Fashion colour trends 2024: The hues the experts predict we’ll all be wearing next season

These are the fashion colour trends 2024 has in store and how you can wear these spring/summer shades right now

Models walking down the spring/summer catwalk 2024 wearing the fashion colour trends 2024
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In a world that craves optimism and joy, the fashion colour trends for 2024 are a welcome burst of energy. Whether you're drawn to the refreshing lightness of pistachio or the bold vibrancy of royal blue, there's a colour in this year's palette that will perfectly capture your unique style.

Whether you're looking for a seasonal refresh to your capsule wardrobe, or simply want to keep abreast of what's going on in the latest spring/summer fashion trends for 2024, knowing what hues are in for the season ahead will help you make some savvy shopping decisions. While you'll mainly be focused on nailing 'what colour suits me', being in the know will help you understand what if expected to sweep across the high street in the coming months, and how best to prepare for it. 

The spring/summer 2024 catwalk shows were awash with vibrant shades that evoke images of sunshine, lush greenery, and spring-time skies – something we could all do with right now.

“Explore the mix of nature-inspired tones and vibrant accents, and experiment with incorporating them into your personal style,” advises Sandy Lancaster, a colour analyst and personal stylist, in order to make the most of the season ahead. And the best bit? You can get ahead of the fashion pack and start shopping now. 

Three models wearing the fashion colour trends 2024

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While high streets will soon be awash with these spring/summer colour trends for 2024, you can dip your toe into the colour water already with some of our top picks. Buy now and you’ll be ready to show your true colours all year through.

Three models wearing royal blue one of the fashion colour trends 2024

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1. Royal blue

"Blue is a colour that exudes richness and sophistication," says Sandy. “Royal blue is like the pepped up, more energetic version, that offers a bolder look than traditional navy, classic with elevated richness.”

Usually associated with cooler months, Giorgio Armani made royal blue summery by showcasing it on the runway in elegant silk dresses, while Burberry added a fresh twist with a mix of white.

“It pairs well with icy blues and pinks or with contrasting shades like red or fuchsia, creating a visually appealing colour palette,” advises Sandy.

“It translates beautifully into a statement coat or a blazer, worn with jeans and boots, or over fabulous scarlet trousers for a self-assured work look.”

Three models wearing the fashion colour trend for 2024, lavender

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2. Lavender

Lavender has had a major moment on the spring/summer 2024 catwalk. Caroline Herrera, Emporio Armani, and Tom Ford all featured lavender in their collections, adding a touch of elegance, chicness and disco flair respectively. 

“Lavender is commonly associated with springtime and is associated with optimism and quiet femininity, which is perhaps why it’s having a moment right now, as it’s literally a sight for sore eyes during these tumultuous times,” says celebrity stylist and fashion expert Miranda Holder.

Miranda suggests pairing lavender with neutrals like white or grey for a classic look, or contrasting it with mint green or pink for a more vibrant ensemble. However, she warns that lavender is more suited to those with cool-based complexions, typically characterised as ‘winter’ or ‘summer’ palettes in colour analysis.

“If you are drawn to the colour and aren't sure whether you suit it or not, then opt for accessories or a skirt and avoid wearing it directly beneath your face,” she advises.

Three models wearing dark red outfits down the catwalk

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3. Dark Red

If you’ve already mastered how to wear red, you’ll be pleased to know that this colour will still be one of the key spring/summer fashion colour trends 2024. Expect to see it evolve in tone and texture – especially red leather - as Gucci showed with its dark red leather skirts. While this shade may feel more akin to something you’d wear in the festive season, designers showed just how to make it summer appropriate.

A tone associated with excitement and passion, Miranda suggests wearing it head to toe can feel super luxe, but if that’s not your thing, there are other ways to make it the perfect summer shade.

“Clash it with pinks, yellows and oranges or ground it with rich camels or caramels, teaming it with the beloved ’neutral’ of the fashion pack, leopard print,” advises Miranda.

Three models wearing pistachio outfits down the catwalk

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4. Pistachio

Various shades of green littered the catwalks, however, one stood out from the green scene – pistachio. A pale green, similar to the hue of the outer shell of a pistachio nut, it is perhaps one of the more unexpected fashion colour trends for 2024. 

Despite Bottega Veneta adding red accessories to pistachio dresses, stylist Chantelle Znideric says neutrals are your friend when it comes to styling this nutty shade.

“Pitch pistachio green perfectly this season by teaming this pastel colour with black for the winter months, and lighter neutrals such as white, camel and ivory for a fresher look, as we head towards spring,” she advises.

While she says it’s a colour that will suit warmer complexions, if you choose the wrong shade, it could end up washing you out.

She says: “If you’re a first-time pistachio patron, you may want to play it safe and opt for timeless separates, think trousers, skirts, and blouses, as these will be easier to wear.”

