70+ fresh pixie haircut ideas to inspire your next 'do

Our beauty team's edit of timeless pixie haircuts may just convince you to go for the chop

Anne Hathaway with a blonde pixie haircut on the red carpet
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Pixie haircuts manage that rare trick of being both timeless and of the moment. From iconic 1960s stars like Diana Ross and Twiggy to modern-day muses like Ruth Negga and Dame Judi Dench, the pixie crop’s popularity has barely wavered through the decades.

And while going ultra-short can feel intimidating if you've never tried it before, pixie haircuts can actually be some of the most low-maintenance, easy hairstyles around. So what makes these particular short hairstyles for women so appealing? As the shorter cousin of bob hairstyles, the secret of pixie haircuts' success is in their simplicity. As long as you stay on top of your trims, day-to-day styling becomes a breeze.

"With this style, it’s all about the cut, so if you’re someone who just wants to jump out of bed and be ready for the day this could be for you," agrees Nicole Petty, Haircare Expert at Milk + Blush. A chic look and low-maintenance styling—who wouldn't want that?

Dame Judi Dench with white pixie cut

Dame Judi Dench's iconic pixie haircut

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70+ pixie haircuts for every hair type and face shape

Short pixie haircuts

Short pixie haircuts are seriously stylish—just look to celebrities like Charlize Theron and Rihanna, who have all dabbled in elfin crops with beautiful results. Pixie crops also make very flattering short hairstyles for thick hair, with plenty of shaping to create a softer look. 

And how often should you cut your hair? To keep the style looking fresh, you’ll need to visit the salon around every four weeks or it'll start to resemble a long pixie or bob before you know it. Keep that cut in check and you'll only need the best hair dryer to look super elegant every day. 

1. The super short pixie haircut

Face shape: Oval, heart | Hair type: Medium-thick 

2. The pixie cut with feathered bangs

Face shape: Oval, heart, square | Hair type: Any

3. The boyish pixie cut

Face shape: Oval, heart, square | Hair type: Fine to medium

4. The short and spiky pixie cut

Face shape: Oval, heart | Hair type: Fine to thick

5. The pompadour pixie cut

Face shape: Oval, diamond, heart | Hair type: Any

6. The bleached super-short pixie

Face shape: Long, heart, oval | Hair type: Medium-thick

7. The elfin pixie haircut

Face shape: Heart, oval | Hair type: Fine-medium

8. Think pink short pixie

Face shape: Heart, oval | Hair type: Medium-thick

9. The finger-wave pixie

Face shape: Heart, oval | Hair type: Natural, textured

10. The short pixie with bangs

Face shape: Round, heart | Hair type: Any

11. The polished pixie

Face shape: Round, oval, square | Hair type: Fine-medium

12. The short coily pixie

Face shape: Heart, oval, round | Hair type: Coily, curly, kinky

13. Pixie cut with full bangs

Face shape: Any, particularly oval | Hair type: Fine-medium

14. Textured pixie

Face shape: round and heart | Hair type: medium to thick

15. Cropped bangs pixie

Face shape: Any, particularly round | Hair type: Medium-thick

16. Quiff pixie cut

Face shape: Any, particularly square | Hair type: Fine-medium

17. Short, Thick and Even Pixie

Face Shape: Any| Hair Type: Medium-Thick

18. Graduated Shave Pixie

Face Shape: Any, particularly oval | Hair type: Fine-medium

19. Short Pixie With Side Bangs

Face Shape: Square, round and heart | Hair Type: medium-thick

20. The elfin Side Burn Pixie

Face shape: Any, except for long | Hair Type: Any

Long pixie haircuts

Longer pixie crops give you a little more to work with in terms of styling.  “With length on top, the pixie is a little more versatile as you’re able to flip the hair from side to side,” Bobby explains.

“You can maintain length on the sides and sometimes tuck behind the ear to create some great silhouettes. For me, the ‘nape’ has to come in and hug the neck for profile and head shape, but this can also be left with a softer edge.”

