Inspirational hairstyles that are perfect for women in their 50s

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  • Do you struggle to find inspiration when looking for a new hairstyles that's flattering in your fifties?

    Our hair and beauty experts have pulled together the hairstyles that are perfect for women in their 50s to help you find inspiration for your next salon visit.

    From short cropped  or bob hairstyles – perfect for fine hair – to long, youthful hairstyles for anyone who’s not ready to cut off all their locks, we’ve got it all. And whether you want to embrace (and show off!) your greys, or find a new flattering shade, we’ve got all the hair colour inspiration you need to take your style to the next level too.

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    We also have expert tips on how to make your hair look thicker, which hairstyle to choose for easy, everyday styling and the styles that will make you look younger in an instant.

    The key to flattering hairstyles that are perfect for women in their 50s is a clever cut that doesn’t require too much product, like mousse or hairspray, which can result in a stiff, ageing ‘do. Maintaining hair health is also vital. As we age hair becomes dryer and courser, so investing in hair tools, like a really great hair dryer, that will help protect strands from damage, is also important.

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    We’ve selected a variety of looks that work with different hair lengths and textures, making them easy to maintain and ultra natural looking.

    Fringe or no fringe at 50?

    There’s a running joke about a fringe being an all-natural, inexpensive alternative to botox. But in all seriousness, heavy, wispy and side fringes look fabulous at any age – and can add that extra something to a hair style. Ask your hairdressers advice on the best fringe for your faec shape. A wispy fringe works perfectly to soften Joanna Lumley’s angular face (below), while Dawn French pulls off the heavy bangs look perfectly (below).

    Maintaining a fringe is easy, especially as the grown-out-fringe style is very on trend. Salons often offer free‘fringe cuts’ so you can nip in and get it trimmed. Keep some hair spray and a comb handy at all times – that’s all you need!

    Inspirational hairstyles for women over 50

    Remember – these are just for inspiration! You can tailor them to suit you, whether it’s the colour, a hint of layering, a fringe or the overall style.

    Take your favourite hairstyles to the salon and create a look that’s perfect for you, like  Lorraine Kelly’s choppy loose waves and textured fringe has us feeling serious hair envy. Opt for a colour just a touch lighter than your brows for a contemporary, youthful look.