5 easy things you can do now to update your bedroom for spring

Spring is a great time to give a tired bedroom an injection of colour and pattern to create a breezy and bright space to wake up to

bedroom with dried flowers and decor on tongue and groove unit
(Image credit: Jenny Wood at Decorbuddi.com and Photographed by Kt1photography.com)

We often neglect our bedrooms when it comes to decorating or giving them little seasonal updates, mainly because they aren't rooms that guests typically see. But since we start and end our days in them, they really do deserve our attention – why shouldn't we give our bedrooms just as much focus as the kitchen and living room?

When updating your home for spring, it's a good idea to start with the basics, such as cleaning, decluttering and organising. Also, think about how you'll be using the space, for example, would you like to start a longer wind-down routine that involves skincare and reading in bed? If so, you'll want soft lighting and space to store your things.

You might also like to take inspiration from this year's bedroom trends, and find ways to make your bedroom cosy, so you actually want to hang out in there.

How to update your bedroom for spring

Here are five ways to give your bedroom a spring-inspired refresh, with pro tips from designers.

1. Declutter and organise

bedroom with patterned wallpaper and pale green bedding

(Image credit: Design: Interior Fox, Photography: Veronica Rodriguez)

If you start by clearing out some clothes and general clutter from your bedroom, you'll end up with much more space for new items. Plus, you'll be able to see what you already have much more easily, inspiring new outfit combinations from items you already have in your wardrobe – instantly creating a spring capsule wardrobe you didn't know you had. 

There are lots of professional decluttering methods out there that take some of the painful deliberations out of the process, and honestly, future you will be so glad you did it.

"Spring is a perfect time to declutter – we tend to look around and figure out what has not been used or needed and either donate or tuck away, such as that massive stack of magazines which you probably aren't going to read again or any dried eucalyptus or winter flowers," say Jenna and Mariana from design studio Interior Fox. 

For motivational decluttering tips tailored for bedrooms, you can read our spring wardrobe decluttering tips.

Interior Fox founders Jen and Mar
Jen and Mar

Jen and Mar are the founders of interior design studio Interior Fox. Jen, a former New Yorker with Texas roots, has an eye for "Cali-cool" spaces, and draws design inspiration from her favourite cities: Amsterdam, Brooklyn and Miami. Mar grew up in the Philippines surrounded by interiors full of rattan, natural materials and organic textiles, which have shaped her design style today.

2. Swap out fabrics

bedroom with tongue and groove storage and dried flowers

(Image credit: Jenny Wood at Decorbuddi.com and Photographed by Kt1photography.com)

Spring is the time to lighten up with flowy curtains and natural linens. Interior designers Jenna and Mariana recommend swapping any heavy velvet fabrics for lighter, more, airy ones, such as linen or cotton. Incidentally, this idea is also an easy way to update a living room for spring.

"This always helps us transition our spaces into spring," they say. "We tend to tuck away heavy blankets and chunky candles, swapping them for light throws and clear glass candles or tealights."

If you have bedside lamps with a removable shade, swap out the shades to give your room a totally different feel. 

Decorbuddi interior designer Juliet Elliott recommends opting for natural fabrics or light colours that work with your scheme. "Wicker is gaining in popularity and is a lovely choice. Ensure the lamp in your bedside light is a warm white to give a softer light in the space," she says.

Juliet Elliott decorbuddi designer
Juliet Elliott

Essex-based interior designer Juliet Elliot trained at the prestigious KLC School of interior design. Building on her experience renovating her own properties, she was drawn to follow her passion and start up her own creative business. Initially working on her own, she missed being a part of a team and joined Decorbuddi.

3. Move winter clothes to storage

clothes storage containers

(Image credit: ORTHEX)

A seasonal switch-up is one of the wardrobe organising techniques I always recommend to friends as it frees up so much space. Be sure to move heavy winter jumpers, coats, boots, and accessories into storage, vacuum-packed under the bed or in a cupboard down the hall.

