Rhiannon Derbyshire

Rhiannon Derbyshire

Senior Beauty Editor

Rhiannon Derbyshire is the Senior Beauty Editor for Woman & Home and other publications. 

She started interning for magazines while working alongside her Fashion Journalism degree. There, she was lured from the fashion returns cupboard to the beauty desk, seduced by matte lipsticks, posh shampoos, and every skincare product imaginable. Since then, she’s specialized in writing about beauty, fashion, interiors, and health, but beauty remains her favorite topic. 

After getting her own blemishes under control thanks to a mix of Skin + Me (genuinely game-changing), a streamlined routine, and a bit of LED thrown in, Rhiannon is well-versed in all things blemish and acne-related. With type 3B curls (which she pains to remember straightening daily for over a decade), Rhiannon has now embraced her natural hair texture and hasn't looked back since. This makes her w&h's go-to expert in nailing a curly hair routine. The key, she finally realized, was letting go of any control - physical and metaphorical - and finding the holy grail curl cream.

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