21. The grown-out 'shag' pixie haircut

Face shape: Any | Hair type: Fine-medium

22. The long layered pixie cut

Face shape: Heart, oval | Hair type: Medium-thick

23. The bowl cut pixie

Face shape: Heart, long | Hair type: Fine, straight

24. The long side-swept pixie cut

Face shape: Long, heart, oval | Hair type: Medium-thick, wavy

25. Long on top pixie haircut

Face shape: Heart, square | Hair type: Thick, textured

26. The pixie cut with full bangs

Face shape: Heart, oval, square | Hair type: Medium-thick

27. The French girl pixie crop

Face shape: Any | Hair type: Thick, curly

28. The '90s throwback' heavy pixie

Face shape: Oval, heart, long | Hair type: Medium-thick

29. The undercut long pixie

Face shape: Any | Hair type: Thick

30. The voluminous pixie cut

Face shape: Any | Hair type: Medium-thick

31. Long on top curly pixie

Face shape: Round, oval, heart | Hair type: Curly

32. The feathered pixie

Face shape: Any | Hair type: Medium-thick

33. Stacked bangs pixie

Face shape: Any, particularly oval | Hair type: Medium-thick

34. Curtain bangs pixie

Face shape: Round and heart | Hair type: Fine-medium

35. The Sweep Over Pixie

Face Shape: Any, particularly round | Hair Type: Medium-Thick

36. The Long Red Side Part Pixie

Face Shape: Any, except for heart | Hair Type: medium-thick 

37. The Pixie Bob

Face Shape: Any, particularly heart | Hair Type: Any

38. The Marilyn Monroe Curly Layered

Face Shape: Any, particularly oval | Hair Type: medium-thick

Layered pixie haircuts

Textured pixie haircuts with layers add an extra 'lived-in' element to this classic style. One of the most iconic layered pixie cuts of all time is Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry's style from the early '00s, whose choppy look inspired many women to take up the scissors (or hopefully ask their hairdresser to do so). Grab the best dry shampoo and tousle away!

39. Soft layered pixie haircut

Face shape: Square, oval, heart | Hair type: Fine

40. Natural layered pixie

Face shape: Oval, diamond, heart | Hair type: Curly, coily

41. The sweeping pixie cut

Face shape: Diamond, heart | Hair type: Fine, straight

42. The choppy pixie cut

Face shape: Oval, heart, diamond | Hair type: Thick, textured

43. The pixie cut with feathered layers

Face shape: Oval, heart | Hair type: Fine-medium

44. The long sweep pixie cut

Face shape: Any | Hair type: Thick

45. The 'long on top' layered pixie

Face shape: Square, oval | Hair type: Medium-thick

46. The layered flicky pixie

Face shape: Square, oval, heart | Hair type: Medium, textured

47. The tapered coily pixie

Face shape: Oval | Hair type: Curly, coily

48. The wispy pixie cut

Face shape: Oval, round, heart | Hair type: Fine-medium

49. The long layered pixie

Face shape: Any | Hair type: Medium-thick

50. The short layered pixie

Face shape: Oval, round, heart | Hair type: Medium-thick

51. Faded layered pixie

Face shape: Any | Hair type: Medium-thick

52. The layered bangs pixie

Face shape: Any, particularly oval | Hair type: Fine-medium

53. The volumized layered pixie

Face shape: Round and heart | Hair type: Fine-medium

54. The Pixie Mullet

Face Shape: Any, particularly round | Hair Type: Any

55. The Layered Pixie With Side Bangs

Face Shape: Round and oval | Hair Type: medium-thick

56. The Layered Middle Part Pixie

Face Shape: Round, diamond, oval, heart | Hair Type: medium-thick

57. The Shaped Curtain Bangs Pixie

Face Shape: Any, particularly long | Hair Type: Any

Curly pixie haircuts

Curly hair ranges from loose beach hair waves to fabulously coily natural hairstyles, and they all look fabulous in a short pixie haircut. Not only does curly hair give a short style body and texture, with the best hair styling products a defined, curly pixie crop is the epitome of elegance. 