Three models wearing the fashion colour trends 2024, acid brights

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5. Acid Brights

“Acid brights, like lime and neon yellow have a strong visual impact, making them popular for their boldness and ability to draw attention,” says Sandy.

And these are definitely not shades for the shy and retiring. An extension of the ‘90s fashion trend we’ve been seeing recently, Gucci had models wearing lime green coats paired with dark red shorts, while Fendi gave workwear a makeover, teaming chino trousers with bright yellow twinsets.

While head-to-toe acid brights may only be for the truly bold, Sandy says they can make a nice accent to wardrobe favourites such as your best denim jacket or little black dress.   

“Acid brights often pair well with contrasting colours to enhance their vibrancy,” says Sandy. “They can be balanced with neutrals like black or white or a zebra print for maximum impact. I’d love to see the silver jeans we’ve seen all over the high street this winter worn with some acid yellow shoes and a belt and a crisp white shirt.”

Three models wearing grey outfits down the catwalk

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Perhaps as a foil to all the very bright and pastel shades that are looking popular for spring/summer 2024, grey appeared heavily across the catwalk.

“There are many shades of grey from deep charcoal to soft dove and almost silver, it is chic, understated and very luxurious, without being as harsh as its cousin, black,” says Miranda when asked about why she thinks this shade is becoming a popular spring/summer colour trend.

“Grey is easier to wear than black and provides a wonderful canvas for a riot of colours,” says Miranda. “Any bright jewel tone will really pop when paired with this, but my personal favourite way to wear grey is to team it with other neutrals such as cream, beige and navy for an elegant and cohesive look.”

Three female models walking down the catwalk wearing powder blue

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7. Powder blue

Soft, powder blues were seen across the catwalks for spring/summer fashion colour trends 2024 from Tod’s blue wide-sleeved tops belted in with burgundy bum bags to Gucci’s gorgeous shiny blue knee-length skirts.

Chantelle says this is one colour that works head-to-toe as long as you break it up with different textures of fabrics. Alternatively, she suggests introducing the colour in separates.

“For example, a classic blazer, an oversized cotton button-up shirt, wide leg trousers and an essential chunky sweater, or elevate your look with blue shoes and accessories,” she says.

As for what colours to wear this pale blue shade with Chantelle suggests teaming it with light denim washes or calming neutrals for a soft, pretty look.

“However, if you want to create a more dramatic look, deeper maroons or browns and bright oranges will work beautifully,” she suggests.

Three models wearing orange outfits down the catwalk

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8. Orange

“Orange hues can vary from richer, vibrant shades like burnt orange and terracotta shades which remind us of Mediterranean terraces to the blush peachy hues of a great glass of rose,” says Sandy.

A vibrant and energetic colour, Sandy says it’s full of positivity, which may be one of the reasons Pantone announced Peach Fuzz as the Colour Of The Year for 2024.

Designers fell in two orange camps – super bright and vibrant at Balmain to the more hushed peachy tones at Carven. A colour that suits warmer skin tones, Sandy says you can either play it safe or go big and bold with a colour like orange.

“Orange pairs well with complementary colours like warm blues, such as turquoise or teal, and looks particularly striking with moss or sage greens,” she says. “It can also work with neutrals like beige, cream, or brown, such as seen at Fendi, creating a balanced and sophisticated look.”

What colours will be trendy in 2024?

“Looking ahead, the colour trends for the upcoming year seem to lean towards a more natural spectrum, as indicated by early insights from Pantone,” says Sandy.

“Expect shades like pistachio and mossy greens, alongside powdery and navy blues, to take centre stage. Navy blues often exude more sophistication than the ubiquitous black and promise versatility and elevated refinement.”

Sandy says lighter pinks, lavender and also deep reds will all be vying for attention on the high streets come spring/summer 2024.

What is THE colour trend in 2024 for the summer?

While Peach Fuzz, a light orange shade, has been named by Pantone as the colour of 2024, when it comes to what colours we’ll be wearing, blue is firmly in the front running.

“Baby and sky blues along with glacier hues and dark royal are big news!” says Chantelle.  “Embrace a new era of dopamine dressing by wearing these soothing shades.”

Sandy says the fact it’s a shade that suits most people is probably why it’s going to be a popular colour for next spring/summer.

“It is a universally flattering colour that complements most skin tones,” she says. “Blue, especially royal blue, combines beautifully with metallic tones like silver for a luxurious feel.”

The fashion colour trends for 2024 are bold, vibrant, and full of personality. From the deep richness of royal blue to the refreshing lightness of pistachio, this year's palette is sure to inspire and energise. Whatever shade you go for will help you dress simple but stylish and show those around you that you’re in the fashion know.

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