Bronde hair is the natural and flattering color that's perfect for spring

We break down the trending bronde hair color – with inspiring looks, tips and tricks from a celebrity stylist

Sofia Vergara at the Vanity Fair Oscar party with bronde hair
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Bronde hair is the new-season color that needs to be on your radar. Natural shades have taken over the hair world as of late, and bronde offers a beautiful your-hair-but-better option that will work for most hair types, textures, and lengths.

The biggest 2023 hair trends are about embracing a color change, but the prospect of jumping straight to Palm Springs pink is slightly intimidating for most of us. Luckily, the latest shade rocking the beauty sphere comes in the form of bronde – a gorgeous balance of brown and blonde with a natural and healthy finish. 

Whether you are looking to switch up your blonde hair ideas or brighten up your chocolate balayage, bronde should be a serious contender for your next salon visit. With hardly any maintenance needed and a soft blend out from the roots, this is a simple way for darker hair colors to inject lighter tones without pesky, blocky regrowth. Here's everything you need to know about the trending bronde hair color and how to get the look.

Bronde hair color, explained

What is bronde hair?

"Neither fully blonde or brunette, bronde is a multidimensional tone that creates a flattering, sun-kissed color result," explains award-winning celebrity stylist Jason Collier. The perfect shade for the spring and summer months, bronde has a warm glow to it that will enhance any complexion.

"If you don't want a drastic change, bronde could be the ideal color to try," says Collier. "It gives a subtle, bright, incredibly natural result that will enhance, rather than change, your look." If you are indecisive or want to avoid excess color damage, bronde could also be the perfect compromise that still allows you to switch up your look this season.

Is bronde the same as balayage?

"Although they look similar, bronde is a color whilst balayage is a coloring technique," says Collier, who explains that despite the distinction, the two do go hand-in-hand.  "However, bronde is best achieved when using a balayage coloring technique."

If you're considering highlights vs balayage, the main difference is that highlights use foils while balayage is painted on, so will give you a more natural look that incorporates your root color. This means it tends to grow out less obviously. However, both techniques can give you a gorgeous bronde color. Bronde balayage for short hair is also a great option if you have a cropped cut and want a touch of lightness.

How can I achieve a bronde hair color?

"The key to the perfect bronde is to lighten hair by painting pieces freehand through the hair, making sure that the lighter color is softer near the mid-section and thicker towards the ends," explains Collier. To keep the ends of your hair healthy, particularly if you are using bleach, bond builders for hair are a great thing to incorporate into your routine, as well as the best hair masks with nourishing ingredients.

"Just make sure you don’t have too much of a contrast between the roots and the highlighted ends or you’ll end up looking like you’ve had a dip-dye," warns Collier. "You want the bronde sections to be 2-3 shades lighter than your natural hair color." As always, we recommend going to a professional to achieve your perfect bronde hair color. 

What should I ask for at the salon?

"Ask for a variation of blonde and brunette balayage to add warmth, movement, and definition. Choose warmer hues rather than, say, opting for cooler platinum shades, for a seamless finish," says Collier. "Think soft coffee hair colors like caramel painted in - via the balayage technique, towards the ends of your hair." This is the same for straight and curly hairstyles, and the color looks equally as gorgeous on both.

Similar to other huge hair trends like tiramisu hair and herringbone highlights, bronde embraces the natural shades in your hair and works with them to enhance your look, rather than totally altering it. For this reason, there's a lot of flexibility with how this color can be created, so you can work with your hairdresser to find a shade of bronde that is just right for you.

Is bronde a high maintenance colour?

"The great thing about a balayage placement of bronde is that it’s freehand, so it’s quite soft and it doesn’t always necessarily go up to the root area, so you’re not tying yourself into a huge commitment," says Collier. "With other highlighting techniques, especially the structured foiling technique, you get a line when your roots come through and if you go really blonde, there’s always a bit of a contrast with the roots."

If you have naturally dark hair and you want a touch of blonde that won't require topping up every six weeks, bronde is the one for you. It is a color that you can let grow out for up to a fairly long time, several months in many cases, which is beneficial for keeping your hair healthy and not over-processing it. To keep your bronde nice and bright, use the best purple shampoos once a week and banish brassy tones.

Jerome Russell Bblonde Silverising Shampoo | RRP: $7.95 / £6.70

Jerome Russell Bblonde Silverising Shampoo | RRP: $7.95 / £6.70

Using a purple shampoo will help you keep your bronde pieces bright between appointments. "Color support, specifically blonde supporting, shampoos and conditioners help to reduce color fade and ensure the color lasts a long time," says Collier. 

