Bangs hairstyles—30+ ideas to inspire a brand new look

Thinking about bangs? Find the most flattering bangs and expert advice right here

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There are as many bangs hairstyles out there as there are faces to frame. So if you're thinking about changing your look in favor of hairstyles with bangs, it's time to browse woman&home's guide to the best looks.

The benefits of bangs are twofold: not only are they very on-trend, but they're also incredibly flattering. They’re a great way to give your style an update without losing length, or paired with short hairstyles for a chic, polished look. They can also accentuate your best features, whether that's your eyes, cheekbones, or jawline.

The great thing about these styles is they can be added to just about any cut. Long hairstyles look beautiful with heavy bangs, while medium hairstyles get an extra boost of volume and texture with the addition of side-swept bangs (though it's still worth having the best hair dryer for a professional blow dry at home). 

Which bangs hairstyles will suit me? 

"Pretty much everyone suits bangs hairstyles, as long as they fit the face shape, jawline, and haircut," says Belle Cannan, co-founder of Salon Sloane. "Long bangs are brilliant at accentuating the cheekbones or for brow skimming, whereas super short bangs work great on a French bob.

"Although it's a bold cut, sharp and blunt bangs can work well with either poker straight and sleek styles or can be softened with tousled waves. Blunt, eye-grazing bangs are also perfect for those who want to accentuate their eyes and bone structure."

“The best style for your own face shape will always be the one that you feel most confident and comfortable wearing,” adds Vernon François, Global Ambassador for Redken. He also stresses that recommendations by face shape aren't concrete and should be taken with a pinch of salt. “Individuals of any race and any culture can have any hair texture and any face shape, meaning there is not a one-size-fits-all answer [for everybody].”

Bangs for round faces

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If you have a found face shape, feathered, French girl bangs can look really chic. “Round shaped faces can sometimes be emphasised by a bob so it’s usually a good idea to go for a cut that’s a bit longer, between the jawline and shoulders, for a more flattering shape,” Vernon adds. 

Bangs for square faces

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“This face shape can wear feathery-edged or even layers just as well as a blunt cut, and can easily pull off bangs and a tapered length at the back of the hair, too,” Vernon advises. “Square shaped faces can carry off angular cut bobs very well, and finishing with a sharp line at jaw level can look great.”

Bangs for oval faces

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Oval-shaped faces are the most versatile and will suit pretty much any bangs hairstyles you like, including the extremely on-trend curtain bangs. “A good go-to is a long bob with bangs either cut and worn straight or longer and worn pushed to the side," Vernon tells us.

Bangs for heart-shaped faces

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“Bangs can work well for this face shape too. This face shape can layer their style, which will allow the structure of the cut to fall more naturally around the cheeks,” Vernon explains. “For heart shaped faces, I would always recommend keeping the length of the cut somewhere in between the shoulders and jawline.”

The best bangs hairstyles for women

Aside from face shape, the number one factor that will determine whether bangs are right for you is your hair type. Bear in mind your natural hair texture vs how you’d like your bangs to look—will it require daily styling, or will you be able to wash-and-go? Your hairdresser will be able to advise on whether your bangs-of-choice are right for you and your lifestyle.

Whether you opt for bangs that are blunt, side-swept, cropped, choppy, or relaxed, we've got all the inspiration you need with the woman&home edit of the best. Consider this your handy guide to everything you need to know about hairstyles with bangs.

Short hair with bangs

So many short haircuts lend themselves well to bangs, like bob hairstyles, so you're pretty spoilt for choice with options. Whether you choose face-framing wisps or block bangs, there's something to suit your face shape and lifestyle—just remember to get both your ends and bangs trimmed regularly to keep the style looking polished. 

The French girl bob with bangs

Face shape: oval, square | Hair types: medium to thick

The pixie cut with sweeping bangs

Face shapes: square and heart | Hair types: fine to medium

The '20s-inspired bob with bangs

Face shape: oval, heart | Hair type: thick

The short choppy bob with bangs

Face shapes: oval, square, heart | Hair types: fine

The feathered pixie cut

Face shape: oval, heart | Hair type: medium to thick

The volumized cut with feathered bangs

Face shapes: oval, square | Hair types: fine to thick

The undercut bob

Face shape: all, particularly heart | Hair type: fine to medium

The jaw length bob with curtain bangs

Face shape: square or heart | Hair type: medium to thick

Long hair with bangs

As well as regular trims every 4-6 weeks, the most important thing about long hairstyles is keeping your hair in good health. Keep your mid-lengths and ends well moisturized using weekly hair masks. Consider investing in a less damaging heat styler like the L’Oréal Professionnel SteamPod 3.0.

