Coffee hair colors are trending in salons: is macchiato or vanilla latte your new-season shade?

Get inspired by these coffee hair color ideas - plus, experts explain how to nail the 'barista blonde' trend

Three celebrities with coffee hair colors, Rachel McAdams, Beyonce and Katie Holmes
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Coffee hair colors are one of this season's most tantalizing trends, and they are just as delicious as their namesakes. From cold brew brunette to caramel frappuccino highlights, you'll want to have these fresh hues on your radar for your next salon visit.

2023 hair trends are all about bold and beautiful shades, and coffee hair colors certainly fit that brief. Whilst the pumpkin spice hair color was all the rage last fall, the warmer weather brings us brighter, barista-inspired shades and there is a creamy coffee shade to suit everybody.

If you feel ready for a spring revamp but don't want a total color transformation, one of these glossy, velvety colors could fit the bill. Color experts agree that coffee-inspired hues are hugely popular in salons, so there's no better time to try out the trend. Revive your chocolate balayage or bronde hair with tips and tricks from hair pros, including how to style your new look for maximum impact.

5 coffee hair colors to try this season

1. Vanilla latte hair

Rachel McAdams on the red carpet headshot with vanilla balayage hair

Rachel McAdams

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"Kind on the complexion, vanilla latte blonde captures that super light blonde without being bright, cool, or even ash; existing in a milky, vanilla-y, creamy tone between warm and cool that suits all skin types," says celebrity hairstylist Jason Collier. A gorgeous way to brighten up your hair and one of the key summer 2023 hair color trends, this is a truly foolproof blonde hair idea.

Founder of Percy & Reed, Paul Percival, notes that it gives your hair "an expensive but effortless look" that "is perfect for those who want to add depth and richness without going too light or too dark." The best part about vanilla latte har is that it's one of the more low-maintenance coffee hair colors. "Ask your stylist for a blend of creamy blonde highlights and caramel lowlights, with a balayage or ombre technique for a seamless and natural-looking transition," advises Percival.

Paul Percival recommends...

Percy & Reed I Need A Hero! Wonder Shampoo | RRP: $28.80 / £24

Percy & Reed I Need A Hero! Wonder Shampoo | RRP: $28.80 / £24

To make your vanilla latte hair color look its best, Percival recommends using this shampoo to "maintain the vibrancy and longevity of your new hair color." Follow up with the brand's Wonder conditioner or your best hair mask for a hit of moisture.

2. Caramel frappuccino hair

beyonce headshot on the red carpet with long curly caramel hair


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"Golden and sumptuous, but incredibly unique, the caramel frappuccino color is a knockout," says Collier - and he also notes that it works for every season. Percival explains that this shade "uses blends of warm, rich browns and golden hues to give your hair color more depth," and it is "ideal for you if you have decided to embrace your natural texture - it looks great on curly hairstyles."

Whether you have a bob hairstyle or longer locks, this coffee hair color truly flatters everyone. "To achieve this expensive-looking color, ask your stylist for a balayage technique, incorporating a mix of medium and light caramel tones on a dark brown base," says Percival. Copy Beyoncé's look with some extra bright face-framing pieces. 

Jason Collier recommends...

Jerome Russell Bblonde Caramel Maxiumum Blonde Toner | RRP: $5.89 / £4.99

Jerome Russell Bblonde Caramel Maxiumum Blonde Toner | RRP: $5.89 / £4.99

Fancy creating a DIY coffee hue? Toning for blonde hair is the key to transforming pre-lightened locks in one simple step. This product will add a gorgeous warm hue without the need for permanent dye.

3. Cold brew hair

katie holmes street style shot with dark brown wavy hair

Katie Holmes

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"Cold brew hair is a rich, multi-tonal brunette shade," says Percival. "To achieve this luscious color, ask your stylist for a blend of deep mocha and warm caramel highlights," he says. This will add a golden touch to your look for the season without requiring a total color overhaul. If you're weighing up highlights vs balayage, the latter "helps create a seamless, natural finish" that is great for the coffee hair colors says Percival.

You can also switch up your look by going for a slightly different cut that will give your cold brew color more dimension, especially on medium hairstyles. "Enhance your new hue by asking for soft or invisible layers; this will help show the effortlessly chic look that captures the different tones in this freshly brewed style," says Percival.

Our beauty writer recommends...


Virtue Healing Oil | RRP: $44 / £42

This oil works to reduce split ends and frizz whilst increasing volume, fullness and vibrancy. Darker coffee hair colors like cold brew look gorgeous with a healthy and glossy finish, and this product will deliver just that.

4. Blonde roast hair

claire danes headshot on the red carpet with a blonde bob and red lipstick

Claire Danes

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Blonde roast "combines golden and honey tones with a touch of ashy brown, making it the perfect choice for those who want to elevate their blonde game," says Percival. Similar to the multi-tonal tiramisu hair, this color contains multiple shades that work in harmony to create a distinctive blonde. We love Claire's slob haircut, which really shows off the blonde roast color in all its glory. 

To get this look, "ask your stylist for a customized blend of balayage and lowlights, incorporating honey, caramel, and ash brown tones. This technique will deliver a kind of sun-kissed, radiant look that's all about depth and dimension," says Percival. Style with the best hair straightening products to achieve this sleek and modern coffee hair color.

Paul Percival recommends...

BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener | RRP: $216 / £180

BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener | RRP: $216 / £180

A super straight style will "accentuate the variations and dimension in this color," says Percival. There's no going wrong with a pair of the best hair straighteners to get a sharp look that will work for every occasion. 

5. Macchiato hair

laverne cox headshot on the red carpet with brown macchiato hair color

Laverne Cox

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"The macchiato hair color is the perfect blend of creamy caramel and rich espresso tones and is becoming a popular request in the salon," says Percival. "This luxurious hue is a mix of warm and cool tones that compliment any complexion." Much like the drink, this hairstyle has a dark brown base with lighter, more golden tones on top. A richer alternative to mushroom blonde, it will look gorgeous on those with naturally brown or black hair.

As with most coffee hair colors, this color works best with a balayage technique to keep things soft and natural. The two key colors to ask for are espresso and caramel if you want a warmer look, but you can also go slightly ashier if you have a cooler skin tone by using the best purple shampoo between salon visits.

Our beauty writer recommends...


Aveda Color Treatment Color Renewal Color and Shine Treatment | RRP: $34 / £32.50

Revive your macchiato color from home with this treatment mask that will add some gloss back into your look. We recommend using the warm brown shade to keep this color looking its best. 

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