24 long-lasting perfumes whose luxe and distinctive notes linger all day

Our beauty team have selected their top long-lasting perfumes for every budget - to earn you a good-smelling reputation...

A selection of the best long-lasting perfumes in this guide, including Gucci The Alchemist A Floral Verse, Maison Francis Kurkjian's Baccarat Rouge and Jo Malone Silver Birch and Lavender/ in a cream, marble-effect template
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To be deemed a "long-lasting" perfume worthy of your money and wear, a scent must first pass several tests, the most important being how well it lingers on the skin throughout the day. This is something the woman&home beauty team takes very seriously and thus, have trialed 24 iconic fragrances...

After all the best perfume for women can be one of the priciest buys in our beauty arsenal, so it pays to have all the intel on which notes and brands in general, are known to go the distance. That being said though, testing a scent out for a full day before purchasing it isn't always feasible but thankfully, there are a few tricks and tells to look out for when selecting a lingering signature.

One way is to think of perfume as a pyramid, consisting of top, heart and base notes, the latter of which, Karen Harris, Head of Marketing at The Perfume Shop says, "form the foundation of the fragrance." Harris explains that these base notes, "come into force around 30 minutes after integrating with the middle notes, and typically last six hours." So, with that in mind, our team have shared their vetted long-lasting picks, with aromas to suit every preference - and all formulated with enduring base notes that you can count on...

24 long-lasting perfumes for women, chosen by our beauty team

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Whether you're a lover of warm and decadent vanilla perfumes or fresh, hypnotizing perfumes with jasmine, discover our picks of the best long-lasting fragrances - from iconic brands like Chanel and Issey Miyake as well as more niche and budget-friendly finds...

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