fryer has a huge window to see your food cooking, a rotisserie skewer, three mesh baskets and a drip tray. The fryer even has non-slip feet, to ensure that it'll stay secure on your worktop and won't spill oil or grease anywhere.

Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 1.7kg Air Fryer: £284.99

Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 1.7kg Air Fryer: £284.99 £129.99 | JD Williams 

This air fryer is perfect for quick and easy cooking, making it one of the best options on our list. Due to the unique paddle design of the fryer, there’s no need to shake the contents part way through cooking, as it will move the food around for you and ensure consistent frying.

Ninja Foodi Max 6-in-1 Grill & Air Fryer: £269.99

Ninja Foodi Max 6-in-1 Grill & Air Fryer: £269.99 £219.99 | Ninja

This unique option is actually a grill as well as an air fryer, but with six cooking functions including roast, dehydrate and bake, you can make food in a variety of ways for up to six people. A £50 discount is substantial for Ninja models, so we're delighted to see this deal.

Tefal Easy Fry 2-in-1 Air Fryer: £99.99

Tefal Easy Fry 2-in-1 Air Fryer: £99.99 £49 | Amazon

The eight presets on this easy-to-use fryer include modes for cooking crispy fries and a whole roast chicken; the presets are also easy to cycle through and choose from, due to the stripped-back display. There's a grill plate for frying meat and fish, and if you're using the steam function, careful steam technology stops your food from becoming soggy. Plus, there's 51% off right now.

Tefal Actifry Genius XL 1.7kg Air Fryer in White: £254.99

Tefal Actifry Genius XL 1.7kg Air Fryer in White: £254.99 £124.99 | JD Williams

We love the white version of the Tefal Actifry Genius, which offers the same unique paddle design (eliminating the need for shaking food as it fries), as well as nine automatic cooking programs. All parts of the fryer are dishwasher-safe, so you don't have to worry about tricky cleaning methods, either.

Tower Vortx Vizion 9L Dual Basket Air Fryer: £159.99

Tower Vortx Vizion 9L Dual Basket Air Fryer: £159.99 £119.99 | Tower

This impressive deal means you can save £40 on a larger air fryer model, with a sleek digital display and two baskets to cook food in. There's ten cooking functions, and the 'smart finish' technology allows both baskets to cook with separate cooking settings whilst finishing at the same time.

Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air Fryer 1.8 Litres:  £84.99

Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air Fryer 1.8 Litres: £84.99 £59.51 | Wayfair

With a sleek design which features an LED display on the top of the model, this smaller air fryer is the ideal first-time buy if style is your priority. But it also delivers on price: with £30 off, this Wayfair deal offers a very low price for a fryer.

What is the standard price of an air fryer?

The standard price of an air fryer depends partly on the dimensions of the fryer. In the UK, the capacity of an air fryer is mostly measured in litres: for anything up to a capacity of around 3 litres, you can easily find a good-quality model for less than £100. Certain brands, such as Tower and PowerXL, offer larger air fryers for a similarly good price of around the £100 mark, with a 2.2-liter ‘compact’ air fryer coming in at only £40 on Argos. Certain brands, however, such as the Tefal ActiFry series, will often cost you upwards of £100 for an average size fryer, with the smallest-capacity option on the Tefal website retailing at £89.99.

How do you know you're getting a genuinely good deal?

One factor to be wary of when looking for air fryer deals is that just because it looks like there’s a large percentage taken off the RRP through the deal, if the fryer was originally overpriced, you could still get better bang for your buck elsewhere. In the past, we’ve generally seen deals on air fryers sit at around 20-40% off the original RRP, so if you see a deal that offers a discount of half price or more, you might want to snap it up. It’s important to look at what’s being included in the deal, too, as well as the size, capacity and features of the fryer. If you know you’re looking for an extra-large air fryer, and you see a deal that offers this for less than £100, you’d be wise to get in on the deal before it goes.

Will there be air fryer deals on Black Friday?

Considering Amazon usually offers the best deals on air fryers, we're definitely expecting to see these savings increase even further during the sales event, which falls on Friday 24th November. But there's no need to wait until then, as there are already great deals to be found on some of our favourite air fryers.

Are air fryers worth the money?

We asked our head of ecommerce, Millie Fender, if she thinks air fryers are worth the investment. "I’ve reviewed countless air fryers from brands like Ninja and Instant, and I can confirm that they’re genuinely life-changing appliances", she says. 

"My oven’s been on standby since I got my two-drawer Instant VersaZone air fryer, which I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for an air fryer upgrade ahead of the festive season. And if you’re an air fryer newbie, I highly recommend Ninja’s entry-level models, which are powerful yet compact."

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