The best Fitbit deals in July 2022: See what's already on sale ahead of Prime Day

We've found and rounded up the best Fitbit deals currently available in the US and the UK ahead of the Prime Day sales

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The best Fitbit deals right now range from modest prices to very good sales worth snapping up. But with Amazon Prime Day fast approaching, we predict these prices will drop even lower next week.

Right now, we're seeing discounts on all types of Fitbits, from basic fitness trackers to more intricate smartwatches. Plus, many Fitbit deals include six months to a year of Fitbit Premium (opens in new tab), a subscription service that adds expanded health, wellness and mindfulness features to your device. It usually costs $9.99/£7.99 per month.

If you're new to the world of Fitbit, read our feature detailing how a Fitbit works before you invest. Then scroll down for a selection of deals on the best Fitbits across the US and the UK — as well as some insight regarding the best time of year to pick up these popular fitness trackers at a good price (hint: it's not in December!)

The best Fitbit deals in the US and UK

In the US and the UK, Amazon (opens in new tab) is the premier destination for the lowest prices on Fitbits right now. The online retail giant is gearing up for its annual Prime Day festivities by offering some early specials. (Prime Day takes place this year on July 12-13.)

But Amazon isn't the only place to browse for Fitbit deals. In the US, Best Buy, Macy's and Target are offering some decent dollar-off discounts. Meanwhile, in the UK, head over to Currys and Very for some substantial saving — or if you're a frequent Boots shopper, you'll avail of points with your Fitbit purchase, which you can spend at a later date.

Keep scrolling for a selection of the best Fitbit deals on either side of the pond...

Fitbit sales (US): quick links

The best Fitbit deals in the US

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Fitbit Charge 5 + 6 mo. of Fitbit Premium: $149.95 from $124.99 (save up to $26) (opens in new tab) | Amazon

Most retailers are charging $130 for the current-gen Charge 5, but Amazon is undercutting those prices ever so slightly for all three available colors. It boasts up to 7 hours of battery on a single charge, a built-in GPS, heart rhythm tracker, stress management, and a Daily Readiness Score that'll inform you if you should workout or focus on recovery. Also included is six months of Fitbit Premium, which is otherwise $9.99 per month. 

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Fitbit Luxe in Black/Graphite + 6 mo. of Fitbit Premium: $129.95 $92.99 (save $37) (opens in new tab) | Amazon

The stylish Fitbit Luxe is one of the best fitness trackers for women (opens in new tab). It has a sleek form factor and jewelry-like appearance — but it's also got smarts. The Luxe can track sleep metrics, stress levels, and overall fitness. It'll last for up to five days on a single charge, too. The Black/Graphite edition is now at one of the lowest prices we've ever seen for the Fitbit Luxe in any color. Get six months of Fitbit Premium  to further enhance the Luxe's features. 

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Fitbit Versa 3 in Black + 6 mo. of Fitbit Premium: $229.95 $159.70 (save $70) (opens in new tab) | Amazon

This is the latest iteration of the mid-range Fitbit Versa line. At just under $160 on Amazon, this is among the lowest prices we've seen for any Versa 3. It improves upon its predecessor by adding hands-free voice support for Google Assistant (in addition to Amazon Alexa), as well as a built-in GPS so you can track outdoor runs without the need to bring your smartphone. Check out our Fitbit Versa 3 review (opens in new tab) to learn more about what it can do.

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Fitbit Versa 2 in Mist Gray: $149.95 $119.95 (save $30) (opens in new tab) | Best Buy

It may not be the most current model but the Versa 2 is still a fine fitness tracker watch. Features include 24/7 heart rate monitoring, Amazon Alexa voice support, and built-in sleep tracking tools. You can even link it to your Spotify or Pandora account so you can bring your tunes on the go. Find the Mist Gray Versa 2 on sale for only $119.95 at Best Buy right now. 

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Fitbit Sense + 6 mo. of Fitbit Premium & Calm: $299.95 $229.95 (save $70) (opens in new tab) | Fitbit

The Sense is now $70 under its RRP at Fitbit direct. If you want a watch that paints a comprehensive picture of your health, this is the Fitbit to buy. It tracks everything from stress levels and sleep quality to blood oxygen and menstrual cycles. Beyond that, the Sense is a full-fledged smartwatch with built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice support, as well as contactless payments via Fitbit Pay. This deal includes six free months of Fitbit Premium and the relaxation and sleep app (opens in new tab) Calm.

