Side parted bob: how to nail this simple yet extremely chic style

Take inspiration for your side parted bob with these effortlessly cool celebrity looks and pro styling tricks

composite of jennifer garner, taraji p henson, sienna miller with side parted bob haircuts
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The side parted bob is the simple styling trick we've been craving. Here to revive this season's hottest cropped cut, it's one of the easiest trends to try out. No matter your hair type or texture, this is a style you can recreate in minutes – and celebs love it too.

You really can't beat bob hairstyles. Enduring and timeless, there isn't anyone that a bob won't suit. "I’ve always been obsessed with the power of the bob," says Syd Hayes, session stylist and BaByliss Pro ambassador. "Bobs are great for accentuating your bone structure thanks to the lack of graduation and layers throughout." But if you've found yourself looking for new ways to revive this cut without too much effort, the side-parted bob is a look you need to know about. 

Celebrities Hailey Bieber and Charlize Theron have embraced the side parted bob. Hailey's side parted style in particular, "looks super flattering as it’s been cut just above the shoulders, so there’s still some skin and neck on show, which makes it cooler," says Hayes. Whether you're looking to add some volume to your box bob or try out a new parting for one night only, there's no shortage of inspiration to help you get this look right.

Making the side parted bob work for you

Is a side parting more flattering on a bob?

“I feel side parts are so much more flattering than center partings," says Hayes. But, “parting choice is very personal to the individual and where they like their hair to fall. However, generally most face shapes can suit side partings," he says. The chopped bob is an example of a cut that works with absolutely any parting, but the best way to figure out if a side parting flatters you and your bob type is to try it out - after all, it will only take a few seconds to switch back!

Do side parted bobs work for fine hair?

“Yes, as bobs often make people’s hair look thicker," says Hayes - making bobs one of the best hairstyles for fine hair. But to keep the side parted bob looking full and healthy, you want to "make sure that the baseline is not broken or shattered as much as someone with thick hair," Hayes notes. Damage is more obvious on finer hair, so you'll want to keep on top of those trims.

How to find your perfect parting

This also comes down to personal preference. We recommend experimenting with parting your hair at various depths, starting at the beginning of the brow, then the arch, to find which one you like best. Or, take inspiration from our gallery of celeb looks to choose a parting placement you love. 

The main thing to nail is the styling, which can make or break the look."When it comes to a side parting, you don’t want your hair to sit flat," says Hayes. You want to "add some grit and volume" using the best hair styling products such as dry shampoo, texturizing spray or volumizing mousse before you dry. These will give a full-bodied look and prevent your side parting from becoming limp. If you have very thick hair that doesn't need more volume, "you can roughly just flip over a section of hair and you instantly look cool," says Hayes. 

22 side parted bob hairstyles we love

1. Relaxed side parted bob

charlize theron on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Charlize Theron

(Image credit: Getty)

Embrace natural wavy hairstyles with this soft and relaxed look. Let your hair air dry and spritz in a salt spray to add some texture.

2. Sleek side parted bob

laura harrier on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Laura Harrier

(Image credit: Getty)

Use the best hair straighteners to get this super sleek look and achieve the ultimate slob haircut look. 

3. Rounded side parted bob

emma watson on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Emma Watson

(Image credit: Getty)

To get this rounded style, use the best hot rollers on the ends of your hair and lock in with hairspray for day-long wear.

4. Wavy side parted bob

margot robbie on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Margot Robbie

(Image credit: Getty)

Waves are one of the biggest hair trends 2023, so this is a look you're about to see everywhere. Use hair oil after styling to get Margot's shiny finish.

5. Bouncy side parted bob

zendaya on the street with a side parted bob


(Image credit: Getty)

This style is all about volume, so it will look great on thicker hair. If you struggle with flatness, use the best curling irons for thick hair to seal in the bounce. 

6. Beachy side parted bob

jennifer garner on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Jennifer Garner

(Image credit: Getty)

We love Jen's slightly wet-look style that will be perfect for the summer. Embrace the relaxed side parting and throw your hair to one side whilst drying to get a similar look. 

7. Swooped side parted bob

gabrielle union on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Gabrielle Union

(Image credit: Getty)

A bob with bangs always looks chic, but this side-parted style is one of our new favorites. Blow dry your bangs in place to get this swooped look.

8. Messy side parted bob

taylor swift on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Taylor Swift

(Image credit: Getty)

The best part about the side parted bob is that it looks great on sleek or messy hair. Embrace your bedhead look and let your hair do its own thing for this style.

9. Loose side parted bob

emilia clarke on the street with a bob hairstyle

Emilia Clarke

(Image credit: Getty)

This loose curl side parted bob is great for days when you're between washes. Spritz some of the best dry shampoo for oily hair and you're good to go.

10. Balayage side parted bob

rose byrne on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Rose Byrne

(Image credit: Getty)

For blonde hair ideas that don't require constant salon visits, this grown out color compliments the edgy side parted bob perfectly.

11. Volumized side parted bob

Ciara on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle


(Image credit: Getty)

Focus on volumizing your roots by using a mousse or texture spray, and ever so slightly backcomb to recreate Ciara's style.

12. Natural side parted bob

kiera knightley on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Kiera Knightley

(Image credit: Getty)

This is one of the easiest side parted bobs to achieve and it looks best when not over-styled. Shift your parting when your hair is wet and let it air dry to get Kiera's natural look.

13. Colorful side parted bob

nicola coughlan on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Nicola Coughlan

(Image credit: Getty)

Reinvent your blonde bob by going for a summer-inspired pink or peach color, using the best shampoo for colored hair to maintain a fresh look. 

14. Cropped side parted bob

sienna miller on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Sienna Miller

(Image credit: Getty)

This cropped French bob style looks gorgeous with a side parting and is ideal for those who want a low-maintenance cut. 

15. Chin-skimming side parted bob

taraji p henson on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Taraji P. Henson

(Image credit: Getty)

Add volume to your chin-skimming bob by flipping to a side parting, opting for an asymmetric bob cut to accentuate the jawline.

16. Side parted bob with bangs

emma stone on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Emma Stone

(Image credit: Getty)

Bangs hairstyles are always trendy and this look proves it. Move your bangs to one side to get the side parted look without having to re-part your whole head.

17. Tucked side parted bob

nina dobrev on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Nina Dobrev

(Image credit: Getty)

Show off your new parting by tucking your hair behind your ears or using a thin headband for short hair to keep it in place.

18. Curled side parted bob

jennifer lawrence on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Jennifer Lawrence

(Image credit: Getty)

A super short boyfriend bob is a cut that looks especially good with a side part, and this curly style adds texture and body to give the hair a fuller look.

19. Deep side parted bob

brittany snow on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Brittany Snow

(Image credit: Getty)

A deep side parting is one of the easiest to achieve. There's no need to be too precise here, as a messier parting will keep the volume at the roots.

20. Full side parted bob

aubrey plaza on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Aubrey Plaza

(Image credit: Getty)

To give your side parted Italian bob a thicker appearance, add some curls and keep the ends extra bouncy.

21. Sectioned side parted bob

hailey bieber on the red carpet with a bob haircut

Hailey Bieber

(Image credit: Getty)

For an edgier look, part just the front section of your bob and keep the rest of your hair blunt and straight to really show off the style.

22. Tousled side parted bob

miranda kerr on the red carpet with a bob hairstyle

Miranda Kerr

(Image credit: Getty)

The ultimate cool girl look, this tousled side parted bob can be achieved in an instant by flipping your hair over to one side. Keep it loose and messy to fully embrace Miranda's cut.

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