58. The classic curly pixie cut

Face shape: Heart, oval | Hair type: Medium, curly

59. The tapered curly pixie cut

Face shape: Long, heart, oval | Hair type: Fine-medium, curly

60. The coily pixie cut

Face shape: Oval, diamond, heart | Hair type: Medium-thick, coily

61. The choppy curly pixie cut

Face shape: Heart, oval | Hair type: Fine-medium, wavy

62. The short back curly pixie cut

Face shape: Oval, heart, long | Hair type: Curly, coily

63. The asymmetric curly pixie

Face shape: Oval, heart | Hair type: Fine-medium, curly

64. The natural glossy pixie

Face shape: Oval, heart, long | Hair type: Natural, coily

65. The French girl curly pixie

Face shape: Any | Hair type: Curly, coily

66. The close-cut curly pixie

Face shape: Oval, round, square | Hair type: Curly, kinky, coily

67. The short sides pixie

Face shape: Oval and round | Hair type: Curly, kinky, coily, wavy

68. The cropped coil pixie

Face shape: Any, particularly round | Hair type: Curly, kinky, coily

69. The natural bangs pixie

Face shape: Round and heart | Hair type: Curly, kinky, wavy

70. The Curly Bowl Pixie

Face Shape: Any, particularly long| Hair Type: Any

71. The Curly Undercut Pixie

Face Shape: Any, particularly oval | Hair Type: Thick

72. The Curly Waterfall Fringe Pixie

Face Shape: Heart and square | Hair Type: medium-thick

73. The Pixie Perm

Face Shape: Any, particularly square and heart| Hair Type: Any

How to choose a flattering pixie haircut

  • Face shape: "The pixie can be one of the most liberating cuts, yet it only works with specific features," explains Michael Shaun Corby, Global Creative Director for Living Proof. "It’s best to keep in mind that it will accentuate a strong nose and chin, as well as round and square face shapes. But the cut usually works great for classic oval, heart, and diamond face shapes."
  • Cut shape: In good news for those of us not blessed with perfectly oval features, a great stylist can shape pixie haircuts to flatter. "Hair can be shaped to make the face look more oval, as it is the best way to flatter the face," explains legendary hairstylist, Adam Reed. Want a modern Pixie? Adam suggests to "cut curtain bangs into the style for a look that is really on-trend."
  • Soft vs sharp: The pixie is characterized by its short and sharp aesthetic and requires regular trims. "Maintaining pixie hair is a commitment, as this usually means a haircut or reshape every four to six weeks," says Bobby Collier, hairstylist at Larry King Salons. "For those who have a grown-out pixie and come through the dreaded ‘in-between’ stage, you could embrace that length on top and go for a softer look, Think Gwyneth Paltrow circa ‘97."
  • Layers: Having graduation of length in your pixie haircut can make it far more versatile, allowing you to create updos for short hair and messy bun looks. Michael Shaun Corby adds: "The pixie of this season is actually a bi-level pixie that’s a little longer in the back." This makes one of the most flattering short hairstyles for women over 50, or anyone who wants versatility, explains Corby. "It gives you so many more options when styling, for example pulling some hair forward on the neck, or being able to tie the longer pieces up into a ponytail hairstyle."

How to style a pixie cut

As for what our experts recommend for styling your newly-chopped pixie? "You should always have a cream-based product with some hold," advises Michael. "I'd recommend our Perfect hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment for this. Now that your hair is shorter, you won't need as much product in it. Try the No Frizz Vanishing Oil to lightly tame flyaways and make sure you always have a good hairspray for sweeping up the front or giving it a high-drama wet look.”

“Texturizing sprays and creams can give the pixie a real 90’s grunge feel,” Bobby adds. "Larry King’s Texturizing Clay and Redken’s Windblown are some of the products I’d use."


Living Proof Perfect hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment | RRP: $16/£10

Ideal for all hair types and textures, this styling treatment volumizes, conditions, and strengthens hair. It also offers heat and UV protection.


Larry King Hair Velvet Texture Clay | RRP: $26/£22

A featherweight, non-greasy solution against limp hair, adding volume and holding strands in place—sans product buildup.


Redken Windblown 05 Dry Texturizing Hairspray | RRP: $21/£12.10

A mild-control hair spray that creates airy texture and volume in a spritz. Spray from a distance then ruffle with your fingers for a beautiful tousled look. 


Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil | RRP: $30/£31

This fast-absorbing oil tames frizz and flyaways, serving as a safeguard against humidity. It also hydrates dehydrated strands for a silky, smooth finish.


BaByliss Rose Quartz Slim Barrel Curling Iron | RRP: $25.05/£19.98

When curling your pixie cut, a slim barrel is a necessity, and this BaByliss curling iron will allow you to curl even the smallest pieces of hair for a clean and precise curly look.


K&K Upgrade Pencil Flat Iron|RRP: $30.08/£23.99

A pencil flat iron is a must for being able to get right to your roots and straighten your pixie cut more precisely. This K&K pencil flat iron is suitable for all hair types and won't break the bank.


Osensia Ultra Small Round Brush | RRP: $42.44/£33.85

A round brush is essential for helping to blow dry your pixie cut into a perfect shape. This Osensia brush is super small and perfect for shorter styles, plus it can be used on both wet and dry hair.

woman&home thanks Bobby Collier, Michael Shaun Corby, Adam Reed and Nicole Petty for their time and expertise

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