The 15 best long-lasting lipsticks of 2024, reviewed by our beauty team

Our guide to the best long-lasting lipsticks for prosecco-proof, smudge-resistant wear that you can rely on

Collage of three of the best long-lasting lipsticks featured in this guide from Haus Labs, Max Factor and Glossier
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The best long-lasting lipsticks will pack in your desired level of colour payoff and finish with impressive longevity to boot – making them an essential in every makeup bag. With the power to stay put no matter what the day throws at you, there's no going wrong with a smudge-proof, transfer-resistant formula.

With options covering everything from the best red lipstick to a classic everyday nude lipstick, there has never been a better selection of long-lasting lipsticks on the market, with all manner of finishes and formulations. "A satin finish is perfect as the formula falls somewhere between a matte and a cream," explains Saffron Hughes, makeup artist expert at "The subtle shine makes imperfections less noticeable, so you won’t need to top up as much."

A bit of prep can also extend the life of any lipstick, says Dominic Skinner, Global Senior Artist for M·A·C Cosmetics. "Give your lip plenty of moisture before using a lip scrub to help create a smooth base," he advises. "Follow this with a lip primer, remembering to let it set for a minute or two. This will help to secure the colour, keeping it in place all day."

We tested each lipstick in this guide for a minimum of eight hours, eating and drinking throughout, to get a true representation of how long they last. We can confidently say we've found the best of the best, with guaranteed flawless and long-lasting results every time. 

The best long-lasting lipsticks, as chosen and tested by our beauty team

How we tested the best long-lasting lipsticks

the best long lasting lipsticks tested by woman&home

A selection of the long-lasting lipstick we tested for this guide

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Beauty brands often make bold claims about their long-lasting lipsticks, from 16 hours of wear to completely transfer and water-resistant formulas. But it’s tricky to know which ones will actually live up to such promises. We tested dozens of lipsticks for this guide, as well as including some old favourites we've been wearing for years, and assessed them based on the following factors. 

  • Durability for an average day of wear
  • How transfer-resistant it was
  • Comfort
  • Ease of application 
  • Pigment and finish 
  • Number of shads and range
  • Packaging
  • Price

How to make lipstick last longer

The trick to applying a long-lasting lipstick (and making it last) is to prepare your lips from the get-go. Start with a lip scrub to buff away flakes and any uneven texture. This creates a smooth canvas for your lipstick to adhere to. Think of it like painting a fence; you wouldn't paint straight onto the raw wood, you’d sand it down until it was smooth, then add primer before your chosen colour. 

Your primer, in this case, takes the form of lip balm to nourish away dryness and keep your lips comfortable, especially if you’re wearing a particularly matte formula. Applying a small amount underneath your lipstick also means you won’t feel the need to lick your lips as often and, therefore, you’ll have much longer-lasting colour. (This will also stop your lips from staining and make it much easier to remove when you eventually want to take it off.)

Another great, age-old beauty technique to improve lipstick longevity is to apply one coat, blot it with a tissue, then apply another. This layers the colour and yields a much longer wear time – our grandmothers were onto something with that one.

Which type of lipstick stays on longest?

Although sheer, barely-there balms and sparkly lip glosses have their place, when you need your lip colour to last, a long-wearing formula can’t be beaten. These tend to be matte in texture as they don’t slide around like creamy satin finishes. Of course, there are exceptions with satin formulas that have been developed to last (and you'll find some here in our guide) but generally, a matte formula is your safest bet. 

Another thing to look out for is colour pay-off. Lipsticks often fade with wear, but find one rich in pigment and you shouldn’t need to reapply it. A formula that coats the lips with colour in one swipe should also be on your radar. These tend to last far longer than sheer lipstick, which can disappear with one lick of the lips. The trick to how to stop lipstick bleeding and feathering is using a lip pencil first – this also makes a huge difference to the longevity of your look. 

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