33 of the best spring nail designs, from pastels to floral nail art

Our spring nail designs inspiration edit—there's a mani for everyone this season

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Looking for spring nail designs inspiration? As the days start to get longer (finally!) it's time to ditch winter darks and embrace the lightest, brightest spring nail designs that will make your nails look great and your heart sing.

That, after all, is the power of great nail design; be that summer nail colors, a simple nude nail with spa-style nail care, or even cute seasonal nail art like Valentine's Day nails. A lovely manicure can transform your look and your mood quickly and is a great way to be slightly more adventurous with your look without having to commit to anything long-lasting. 

So, whether you're know how to paint your nails like a pro and fancy a DIY session, or you want to indulge in some well-deserved self-care and get your favorite nail technician to do the hard work, our beauty team has curated the hottest spring nail designs for every skin tone, taste and nail shape. You're going to want to try them all, but luckily, sping's just getting started! 

Spring nail designs—33 looks we love

Floral spring nail designs

Florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, but they are beautiful, joyful and a timeless way to nod to the season of blooms, blossoms and buds via your manicure. Intricate designs can benefit from extra length, so a builder treatment such as Biab nails might be a smart idea. They can also be as subtle or as statement as you like, nail art tools at the ready! 

1. Delicate florals

Combining a hint of gold leaf and the most delicate and beautiful nail art, this is one of the most sophisticated floral spring nail designs we've spotted. 

2. Accent florals

With just a subtle hint of flowers on neutral-toned nails, this is a great look for anyone who wants floral nails that aren't too floral. 

3. Floral tips

Focusing the floral design just to the tips results in the most amazing spring-inspired french manicure look. This is a tricky look to achieve that looks best on long, glossy nails, so consider having this as a part of your next gel or acrylic manicure in the salon.

4. Floral base

Another subtle nod to florals without going over the top. When you fancy a switch-up, try focusing your florals on just the half moon at the base of your nail. 

5. Ring finger floral

Sometimes just a suggestion of floral is all you need, and in those times just put the floral design on your ring finger. We love this spring nail design where a flower has been switched for a dandelion. 

6. Jewelled florals

Add a hint of texture and sparkle by having a gem applied as the center of your floral nail design. Learn how to style nails in a stack to set off this pretty style.

7. Pastel florals

Is there anything more spring like than pastels and florals together? We think not. The squared-off edges of these nails keep the look contemporary and cool. 

8. Floral frames

For a really unique take on floral nail design, or any spring nail designs for that matter, take the detail around the edges of the entire nail, creating a picture frame-like effect. Ensure nails are in tip-top condition for the best results by learning how to repair damaged nails.

9. Gothic florals

Who says florals can't have a dark edge to them? This is one of the best nail designs for short nails as it's so striking. We love it on top of a black base, plus it makes the design stand out even more.

10. Co-ordinated florals

By tying in your base nail colour with your nail design, your mani will look co-ordinated but not overly twee. 

11. Fun florals

A simple flower motif with cheeky smiley face is one of the more achievable floral spring nail designs we've seen. Plus, if this design doesn't bring a smile to your face, then we don't know what will. 

Pastel spring nail designs

Another springtime classic, pastel nails feel pretty and optimistic as the days get longer, lighter and brighter. If pastels are a bit sugary for your liking, experiment with nail art effects or several shades on one hand to add a modern edge to the look. 

12. Ombre pastel

This look is probably best left to the pros, but once achieved it's like walking around with a permanent sunset on your hands, and there's nothing wrong with that. 

13. Negative space pastel

Sometimes the mani magic happens when there's no polish at all, like the gorgeous negative space in this spring nail design. Use nail art stickers for ultra-neat spaces.

14. Pastel marble

By adding a marble effect to your pastel manicure, it gives it a slightly more sophisticated and glam feel. This looks best with a glossy finish, so if you know how to do gel nails at home we'd recommend going down that route.  

