Pumpkin spice hair color: 21 ideas to try this fall

Get inspired by these rich and flattering pumpkin spice hair color ideas for the new season

Julianne Moore on the red carpet with a pumpkin spice hair color
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Flattering for all, pumpkin spice hair color is set to dominate this season. Taking its name from our autumn drink of choice (a pumpkin spice latte, of course), this warm shade draws inspiration from this time of year – combining chestnut, copper, and red tones to create a multi-dimensional effect. 

Red, copper, and warm hair colors have taken this year by storm. Several celebrities (including Julianne Moore, Zendaya and Gigi Hadid) have undergone a warm hair transformation, serving up red hair ideas that are hard to resist. Proof that this shade is extremely versatile, stylists are predicting one specific copper tone to be one of the top fall hair colors of '22. Enter pumpkin spice hair color. A lighter and brighter take on red, this copper shade is a great choice for the new season. 

“Warm copper tones are always in demand during the cooler seasons,” says Seniz Alkan, senior colorist at Neville Hair & Beauty. Considering a seasonal hair switch-up? Take inspiration from our curated edit of the best pumpkin spice hair color looks below.

What is pumpkin spice hair color?

“Pumpkin spice is a warm trend for AW’22 rich with copper, amber, pecan, and red gold hues, which can be used in a classic way or more creative with contrast,” explains Christel Barron-Hough, founder and creative director of STIL Salon. Super flattering for all, Barron-Hough assures us that this copper trend can suit all skin types and complexions. 

“If you are a warm complexion you can dial up the gold and copper hues but if you are a cooler skin tone you would need to soften the gold and copper hues, making them more beige so they don’t bring out too much natural warmth in the skin,” she explains. As for technique, this trend works well with plenty of color techniques, depending on whether you want a striking single-color look or something more multi tonal using freehand painting, babylights, auburn hair balayage, or a block color result.

Pumpkin spice hair colors to try this Fall 

1. Pumpkin spice latte hair color

This bright and beachy red is a classic take on the pumpkin spice latte hair color trend. To show off the different tones (including blonde, copper, and red), use your best curling iron to create loose waves. 

2. Cinnamon pumpkin spice hair color

Cinnamon pumpkin spice hair color is a great Autumn hair color that will brighten a medium brown base with spicy copper tones. To maintain a glossy finish, use one of the best hair masks on a weekly basis. 

3. Dark pumpkin spice hair

If your hair is naturally dark, ask your stylist for deep copper and brandished red tones. "Curly hairstyles look great with warmth as it makes hair look more healthy so the pumpkin spice is a great look for curly, coils, and afro texture," says Barron-Hough.  

4. Pumpkin spice blonde hair

Searching for blonde hair ideas? Consider adding warmth this season with honey, strawberry, and copper lowlights. To add shine, use one of the best hair styling products.

5. Pumpkin spice balayage

Debating whether to go for highlights vs balayage with pumpkin spice color? For a natural-looking finish, we recommend the latter. Hand-painted lights in copper and rose gold tones will create a sun-kissed finish that blends in with dark roots.

6. Two-tone pumpkin spice hair

This softer take on the trend looks especially great on coils and curls. “Contrasting low and high tones will create even more texture on curly and coily hair types,” says Barron-Hough. Consider opting for creamy blonde and warm ginger. 

7. Pumpkin and strawberry blonde hair

If you’re worried this hair color won’t suit you, take your cue from Adele’s strawberry blonde hairstyle and slowly transition from lighter hair to pumpkin spice with ginger highlights to add warmth and contrast. 

8. Vibrant pumpkin spice curls

Turn up the heat with deep cherry and red wine tones. This combination works well with dark roots and a balayage technique. In-between salon visits, use one of the best shampoos for curly hair to make the color pop. 

9. Chunky pumpkin spice highlights

If you're concerned about hair thinning, ask your stylist for chunky highlights as they can make hair appear thicker and more voluminous. For extra oomph, use a texturizing hair spray.

10. Pumpkin spice pixie crop

Consider updating your pixie haircut for fall with a fresh new color. This gold and copper color combination is extremely flattering for all. To maintain this hairstyle, book in for regular trims. 

11. Pumpkin spice and auburn hair

A great color choice for autumn, take inspiration from Zendaya’s auburn and burgundy red locks that will instantly warm up your complexion while catching that golden hour light.

12. Pumpkin spice ombre

It's not just ombre nails that are trending - ombre hair (where a dark base gradually lightens along the lengths) is taking over our social media feeds, too. Experiment with rose gold and strawberry blonde tones to add contrast to naturally dark hair.

13. Pumpkin spice voluminous curls

To enhance your natural curl type and add definition, ask your stylist for hand-painted highlights combining light copper tones with chestnut and cinnamon. The results? Soft, defined, and voluminous curls. 

14. Pumpkin spice bob

This fiery pumpkin hair color suits all hair lengths, including bob hairstyles. To add movement, invest in one of the best curlers for short hair – alternating directions with each section of hair for a tousled finish. 

15. Pumpkin spice box braids

Tap into the pumpkin spice trend with long copper and ginger box braids. This style is super low maintenance (requiring a refresh every four to six weeks) and can be styled both up and down.  

16. Golden pumpkin spice hair

Show off a glossy mane with rich golden highlights that will catch the autumnal light. Style wavy or straight using your best hair straighteners.   

17. Caramel and pumpkin hair

This gorgeous hair color will transition your look from summer to winter with warm honey hues placed next to deep caramel tones. For a subtle finish, ask your stylist to paint on the color using a balayage technique.    

18. Pumpkin spice block color

For maximum impact, ask your stylist to use one spicy shade (we recommend a bold burgundy or rich copper) all over your hair. Or, why not try an at-home hair dye kit – it's easier to get a good DIY result with block color, just be sure to do your research first. 

19. Pumpkin spice hair with bangs

If you’re currently rocking a medium haircut with bangs a la Susan Sarandon, consider adding some warmth with pumpkin spice tones. The color, alongside the face-framing bangs, will add softness to this style. 

20. Pumpkin spice babylights

If it’s a subtle look that you’re after, ask your colorist for super fine babylights in peachy and strawberry blonde tones.  This will create a more natural blend of colors.

21. Pumpkin spice updo

Love a hair up style? Take inspiration from Rihanna and secure your hair in a sky-high ponytail, leaving tendrils of hair hanging loose. This style is chic and effortlessly cool.

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