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Fitbit Inspire 2 + 1 Year of Fitbit Premium: $99.95 from $74.99 (save up to $25) (opens in new tab) | Amazon

If battery life is a priority, the Inspire 2 has the longest among all Fitbit models, with up to 10 hours of power on a single charge. It's also the least expensive Fitbit you can purchase (outside of the kids' models). To add to an already great value, a 1-year subscription to Fitbit Premium fitness monitoring is included for free (reg. $9.99/month). 

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Fitbit Ace 3 Minions Special Edition: $79.95 $51.29 (save $29) (opens in new tab) | Amazon

Love them or loathe them, the Minions are once again prevalent thanks to their upcoming feature film. The kid-friendly Fitbit Ace 3 helps youngsters build good, healthy habits thanks to built-in challenges and motivating watch faces. It also has an 8-day max battery life and is swimproof up to 50 meters. Regularly $79.95, you can save almost $30 if you buy from Amazon. 

Fitbit sales (UK): quick links

The best Fitbit deals in the UK

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Fitbit Versa 2 in Petal/Copper Rose: £199.99 £114.30 (save £86) (opens in new tab) | Amazon

This is among the best deals we've seen for the Fitbit Versa 2. Sure, it's been succeeded by the current-gen Versa 3, but the Versa 2 still has plenty to offer: 24/7 heart rate monitoring, water-resistance up to 50 meters, Fitbit Pay contactless payments and Amazon Alexa voice support. 

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Fitbit Versa 3 + 6 mo. of Fitbit Premium: £199.99 from £144.80 (save up to £55) (opens in new tab) | Amazon

Meanwhile, you can score a latest-gen Versa 3 at a nice saving at Amazon. It also includes a 6-month subscription to Fitbit Premium (reg. £7.99/month), which will add a bevy of features to this already-loaded smartwatch. If you'd be keen to save a few extra quid, hop to Currys where the same watch is on sale for £139 (opens in new tab), sans the Premium trial. 

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Fitbit Luxe + 6 mo. of Fitbit Premium: £129.95 from £90 (save up to £40) (opens in new tab) | Amazon

The Luxe is a sleek take on Fitbit fitness tracker. It's designed like a sharp piece of jewellry whilst also featuring tools to track your overall fitness. It can also receive text, call and smartphone notifications so you're never out of the loop. Not only will you save up to £40 at Amazon, but you'll also get six months of Fitbit Premium free, which is roughly a £50 saving on its own.  

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Fitbit Inspire 2 + 1 year of Fitbit Premium: £89.99 from £58 (save up to £32) (opens in new tab) | Amazon

This Fitbit 2 deal at Amazon is a great value. In addition to saving up to £40, you'll get a year of Fitbit Premium at no charge — which otherwise costs £79.99. Enjoy all-day activity tracking, stress management, sleep monitoring and a 10-day battery life (the longest of any Fitbit model). 

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Fitbit Aria Air Smart Scale: £49.99 £39.99 (save £10) (opens in new tab) | Very

This isn't a huge discount, but this deal at Very is your only way to score any saving on Fitbit's smart scale right now. The Aria Air connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and works in tandem with the Fitbit app to track your weight and body composition. You'll be able to sync that data to a Fitbit watch or tracker, too.

What is the best time of year to buy a Fitbit?

Amazon Prime Day (taking place this year on July 12 and 13) is a good time of year to invest in a Fitbit. As with past years, we're likely to see stellar bargains on Fitbit models across the board — not only from Amazon but also from competing retailers who want in on the Prime Day hype. So if you're in the market for a new fitness tracker, we're about to approach one of the best times of the year for Fitbit deals. 

That said, there's the potential for even deeper discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday later this year. Fitness trackers are popular gift ideas since health is at the forefront of many people's minds as they head into a brand new year. Thus, stores heavily reduce the price of Fitbits and other fitness-forward tech throughout November. These deals often match or beat Prime Day offers.

Also, keep an eye on new product releases, since that translates to price cuts on older models. Fitbit typically follows a two-year release cycle. The Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense were released in 2020, which means we should expect the Versa 4 and Sense 2 to go on sale at some point in 2022, although nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Think you'd be better off with a pricier Apple Watch instead? Read our breakdown of Fitbits vs Apple Watches to learn which fitness watch is best suited for you. 

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