15. Colour block pastel

Do try this one at home! One of the easiest ways to create a look with minimal effort is by simply choosing a different pastel shade for each finger. Try a powdery matte topcoat for extra cool points. In a rush? Our guide on how to dry nail polish fast can help you hurry things along a bit.

16. Candy stripes

Add some confectionary-inspired detail with candy stripes over a pastel base. Skinny striping tools (or in a pinch a slim eyeliner brush) will help you achieve neat lines. 

17. Pastel green

Some of the best spring nail designs are also the simplest. This cool minty green hue suits deep skin tones particularly well and would make a fresh and modern springlike mani. If you know how to do a home pedicure, it looks great on toenails too.  

18. Muted pastels

Pastels don't always have to be super sweet and saccharine in tone, slightly more subtle hues are just as spring-like and have a grown-up edge. 

19. Two-tone pastel

Why wear one pastel shade, when you can wear two? This looks great on short-square-ish nails, pick contrasting shades opposite each other on the color wheel for an eye-catching effect. 

20. Rainbow pastels

Yes, it may slightly resemble something from Care Bears but why should that be a bad thing? This is one of the easier nail art spring nail designs we've seen (providing you've got a steady hand) Plus, we love the cloud detail. 

21. Pastel glitters

A simple sparkly design that combines muted pastels with glitter to create a slightly more grown-up look. These nails would be fabulous for a spring wedding.

22. Speckled pastels

Paint your nails in a mini egg hue, dot on brown and white flecks then top with a matte topcoat. These look so good you are going to want to eat them, but you mustn't! 

French manicure spring nail designs

The classic French manicure never goes out of style. But it is certainly having a moment right now with creative types devising ever more exciting ways to jazz up a French tip, from neon brights to geometric lines—perfect to spring into the new season. 

23. Two tips

This gorgeous combo of red tips and pink half-moon bases looks so great for spring. Begin with a clear base coat to help the bolder polishes adhere, then finish with a glossy topcoat to seal them in. 

24. Pastel tips

Looking for a way to convert your beloved French mani into spring nail designs? Switch up the classic white tip for a pastel, or selection of pastels. Simple!

25. Curved tips

Instead of going for regular 'straight across' tips, add a slight twist at the sides for a more contemporary feel.

26. Tortoiseshell tips

If bright colors are just not your thing, then this tortoiseshell pattern is just what you need and still feels perfect for spring. This is another design that's definitely trickier to achieve at home than it is with beauty treatments administered by a pro. 

27. Go for (rose) gold tips

Metallics are perfect for spring and softer than the usual white. We love this bronze hue on warm skin tones, or if you're cooler, try champagne or rose gold. 

28. Dotty tips

Looking to keep a white tip but change it up slightly, try these dots instead! Use varying amounts of pressure for each dot to achieve a nice mix of sizes. 

29. Bow tie tips

If you have a spring function to attend, may we introduce you to the most perfect 'black tie' conforming mani there is! This looks striking against a white nail but works with any light-colored base, including nudes and pastels. 

30. Fluro tips

The sun is slowly starting to appear, which means two things: look out your best facial sunscreen and get ready to welcome fluoro shades back into your life. We love the gradient of color here that slightly softens the look.

31. Double tips

We're not going to lie, this is one that's probably best left to the professionals because it requires a seriously steady hand. But my goodness is it worth it for a sophisticated french tip that'll have your friends cooing with envy.  

32. Nude tips

Opting for a flesh-toned tip is actually far more flattering for your hand and less severe than a white one. If you're a fan of Kate Middleton's nude nails then you'll love this, go one or two shades deeper than your skin tone to create a soft contrast. 

33. Elevated French tips

There's nothing amiss with sporting a classic French manicure for the whole of spring, but if you are looking for a subtle difference then add a metallic band between the white and your base. As long as you've got a steady hand and a skinny brush this one should be relatively easy to achieve. 

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