Medium haircuts with bangs: inspiring celeb looks and styling tips for every face shape

Considering a medium haircut with bangs? These versatile medium-length hairstyles with bangs are fresh and flattering

Sandra Oh pictured with a medium haircuts with bangs, a curly shag, on a yellow backdrop
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Medium haircuts with bangs are trending – and we can totally see why. This in-between length is low-maintenance, easy to style and, when paired with bangs, looks ultra-chic and classy. 

Medium haircuts are a perennial favorite of pro stylists, too. “It’s a very versatile style that doesn’t demand the health-longevity of longer hair which can look tired if not well kept,” says Michael Van Clarke, renowned London hairdresser. “Plus, it’s free to move and swing if it sits above the shoulder so can look more animated and vibrant.” As with most cuts (from shorter bob hairstyles to long hairstyles), there are several different medium haircuts with bangs to choose from. You can opt for full, blunt bangs or you can ease your way into fringe territory with side bangs instead. 

From curly hairstyles to the U-shape haircut and longer layered styles like the butterfly haircut, we’ve curated an edit of medium length hairstyles with bangs to suit all hair types and face shapes. Plus, the hair pros share their expert advice for finding your perfect style.


  • Face shape: According to Van Clarke, this hairstyle suits everyone. The trick is shaping the style to frame your face. “It’s about sculpting the hair around the face to enhance the client's natural features,” he says. For instance, curtain bangs can enhance cheekbones.  
  • Layers: “Layers are essential to optimise the shape and flow of the hair,” says Van Clarke. “But not layers like most people think – most people associate layers with step chunks or mullets – when in actual fact, layers can be virtually invisible but still enhance the shape of the style.”
  • Maintenance: This depends which medium haircuts with bangs you're dealing with. “If the fringe is within one centimetre of your eyebrows, then monthly cuts are a must,” says Van Clarke. “But a micro fringe could grow out into flattering curtain bangs which allows a much longer period between salon visits.” 


1. Sleek medium haircut with full bangs

medium hairstyle with bangs - Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: oval, round, square | Hair type: medium to thick

Styling Tips: If you're blessed with thick hair, take your cue from Penelope Cruz and ask your stylist for full bangs paired with a blunt, medium-length cut. To amp up the shine, apply one of the best hair styling products before you blow-dry the hair.   

2. Tousled ponytail with bangs

medium length hairstyle with bangs - Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: any, especially round | Hair type: Fine to thick

Styling Tips: After a low-key medium-length hairstyle with bangs? Turn your head to this chic, undone ponytail featuring tousled waves and choppy bangs. You'll need a thin elastic band to secure the ponytail at the nape of the neck before teasing strands loose. 

3. Long bob with grown out bangs

Medium length cut with bangs - Charlize Theron

 Charlize Theron

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: square, heart or oval | Hair type: curly, fine to thick

Styling Tips: If you're growing out a bangs hairstyle, consider this elegant medium length haircut. To recreate, invest in one of the best hair dryer brushes to round the ends and add volume for a bouncy 'do. Grown out side bangs are the perfect accent for this look. 

4. Shoulder length style with side bangs

Medium haircut and bangs - Thandiwe Newton

Thandiwe Newton

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: any | Hair type: fine to thick

Styling Tips: Long layers are a great way to remove weight (if the hair is thick) and add shape and movement. If you're wondering how to style layered hair for this particular medium length hairstyle with bangs, we recommend opting for this sleek, straight look that can easily be achieved with one of the best hair straighteners

5. Natural lob with side bangs

medium hairstyle with bangs - Viola Davis

 Viola Davis

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: oval, round, square | Hair type: natural, curly, coily 

Styling Tips: Curly side bangs are a fun and easy way to switch up a natural hairstyle. To define your curls and natural wave pattern, apply a lightweight curl mousse to damp hair before drying hair with a diffuser. See our guide on how to use a diffuser to master the technique.   

6. Voluminous curls with bangs

Medium haircuts with bangs - Halle Berry

Halle Berry

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: any, particularly round | Hair type: curly, coily, kinky

Styling Tips: Make a statement with big, bouncy curls paired with curly bangs. If your hair is naturally wavy or straight, we recommend investing in one of the best curling irons and wrapping small sections of hair tightly around the barrel before setting curls with hairspray. 

7. Tousled lob with wispy bangs

medium haircut with bangs - Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: Square, round, heart | Hair type: fine to thick

Styling Tips: A tousled lob with bangs is a perennially chic, not-too-long-but-not-too-short hairstyle for women over 50 that flatters all face shapes. To achieve this look, we recommend styling second day hair with a curling iron and texture spray to build volume and set the style. 

8. Curly shag with bangs

Medium haircut with bangs - Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh 

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: square, round or oval | Hair type: curly, medium to thick

Styling Tips: Considering a shag haircut? This classic ‘70s style has had a modern update with long layers and piecey bangs that give this look an undone, effortless finish. A great ‘do for curly locks, try using a mousse or curl cream to boost body and add definition.

9. Medium waves with side bangs

Medium haircut with bangs - Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: any | Hair type: fine to thick

Styling Tips: Create beach hair waves using a large curling barrel, alternating the direction of the curls, to give hair that relaxed, tousled finish. Once the hair has cooled down, use your fingers to tease strands apart and make it messy. Beach waves should never be too perfect.

10. Layered long bob with bangs

Medium haircut with bangs - Deidre Hall

 Deidre Hall

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: round, oval, heart | Hair type: medium to thick

Styling Tips: This is one of the most polished medium haircuts with bangs we've seen, with lots of layers that help remove weight from thick hair as well as add volume and create shape. For even more shape, pair this style with a full fringe and ask your stylist for a bouncy blow-dry to boost volume.

11. Short bob with side bangs

Medium haircut with bangs - Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: long, heart, oval | Hair type: fine to medium

Styling Tips: Sweeping side bangs add softness to a shorter bob. This style looks best when roughly blow-dried to add movement and volume. If you’re wondering how often should you cut your hair to maintain this style, we recommend booking in for a trim every six weeks.

12. Long layers and curtain bangs

Medium haircut with bangs - Davina McCall

Davina McCall

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: oval, square, heart | Hair type: fine to thick

Styling Tips:  Curtain bangs are one of the best medium haircuts with bangs to define the cheekbones. Take your cue from Davina McCall and ask your stylist for long, rounded layers paired with face-framing bangs. To style hair at home, invest in a rounded brush and one of the best hair dryers.  

13. Half-up half-down medium hairstyle

Medium haircut with bangs - Kelly Rowland

 Kelly Rowland

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: round, oval, heart | Hair type: fine to thick

Styling Tips: Searching for ways to style a medium-length haircut? Why not opt for a half-up half-down hairstyle to show off your bangs. For extra oomph, call upon your curling iron to create tousled waves and finish with a generous misting of hairspray.  

14. '70s blowout with bangs

medium haircut with bangs - Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: any, particularly oval | Hair type: medium to thick

Styling Tips: Throw it back to the '70s with a big, bouncy blowout, lots of layers, and a full fringe. Start with a rough blow-dry before using hair rollers or a large barrel curing wand to create movement and curls.  The trick here is to use large sections of hair for an ultra-glam look. 

15. Medium length waves with bangs

medium haircut with bangs - Halle Berry

Halle Berry

(Image credit: Getty)

Face shape: oval, round, square | Hair type: fine to thick

Styling Tips: We crown Halle Berry the queen of medium haircuts with bangs! These beach waves can be created using a tapered curling wand. Start by sectioning hair before pointing the barrel down towards the ends of your hair. Next, take small sections and wrap hair around the barrel twice for loose waves. 

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