The ultimate home pedicure for when you can’t get to the salon

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  • Even at the best of times, feet are hardly the most glamorous of body parts.

    And ‘the best of times’ definitely doesn’t include emerging from winter hibernation with no access to a salon and no way of giving them a professional seeing to for who knows how long.

    So, now that sandal season is imminent and we’ve all got a lot more time on our hands, why not dedicate an hour to a spot of home pedicure action? Sorting out neglected toes isn’t just a cosmetic endeavour, it’s also a chance to check if your feet are in good health and can be a soul-soothing, therapeutic ritual too.

    Dry, cracked skin is a common bugbear, and when you consider that the heels and balls of your feet spend all day rubbing back and forth against shoes – or slippers as the case may be – while supporting your entire bodyweight, it’s no surprise that hard areas build up pretty fast.

    Raggedy cuticles and overgrown nails with the remnants of last year’s pedicure are another dead giveaway that your feet are more than a little bit attention starved. But with some TLC and a selection of great tools, all available online, you can get salon calibre nails at home with one eye on Netflix if you fancy.

    Your feet may never be your favourite part of your body, but with this step-by-step guide to the ultimate at home pedicure you can show them some much deserved love.
    Click through for every tip and product you need – you’ll be looking down at your pedi with pride in no time.