The Best Makeup For Glasses Wearers

If you wear glasses, you might have suffered one or all of the following beauty malfunctions: red marks or dents between your eyes, base slippage on your nose, mascara flakes on lenses and wierdly magnified or shrunken-looking eye makeup. These problems are by no means uncommon – over half of the UK population wears glasses – but it doesn’t have to be so! All it takes is a little knowledge and a few smart buys to wear both your frames and favourite products fear-free. 

Pick the right base 

If you know that your glasses are going to mark the bridge of your nose, the temptation is to fight back pre-empively with a heavy base. Actually, light formulas are what you need. Think of it this way; it’s obvious when a thick, heavy layer of foundation has been rubbed away, instead team a sheer base with a great primer for lasting airbrushed coverage and less defined markage. If your nose gets hot and oily during the day and makeup melts on the rim of your glasses, blot between layers of oil-control BB, then powder the heck out of it to absorb excess sebum. If your skin’s on the dry side, try Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Tinted Moisturiser, if you need more coverage Topshop Air Cushion Skin Perfector has a smidge more pigment, bounces nicely into skin and stays there.

Nude Finish Tinted Moisturiser, £29.50, Bobbi Brown



Air Cushion Skin Perfector, £16.50, Topshop Beauty


It’s all about the eyes 

No surprises that eye makeup is the most important thing to get right if you wear glasses. If you’re long-sighted, those lenses will magnify your makeup. Go for lighter shadows, less liner and plenty of blending to ensure heaviness or mistakes aren’t amplified. Short sighted lenses can visually contract what’s behind them so you can afford to go a little darker and dramatic with your eye makeup. Either way, use a thick colour correcting concealer like Benefit Life’s Little Correctors so your frames don’t draw attention to dark shadows or veined lids. Stick with matte shadow, not even a smidge of shimmer as the tiniest amount of iridescence can look full-on disco under the glare of a lense. Too Faced make a fabulous palette full of matte shades that work day or night. 

Life’s Little Correctors, £19.50, Benefit 


Natural Matte Eye Collection, £32, Too Faced


Look after your lashes

If you spend all day wiping flakes of mascara fromn your lenses you’ll know it’s no fun, but a two pronged approach can sort you out. Firstly curl those lashes. If they’re pointing upwards in flirty fluttery style they won’t be jutting straight forward into your lenses. This has the added benefit of making your eyes look bigger, and everyone wants that. In my experience eyelash curlers are much of a muchness but Charlotte Tilbury’s are ridiculously pretty so will make light work of that extra step. Next, use a completely budge and smudge proof waterproof mascara. Pick one with nourishing oils and waxes that won’t dry out and encourage flaking. Or, better still, seal in the mascara you already know and love with a waterpoof top coat like Clarins Double fix, with bitter orange tree wax. 

Life Changing Lashes, £18, Charlotte Tilbury 


Double Fix Mascara, £20, Clarins