How to style rings—the chicest ways to wear your treasured jewels

From mixing metals to stacking them up, we show you how to style rings

Models showing how to style rings multiple ways
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Mastering how to style rings may sound pretty straightforward but every fashion expert knows there’s a certain knack to getting it right. An outfit is not complete without some eye-catching jewels and a set of well-placed rings has the power to enhance the simplest of outfits—and master that nail selfie too.

Whether you want to make a statement in a bold cocktail ring or keep it dainty with delicate bands, there are a plethora of different ways you can wear your rings. From engagement to signet, rings can carry a lot of meaning, so you want to show them off the best way you can. This can include mixing metals, adding pops of color, or coordinating it seamlessly with your nice top and best jeans combo.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s fine to mix metals. In fact, wearing a combination of gold and silver is a super chic way to wear your jewels and worth incorporating. “It's become more fashionable than ever to mix metals, and gives a more relaxed/effortless feel to the way you style your jewelry,” says Laura Gravestock, founder of Laura Gravestock Jewelry. Emily Foskett, Founder of Emily Mortimer Jewelry, agrees, adding, “If it is on the hands, I always go for gold on one hand and silver on the other. Furthermore, your hands and ears aren’t close to each other, so this makes it easier to mix metals across both your hands and ears—your earrings and necklaces should definitely match in color though.”

Should I choose silver or gold? 

Much like learning what colors suit me, some rings suit certain skin tones too so if you do want to stick to all gold gems or silver jewels, it’s worth seeing which flatters first. “I often find that customers with paler/fair skin will wear silver, whereas warmer olive & dark skin tones look great in gold,” explains Gravestock.

“Rose gold tends to be flattering to all skin tones, which may explain the increase in its popularity over the past few years. I know personally that I predominantly wore silver when I was younger, but as I got older I found gold suited my skin tone better, so I think it’s something that can change as you age, too.”

How to style rings

Looking for new ways to wear your rings? We’ve got all the inspiration you need with these styling tips.

1. Choose one statement

If you want to make a simple statement, one glamorous cocktail ring on your ring finger will do just the trick. Perfect for adding a bit of bling to your best Christmas party outfits, keep everything else minimal and avoid any bracelets or other rings that may steal attention. “If we’re talking about a gemstone encrusted, oversized cocktail ring, I really feel like that should be allowed to shine—other rings would just detract from the intricacy and workmanship of a bigger piece,” says Gravestock.

A styling tip…

Wear with your LBD for one power pairing.

Our fashion editor recommends…

2. Stack ‘em up

This is an easy way to get a statement look but can be tricky to master. Look for sets of stacking rings that blend well together and don’t be afraid to mix metals.

“Simple band rings (those without a feature stone setting, like engagement rings) are best for stacking – so it’s best to look for rings that will sit comfortably alongside each other,” explains Gravestock. “If a ring has a detail on it (like a star, for example) it needs to have been made in such a way that the star sits on top of the band of the ring, so it can be worn next to another ring without the star getting in the way.”

A styling tip…

If you stick to simple, delicate bands this works every day. Wear with a simple tee, your best blazer, and some tailored trousers for the 9-5.

Our fashion editor recommends…

3. One on every finger

A real showstopping way to wear your rings is to place one on every finger. Here, you want to make one of your fingers the focal point—preferably one of the middle fingers and stack a larger-sized cocktail ring on this one. Keep it simple with the others and opt for simple bands.

“I say that to make your ring stack interesting, you want to mix different textures and finishes—I make stacking rings with different textures like hammered & twisted, with different profile shapes like round or square, and with little charms that dangle from the ring– if you mix these up, you get a really versatile ring stack that you can wear in several different ways,” says Gravestock.

A styling tip…

This is definitely more of a statement look so avoid wearing any other jewelry and allow your rings to take center stage.

Our fashion editor recommends…

4. Alternate fingers

For a daintier look that still has impact, go for two simple rings on alternate fingers. The pinky finger may be the smallest of the bunch but it will give your ring styling a playful touch. Look for cute, delicate designs such as stars and small gems.

“All your rings need to complement each other otherwise it can look too busy. I would suggest either buying rings which are made to go together or take time to build a set,” explains Mortimer.

A styling tip…

An easy one to wear every day, team with the best cashmere sweater and your mom jeans for a daytime look with a high-end finish.

Our fashion editor recommends…

5. Add color

Depending on the size of the ring you go for, this can be another great statement look and a good one to add some bedazzle to a more understated outfit. From emerald green to cool sapphire, rainbow jewelry is having a moment and it's one that’s guaranteed to boost your mood.

A styling tip…

This one can certainly elevate the everyday. Try coordinating your color-popping ring with your outfit too—match with your shoes or a print on a dress.

Our fashion editor recommends…

woman&home thanks Laura Gravestock, founder of Laura Gravestock Jewellery, Emily Foskett, Founder of Emily Mortimer Jewelry for their time and expertise.

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