Youthful hairstyles for any age – consider these before heading out to the hairdressers

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  • Whether it be a different colour, shape or length, opting for a new and exciting hairstyle is one sure way to change your look this summer.

    And now with the hairdressers reopening again from July, there is no better time to shape up your style and breathe some new life into your hair with one of these youthful hairstyles.

    We all know that our hair has the capability to completely change our outward appearance, making us look more vibrant and feel fresher. That’s why, after all, we spend so much time (and often money) looking after it. So it’s no surprise that a certain type of hairstyle can work just as well as an anti-ageing cream in taking years of our faces.

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    Whatever you face shape or hair texture, there are plenty of changes big or small that you can make to instantly transform your hairstyle and make it look more youthful. It might be as simple as just changing your parting, deciding to take away your fringe, choosing a softer-colour for highlights  or trying a new hair product to give your locks a healthy shine.

    There should be no pressure to look a certain way, however. As much as many women feel that a more youthful hairstyle brightens up their face and features makes them feel more confident, it’s whatever works for you. Other women find their feet in embracing their natural greys or just letting their hair grow out naturally.

    We’ve looked to the stars for inspiration to find our favourite youth-enhancing hairstyles – there are long bobs, short angled bobs, subtle waves, shaggy layers and long layers. But whatever haircut you choose, make sure that you go back to the salon for regular trims and that you use the right products to keep your tresses looking nice and glossy.

    Not sure you want to go under the scissors quite yet? Lightening hair one or two shades from its base colour, for example, is more flattering as we age. Ask for highlights at the front, where the sun naturally lightens your tresses. Then look after your new colour by drenching hair in Kérastase Genesis Masque Reconstituant Hair Mask twice a week to keep it soft and supple.

    But for those looking to shake things up a big, we’ve got all the inspiration you need.

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