The ultimate natural makeup look in 5 easy steps (and the £6.99 product you need to achieve it)

We may not be getting out much, but that doesn't have stop us having fun with beauty

You may well be in a permanent uniform of loungewear at this point - no judgement. But Zoom calls or just and the urge to do something creative can still ensure make trying a new make-up look is an appealing prospect.

So this natural makeup routine is just what we all need for an easy little pick-me-up.

Whether you want a fuss-free natural makeup look for quiet days at home, or just fancy treating yourself to a new product or two, this guide has got you covered.

How to achieve an easy natural makeup look

Step one: Freshen up foundation

“Lighten up your base” is a beauty cliché, but it makes sense.

Brands always launch exciting formulas and so few women need full coverage anyway.

If you have reasonably good skin with the odd tone issue try sheer foundation with heavy-duty concealer only where needed.

natural makeup look

SHOP NOW: Sisley Phyto Hydra Teint SPF15, £76, Space NK

New Sisley Phyto Hydra Teint SPF15 shows how far tinted moisturisers have come.

It’s got just-enough pigment, a radiant finish and the same antioxidants and hydrating botanicals as the brand’s luxurious skincare, which explains the price.

More shades would be great, but it’s sheer enough to adapt.

natural makeup look

SHOP NOW: Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows liquid makeup, from £7.50, Feel Unique

Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows liquid makeup is less advanced on the skincare side but offers similarly comfortable, dewy coverage.

Step two: Powder your brows

Most women use pencils and gels for easy eyebrow grooming, but recently I’ve been converted by powder.

It gives soft definition so you can avoid that scary drawn-on look and sits nicely all day without going gunky or flaking off.

natural makeup look

SHOP NOW: Max Factor Real Brow Fill & Shape, £9.99,

For beginners, Max Factor Real Brow Fill & Shape combines a soft twist-up crayon and a powder that you dab on with a little sponge.

natural makeup look

SHOP NOW: Benefit Brow Zings Pro Palette, £26.80, John Lewis

Benefit Brow Zings Pro Palette looks a bit intimidating but that vast selection of shades and textures is extremely useful.

Press the end of the angled brush into a powder, or combine two for an exact shade match.

Flick sharply through brow hairs to bulk them up then set using the spoolie and wax.

Step three: Try a new lip texture

The lip trend pendulum has swung back from high maintenance mattes to easy-going glosses and stains.

natural makeup look

SHOP NOW: Clarins Lip Milky Mousse, £19,

New Clarins Lip Milky Mousse is good fun.

Squeeze out the custard-sweet cream, bounce it on using the bingo dabber sponge and it’ll set into a dry, weightless tint.

natural makeup look

SHOP NOW: L’Oreal Paris Brilliant Signature, £10.99, Feel Unique

L’Oreal Paris Brilliant Signature looks like a gloss and applies like one, but lasts longer and lacks that irritating stickiness that attracts strands of hair.

Be Brilliant, a fiery orange-red is my pick of the 12 shades.

Step four: Go easy on the eye

Eye crayons are everywhere for spring, and no wonder.

They’re fun, portable and require no skill whatsoever – just draw along your upper lid, smudge a bit depending on the look you want and that’s that.

The textures vary considerably so there’s something for everyone.

natural makeup look

SHOP NOW: Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon, £19, Cult Beauty

An absolute classic is Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon a chunky firm pencil that lays down lots of pigment without dragging.

The shades, mostly glamorous metallics, are designed to intensify your eye colour and make a lovely liner or, if the end’s a little blunt, smoky shadow.

natural makeup look

SHOP NOW: Revlon Colorstay Glaze Sticks, £6.99, Boots

New Revlon Colorstay Glaze Sticks are much softer, like cream shadow in a stick and give a wash of sheer colour.

It comes with a sponge on the end but I find fingers easier for blending and cotton buds better for cleaning up.

Step five: Less is more lashes

The mascara arms race for bigger, fatter, faker-looking formulas is over and there’s a refreshing focus on lash health and subtle flutter.

natural makeup look

SHOP NOW: Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift, £9.99, Look Fantastic

Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift does all of the above thanks to a fluffy, hourglass-shaped brush that gently pulls eyelashes upwards as it coats them in the fibre-infused formula.

natural makeup look

SHOP NOW: Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume on Demand Mascara, £7.99, Feel Unique

Rimmell Scandaleyes Volume on Demand Mascara has a clever, loose texture that’s ultra subtle on coat one, then can be layered up again and again without clumping.