How to style bronde hair

Aside from mastering toning for blonde hair, there isn't much you need to do to keep bronde hair looking its best. However, there are a couple of styling products that can really make this color pop.

Our beauty writer recommends...


Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl Volume Blow Dry Foam | RRP: $36 / £32

This blow-dry foam is suitable for all hair types and textures, working to increase volume and create the appearance of thicker hair in one simple step. Apply to your bronde hair when damp to create on-trend 90s blowout hair that looks healthy and full. 


R+Co Gemstone Ultra Shine Glossing Treatment | RRP: $38 / £34

If you have damage from coloring or heat styling, this treatment will put the shine back into your ends. It hydrates, protects color, and defends hair against UV damage. Use once a week in place of conditioner and watch your bronde hair shine.

12 bronde looks we love

1. Classic bronde

jessica alba paparazzi shot demonstrating bronde hair color

Jessica Alba

(Image credit: Getty)

This perfect bronde hue is natural whilst still being eye-catching. A brighter alternative to mushroom blonde, show your stylist this picture if you want a warm-toned look and keep on top of hair treatments for a shiny finish.

2. Soft bronde

sarah jessica parker at a red carpet event

Sarah Jessica Parker

(Image credit: Getty)

We always get major hair envy from SJP, and this soft bronde look is no different. Expertly blended from the roots, the gradual lightening is ideal for long and medium hairstyles that have a little more space to play with. Ask your stylist for some face-framing lighter pieces to emulate this style.

3. Bronde ends

priyanka chopra at an event headshot

Priyanka Chopra

(Image credit: Getty)

If you're working with dark natural hair, bronde ends are a fantastic way to add color without damaging your hair with excessive bleaching. Go for the grown-out balayage look and invest in the best hair styling products to achieve a loose wave that will last all day.

4. Dark bronde

rosie huntington whiteley on the red carpet

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

(Image credit: Getty)

Avoid obvious root regrowth by going for a deeper bronde that has lighter pieces around your face and at the ends. Great for bob hairstyles, this is a chic and timeless color that will complement fairer skin tones.

5. Creamy bronde

jennifer lawrence paparazzi shot

Jennifer Lawrence

(Image credit: Getty)

If you have naturally blonde hair, this is the look for you. With creamy tones running throughout, this lighter style of bronde is cooler-toned and catches the light beautifully. Take inspiration from side swept bangs hairstyles and change the placement of your parting to create a volumized look. 

6. Caramel bronde

beyonce on the red carpet with a short bob haircut


(Image credit: Getty)

A beautiful hue for summer, this caramel bronde creates a natural glow around the face that we can't get enough of. A youthful hairstyle for over 50s, the cropped bob really enhances the look, and it's so easy to manage if you have thicker hair.

7. Faded bronde

sofia vergara headshot on the red carpet

Sofia Vergara

(Image credit: Getty)

This graduated bronde fades effortlessly into super bright tips, without looking unnatural. Ideal for wavier hair textures, this color looks especially good with more movement. Use the best curling irons for thick hair to get these tumbling waves.

8. Natural bronde

elizabeth olsen on a talk show headshot

Elizabeth Olsen

(Image credit: Getty)

A super natural look, this style focuses on lighter ends. Spend some time in the sun this summer and let your ends glow naturally, or use a blonding spray when blow drying to speed up the process.

9. Modern bronde

chrissy teigen on the red carpet headshot

Chrissy Teigen

(Image credit: Getty)

A super trendy bronde, this look keeps things light around the face, using side-parted waves to get the most out of the color. If you're new to coloring your hair, prioritize these face-framing sections that look beautiful with a C-shape haircut

10. Summer bronde

eva mendes on the red carpet with a short haircut

Eva Mendes

(Image credit: Getty)

This light and warm bronde gives a truly sunkissed look. Avoid too many lowlights and keep your color consistent throughout the hair, using a warm hair toner to avoid yellows and keep the caramel tones.

11. Wavy bronde

julia roberts on the street headshot

Julia Roberts

(Image credit: Getty)

Wavy hairstyles always look good, no matter your hair length. Master how to curl hair with straighteners to get a loose look that is ideal for the upcoming warmer weather. 

12. Beachy bronde

keke palmer headshot on the red carpet

Keke Palmer

(Image credit: Getty)

Beachy in terms of texture and color, this is an unfussy style that suits everyone. Use the best diffusers for curly hair when drying or a salt spray to achieve this look.

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