The best Fitbits for women—plus, how to choose the right one for you

The best Fitbits can help you monitor your health and take your fitness regime to the next level

grid of images of the best Fitbits
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The best Fitbits have developed a reputation for being the perfect companion to a healthy lifestyle, helping you develop healthier habits each day or take your fitness to the next level. 

Just like the best fitness trackers, the best Fitbits will help you take control of your health and wellbeing. Found yourself Googling 'what is a Fitbit and which one is right for me?' then we've got you covered. 

A Fitbit can help you develop a routine that works around your lifestyle. It can track your sleep, count your steps, monitor your heart rate, and introduce mindful practices into your day. It can also introduce you to new forms of exercise, with some Fitbit trackers even featuring on-screen visual exercise programs you can follow. Perfect if you only have 10 minutes three times a week for quick at-home workouts. They can also track your spin class or gym session, letting you know when you've hit cardio and fat-burn zones based on your heart rate, or tally up your step count after a long day of Nordic walking

They are so many different Fitbit types, and finding the right one for you can be a tricky task. First, you need to consider what you'll want to use your Fitbit for and then compare the features of each model to see which one suits your needs best. 

While some people may look to their Fitbit to monitor their heart rate as they exercise, others may only wish to track their steps and the distance of their walking workouts. For some, a more affordable option can fulfill their needs while others may need to invest in a more advanced Fitbit to access all the features they need. 

To help you on your search, we've tested a range of the most popular Fitbits to bring you a round-up of the top four. We assessed them all on functionality, design, the features they offer and how comfortable they are to wear. 

The best Fitbits as chosen by our experts 

Fitbit Versa 3 fitness tracker

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1. Fitbit Versa 3

Best Fitbit watch overall

Size: 40.48mm x 40.48mm
Battery life: up to six days
Charge time: 12 minutes
Water resistant: up to 50m
Reasons to buy
+All the features you need in a fitness tracker+Easy to use+Large screen face 
Reasons to avoid
-More expensive than other options 

For those looking to take their fitness to the next level, the Fitbit Versa 3 is the perfect option. It's one of the best fitness watches, with every feature you could ever need in a fitness tracker, including built-in GPS, a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, active zone minutes, voice assistant and music playing abilities. What's more, it's swim-proof and has on-screen visual workouts for you to do anytime, anywhere. You can also receive call, text and app notifications, and if you're connected to the app via an Android you can send quick replies from your watch. 

It'll motivate you to get moving for your next sweat session, whether that's a couch to 5k run or a boxing workout, and prioritize your wellbeing by encouraging moments of calm with two and five-minute guided breathing exercises. When compared with some of the smaller devices, we also really appreciated the wider screen, which makes everything feel a bit easier to use. 

It really does fulfill the 6+ day battery claim, especially if you're not using the GPS every day. It also charges super quick and can give you a full day's charge in just 12 minutes. This Fitbit was a clear winner for us. It's one of the more expensive options, but if you're happy to invest and looking for a tracker and smartwatch combo, it's a must-have. 

Fitbit Inspire fitness tracker

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2. Fitbit Inspire

Best budget Fitbit

Size: 37mm x 16mm
Battery life : up to five days
Charge time : two hours
Water resistant: up to 50m
Reasons to buy
+Simple to use and easy to navigate+Very affordable
Reasons to avoid
-It doesn’t have some of the more in-depth features other Fitbits do-Some may struggle with the short charging cable 

For those looking for a fitness tracker without all the bells and whistles, the Fitbit Inspire is the one for you. It's sleek, stylish and compact. We found the Inspire brilliantly easy to navigate—a simple swipe up and down takes you to all of the features, while you can swipe left and right on the time home screen for a quick-view look at the basics like step count, calories burnt and distance walked/run. 

In terms of features, you can connect the Inspire to your phone and receive calls and texts, as well as social media updates on the tracker's screen. You can track your exercise, be it a walk, run or swim (it’s waterproof to 50m), though you can’t specify the exercise before getting started. But, with all the essential features of the best Fitbits and nothing further to complicate things, it's ideal if you’re a little nervous around tech and want a super-easy introduction to the world of fitness trackers.

One tiny quibble of ours, though, was the charging cable on the Inspire is very short, making it difficult to rest the device anywhere while rebooting the battery. A small issue in an overall handy little tracker that looks more like a stylish watch than a fitness tracker. 

Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness tracker

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3. Fitbit Inspire HR

Best Fitbit for tracking sleep

Size: 37mm x 16mm
Battery life: up to five days
Charge time: n/a
Water resistant: up to 50m
Reasons to buy
+Offers Sleep Score, which isn't available on the original Inspire +More features 
Reasons to avoid
-A smaller screen than other Fitbits-No GPS

The Fitbit Inspire HR is an updated version of the brand's original Inspire, with a whole range of new features including a sleep tracker. Like many other popular fitness trackers on the market, the Inspire HR can monitor your sleep, tracking light, deep and REM sleep, to help you establish a better bedtime routine

The Inspire HR encourages you to incorporate some mindful moments into your day too, with guided breathing meditation sessions on-screen. This is one of the best Fitbits for beginners as it also measures your heart rate, to give you a clearer picture of your cardio fitness and how it improves as you continue on your fitness journey. 

The Inspire HR is slightly thicker than the original model, because of the extra room needed for the heart rate monitor but we didn't find it bulky. It also comes with 20 different exercises to do at home to help ramp up your fitness motivation and get moving. 

The Fitbit Charge 4

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4. Fitbit Charge 4

Most advanced Fitbit tracker

Size: 35.8mm x 22.7mm
Battery life : up to seven days
Charge time : 2 hours
Water resistant: up to 50m
Reasons to buy
+Easy to set up+An all-rounder 
Reasons to avoid
-Smaller screen-Longer charge time 

A new and improved version of Fitbit's Charge 3, the Charge 4 fitness tracker is one of the brand's more advanced options, yet it's still an easy-to-use buy. 

It has all the essential features of a fitness tracker and more, tracking sleep and steps, calories burnt, heart rate and more. It has exercise modes and a built-in GPS so can track everything, whether you're walking for weight loss or taking up Pilates for beginners. If you wear the tracker overnight, you'll receive an in-depth sleep analysis and a sleep score which can help you figure out where you've gone wrong if you're not getting enough good quality sleep. It's also got a vibration-only alarm for a gentle wake-up each morning. 

All in all, this is the best Fitbit for women who want all the benefits of a fitness tracker without any complicated extras. However, it's worth noting the screen is a little small which might put some shoppers off this model.