The shag cut with long curtain bangs

The block bangs

Face shape: any, particularly oval | Hair type: any

The classic split bangs

Face shape: any, particularly oval | Hair type: fine to medium

The long wavy side bangs 

Face shape: any, particularly oval | Hair type: any

The layered curly style

Face shape: any, especially heart or oval | Hair type: curly, coily

Medium length hair with bangs

Medium hairstyles are what we at woman&home like to call the Goldilocks of hairstyles—short enough that they don't take forever to dry or heat style, but long enough that they don't have to be trimmed too frequently to stay looking fresh. Add bangs, and you're well on your way to a seriously chic hairstyle. 

The shoulder length shag cut with bangs

The curved bangs

Face shape: square, oval | Hair type: fine to medium

The shoulder length style with side bangs

Face shape: any, particularly oval | Hair type: fine to thick

The layered shoulder length cut with bangs

Face shape: any, particularly oval | Hair type: fine to medium

The volumized long bob with bangs

Face shapes: any, particularly oval and square | Hair types: fine to thick

The swoop bangs

Face shape: oval, square | Hair type: medium to thick

The blunt bangs

Face shape: any, particularly oval | Hair type: fine to thick

Curly hair with bangs

With more and more women embracing their natural texture, curly hairstyles with bangs are a super popular choice in 2021. "Textured hair works well with shaggy, messy bangs and compliments a tousled hairstyle," says Belle. "With curly hair, you need to work with the natural spiral of curls, it has to be the right length to balance and frame the face.

"Bangs are a commitment, so I always advise my clients, especially those with curly or textured hair, that it’s best to start longer and from there they can go shorter."

The corkscrew bangs

Face shapes: any, particularly oval and heart | Hair type: curly, coily

The curly long bob with bangs

Face shape: any, especially square and heart | Hair type: curly

The wavy bob with shaggy bangs

Face shape: round, oval | Hair type: wavy, curly

The finger coil bangs

Face shape: any, particularly heart and square | Hair type: curly, coily, kinky

The classic curly bangs

Face shapes: oval, heart | Hair type: thick, curly, coily

Bangs with side part

Don't want the maintenance of full bangs? A side-swept style might just be the answer to your "bangs or no bangs" conundrum, plus it's one of the most youthful hairstyles around. Whether you choose feathered bangs or a dramatic, sweeping fringe, they give you a few more options than full bangs, which require some commitment. Browse more style ideas in our guide to side bangs hairstyles next. 

The layered cut with side bangs

Face shape: all, particularly oval and heart | Hair type: thick

The heavy side bangs

Face shape: square, round or oval | Hair type: medium to thick

The thick layered style with side bangs

Face shapes: all, particularly oval and heart | Hair types: thick

The rounded layers with side bangs

Face shape: any, particularly oval | Hair type: medium to thick

The shaggy side parted style

Face shape: any, particularly heart| Hair type: medium to thick

The long layered side bangs

Face shape: any, particularly oval | Hair type: fine to medium

The shoulder length style with soft bangs

Face shape: oval | Hair type: medium to thick

How to maintain hairstyles with bangs 

If there's one thing that puts a lot of women off having bangs, it's their high maintenance reputation. So we asked Belle how much trimming bangs really require (and whether it's ever OK to do it yourself?)

"I would always advise going to your hairdresser in between salon visits for your regular cut and color," says Belle. "However, if you cannot get to a salon, and want to trim your bangs at home, I would advise doing this on clean, dry hair and making sure you have the right tools (clean scissors and a comb for sectioning)." 

"Start by sectioning the rest of your hair back to keep it off your face and out the way, then section the bangs hair from the corner of your eyebrows up to the parting to create a triangle section. Determine the length, but leave it a fraction longer—you can always go shorter. Point the scissors carefully into the ends—this creates a softer line as opposed to a blunt line which can be quite challenging to achieve at home."

Consider your crash course in the best bang hairstyles to suit your hair type and face shape, complete.

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