These are the best jeans made in the USA that should be on your fashion radar

The best jeans made in the USA that style experts think you should know about

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With a long history in denim, jeans made in the USA are considered some of the best in the business, and getting the right pair will solve nearly all outfit dilemmas. 

Originally used for durable workwear, jeans made from indigo-dyed denim have a strong American heritage. Created in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in San Francisco, USA, they morphed from work clothes into a style status symbol, popularized by the Hollywood elite, with the likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando rocking their favorite blue jeans in the 1950s. Today, wardrobe across the land are underpinned by the best jeans, and many of these are jeans made in the USA.

Whilst there are heaps of recognizable American clothing brands retailing denim, many of the jeans are now produced outside the USA. However, there are plenty of smaller, independent fashion brands creating stylish American-made denim that is perfect to add to your denim capsule wardrobe, with most making more eco-friendly denim lines and using considered production processes. 

Jeans don't have the best reputation for their impact on the environment, but jeans made in the USA will help you to shop more sustainably.

“Jeans made in the United States are better for the environment as the EPA has strict laws on the chemicals used to rash and process indigo - the pigment in denim. The wash process is full of toxins and pollutants so with US-made denim you can at least know it is not as detrimental to the environment then it may be if washed in other unregulated countries,” explains Andréa Bernholtz, founder of Swiminista and a conscious lifestyle and sustainable fashion expert.

1. AMO Denim

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AMO sources fabrics from the world’s most sustainable denim mills to produce its collection in California. It uses local vendors and manufacturing partners close to Los Angeles to reduce its carbon footprint from shipping overseas. The name itself is the Latin word for love, and let’s face it, we all love a pair of well-fitting jeans. 

Aspiring to create clothing that is well-loved, AMO focuses on attention to detail with its signature flat-felled out-seams, hand-distressing techniques, and romantic flourishes. A compact and considered collection, the range started off with just five styles but today as well as jeans, you’ll find some of the most stylish tops to wear with jeans, fuss-free dresses, and elevated basics under its sartorial umbrella.

2. B Sides

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(Image credit: B Sides)

The name refers to the B Side of a record, “where the deep cuts live - the complex, idiosyncratic songs that true connoisseurs appreciate most”, proving this brand is as cool as it sounds. Founded by longtime pals, Claire Lampert and Stacy Daily, B Sides jeans are made in the USA and the brand uses reworked vintage denim as well as denim sourced from family-owned mills in Georgia and North Carolina. 

Expect weighty yet comfortable denim with a strong vintage aesthetic, combining “the personality of vintage with the polish of tailoring”, for denim that’s perfect for your jeans and heels outfits. Although every piece is new - no two are the same adding an extra unique touch to your denim wardrobe.

3. Christy Dawn

A composite of models wearing jeans made in the usa from Christy Dawn

(Image credit: Christy Dawn)

With sustainability at its core, Christie Dawn uses deadstock (leftover) fabrics and organic cotton to create its incredibly chic collection. The LA-based brand is also actively trying to give back to Mother Earth with its Farm-to-Closet initiative, partnering with farmers in India to replenish soil where cotton is made and improve farming practices. 

Once you’ve nabbed yourself a pair of its vintage-inspired made in the USA jeans, head straight to its dress section where you’ll find dreamy frocks brimming with romance, worthy of any best dress list. Christy Dawn also caters to a range of shapes and sizes with an extended sizing section as well as some of the best petite jeans.

4. Imogene + Willie

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(Image credit: Imogene + Willie)

Passionate about creating the perfect-fitting jean, or as the couple behind the brand put it “to make perfect jeans for our imperfect bodies,” the founders of Imogene and Willie set up shop in an old service station in Nashville, TN back in 2009. With a sewing room in Los Angeles and a second home in Austin, Imogene and Willie is committed to making everything (including jeans) in the USA via small-batch production to avoid any unnecessary waste. 

“Imogene + Willie goods will always be made in the USA, full stop. It is the single most important thing to us. All of our product is designed, cut, sewn, produced, washed, and managed within the USA, “ explains Jackie Berkley, Head of People and Culture at I+W.

“We stand behind our product, current and from the past, as being the best in quality and in the business. Additionally, for our t-shirts, we source cotton from a few mills out in California. Our socks come from a family-run cotton mill in Alabama that uses organic cotton grown in Texas (they are the absolute best!). Our belts are made by a friend of ours here in Nashville, TN by a man named Emil Erwin - his leather is sourced from a US tannery in Chicago!”

What started out as two great fits -  a mid-rise straight leg for men (Willie) and for women (Imogene) has now expanded into a range of classic cuts and silhouettes as well as other wardrobe essentials such as tanks, shirts, and accessories. Listening to customer feedback, and offering a personable approach with custom fits and alterations, Imogene and Willie have created a loving and dedicated community of followers. 

5. Loup

A composite of models wearing jeans made in the usa from Loup

(Image credit: Loup)

Parisian-style denim made in New York City, Loup is as chic as it gets. Taking inspiration from glamourous icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, the collection oozes understated sophistication showcasing a love of 1960s Paris with a contemporary twist. Of course, fit is key with Loup's jeans and the small company designs its products with its consumers in mind, with all the jeans made in the USA too.

High-waisted, with a little stretch, Loup makes some of the best jeans for curvy women that are well worth the hype, with an inclusive size range from XXS-4XL. In addition to denim, you can snap up flattering jumpsuits, dresses, and shorts, covering all your suitcase needs for what to wear in Paris.

6. Mother Denim

A composite of models wearing jeans made in the usa from mother denim

(Image credit: Mother Denim)

Founded in 2010 by Lela Becker and Tim Kaeding, this LA-based brand draws inspiration from 1970s California with a carefree and rebellious attitude. With an ethos of: “We stand for having fun and not taking yourself too seriously”. Mother Denim proudly partner with local businesses and manufacturers with 100% of its denim products made within a 14-mile radius of its design studio, reducing the company’s carbon footprint enormously, ensuring that Mother Denim has some of the best jeans made in the USA.

With heaps of industry knowledge between the founders, the indie denim powerhouse is one of the best designer jeans brands and has a huge cult and celebrity following, making them one of the most achingly cool brands on the list. Expect classic cuts from bootcut to straight and vintage washes with a rock’n’roll edge.

7. Raleigh Denim Workshop

A composite of models wearing jeans made in the usa from raleigh denim workshop

(Image credit: Raleigh Denim Workshop)

Like most jeans brands, Raleigh Denim Workshop started with the quest to create the perfect pair of jeans. Founded by a husband and wife team, each pair of jeans is handmade on vintage denim-making machines in Raleigh, North Carolina for an intimate production process. The brand loves to deliver that personal touch right through the business, with each jeansmith using a Sharpie pen to proudly sign their name on the inside pocket of every pair of jeans they make. These aren't just jeans made in the USA, they're autographed by the creator too.

Small but expertly crafted, the collection includes key silhouettes from high-rise skinny jeans to wide-leg silhouettes and some of the best jeans to wear with cowboy boots.

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