"Move your winter clothes into storage and swap out your hangers for slimline velvet ones to streamline your cupboard space and make room for all the clothes that are currently draped over your bedroom chair," says Juliet. 

"If there is room, add an upholstered ottoman to the end of your bed, great for storing out-of-season clothing and a great way to bring in a pretty fabric that contrasts with the rest of your scheme," Juliet adds.

Amazon Basics Slim Velvet Non-Slip Suit Hangers, £17.27 for a Pack of 50

Amazon Basics Slim Velvet Non-Slip Suit Hangers, £17.27 for a Pack of 50

These slim velvet don't take up too much space, and the non-slip coating holds clothes securely in place. Available in a variety of pleasing colour options, such as black and silver or mint green and silver, these multipacks are a great way to create a uniform aesthetic and keep your wardrobe looking considered and chic.

4. Move art around

Artwork above bed

(Image credit: Desenio)

"If you have artwork in your home, try moving the pieces around to give the space a fresh look or invest in a new piece," Juliet shares. "Always go for something you love, because it will always bring you joy." Take prints from the living room or finally hang those frames that you've been meaning to put up for months and enjoy the colour and pattern they bring to your bedroom.

Natural wooden picture shelves, available at Amazon, are a good way to display art, as you can just rest artwork on the shelves and easily switch them around when the mood strikes, without having to make any new holes in the wall. When purchasing new pieces, it's always best to look for restful designs with soothing colours.

5. Refresh with crisp white bedding

white bedroom with white bedlinen and pink artwork

(Image credit: Beach House Art)

Finally, consider updating your bedding to give your bedroom a refresh. New bedding can revamp a tired bedroom instantly, as it covers a lot of surface area, especially in smaller bedrooms.

"Personally, I love a white bed linen set, and I think they look so fresh for spring," says interior designer Sophie Clemson from The Living House. Classic white can also help to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel.

 "Changing your bedding is an easy way to transform your bedroom," Sophie continues. "Take a look at Dusk for some beautiful and affordable white bed linen." We also highly recommend checking the seasonal discounts in The White Company sales to get premium quality for less.

A lighter colour palette can make a small bedroom look bigger as well as create a more airy feel.

Sophie Clemson
Sophie Clemson

Sophie Clemson is the co-founder of The Living House, an affordable online interior design company that helps busy families transform their homes easily, online and within their budget.


How can I make my bedroom more calming?

To create a calming environment, you want to reduce the visual noise by finding homes for items that end up left out or on the floor. Closed storage will make for a more streamlined appearance and give you space to hide away your stuff. Think about balance and symmetry too, placing the bed centrally. You can also opt for sound-absorbing curtains to reduce the noise from outside and help you sleep better.

Interior designer Sophie Clemson says to think about all the senses and consider how scent-scapping your home can help: "To create a calm and relaxing bedroom, you also want to think about the room's fragrance. Add in some spring-scented candles or a diffuser to freshen it up."

How can I make my bedroom more uplifting?

"Perhaps it's time for a paint refresh to uplift your bedroom," says Sophie Clemson. "Paint is one way to completely update and transform a room, so why not get the paint brushes out and refresh your walls for spring? 

Before you dash out and buy one of the latest interior paint colour trends consider what is the best paint bedroom paint colour to suit your space. Sophie says: "For a top tip, always consider the way the room faces and get a paint sample first before committing to a colour."

Millie Hurst
Contributing Editor

Millie Hurst is a freelance writer and interior designer based in Sheffield, helping clients create homes that are characterful, curated, and highly functional. Interior design inspirations include Jake Arnold, Beata Heuman and Abigail Ahern. Her personal style is a 'liveable maximalism' with boho, nature-inspired designs. 

She has seven years of experience in the world of digital journalism, most recently working as Head of Solved at Homes & Gardens, where she wrote and edited countless features on home organisation, decluttering and interior design. Before that, she was Senior Content Editor at Ideal Home.