Tiramisu hair is the tempting new color trend you need to know

Rich, multi-layered, and luxurious – pro colorists explain why tiramisu hair should be on your radar

Gisele Bündchen at an event with the trending tiramisu hair color
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Tiramisu hair is the latest blonde color trend that celebrities can't get enough of. A style that embraces natural roots without sacrificing bright and creamy tones, this color is every bit as gorgeous as it sounds.

Coming up with blonde hair ideas that don't stray too far from your signature look is not always easy. But if you're ready to make a change from your natural color or want a way to switch up your highlights, the deliciously-named tiramisu hair could be the multi-tonal look that you've been waiting for. Providing the ideal amount of drama without being difficult to upkeep, it's set to be a key summer 2023 hair color trend.

With soft, darker roots fading into warmer blonde ends, you can adapt this style to suit most hair tastes, types, and lengths from long hairstyles to the also-trending bixie haircut. We've broken down everything you need to know, including expert tips and tricks, to help you nail the new season trend. 

Tiramisu hair, explained

What is tiramisu hair?

"The trend almost resembles the bronde hair color that has become popular in recent years, however, it is much more tonal and dimensional," says Suzie McGill, International Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International. "Much like a tiramisu dessert that combines coffee, cream, and chocolate, this hair color includes all three of these shades through the hair to add depth and movement throughout."

A brilliant option if you have naturally dark hair but you're after some highlights or brighter ends, tiramisu hair incorporates numerous different shades to get a look that is natural but still unique and eye-catching. What sets it apart from another 2023 trend, chocolate balayage, is that it uses brighter tones that start higher up in the hair.

Is tiramisu hair the same as balayage?

"No, the tiramisu hair trend is not the same as balayage," says McGill. "Balayage involves the hair being pre-lightened and then a toner applied onto the lightened areas to give a low maintenance and natural look to the hair. The root remains untouched, although the color can be brought high up, especially at the front to help frame the face," she explains. If you're considering highlights vs balayage, it is important to know that balayage generally involves keeping the roots natural while highlights tend to come right up to the hairline.

"The similarity between tiramisu hair and balayage is that a darker root is kept, however, with the tiramisu hair color this is painted on via a root smudge. Then, instead of balayage, babylights, highlights, and lowlights are applied through the hair to create the different tones," explains McGill. "The key is to weave these through the hair, adding lighter shades to glisten while the darker shades provide shine and movement."

How can I achieve the tiramisu hair color?

rosie huntington whiteley on the red carpet with tiramisu hair

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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"This is not a hair color you can achieve at home and it’s essential you visit a reputable colorist," stresses McGill. "When done properly, it’s such a beautiful and flawless-looking shade. Doing this yourself at home could lead to patchy color and a not-so-natural and flawless look."

The truth is, from herringbone highlights to all-over color, any big or intricate color changes are best created by a professional hairstylist. Not only will this ensure that your hair suffers minimal damage, but also give you the best possible result. 

What should I ask for at the salon?

We recommend taking a photo to the salon to show your hairdresser exactly what you're after – and have provided plenty of inspiration for you below! But if you want to get technical, "Ask your stylist for a root stretch or smudge, combined with a mix of highlights and lowlights through the rest of the hair in chocolate, coffee, and creamy blond tones," says McGill. 

"As your hair will likely be lightened for the highlights, you may also want to ask your hairdresser to include a bond builder treatment to ensure your hair is kept strong and healthy through the coloring process." You can also treat from home after coloring by using bond-building products (read about one of our all-time favorites in our K18 review) "This color trend looks its best on healthy and shiny hair, therefore taking care of your hair with good quality products and treatments is essential," emphasizes McGill.

Is tiramisu a high maintenance color?

"The great thing about the tiramisu hair color is that because it’s paired with a darker root, you don’t need to fear that dreaded harsh root coming in quickly! This allows you to visit the salon less regularly and I would advise visiting every two to three months for color upkeep," says McGill. 

"If you do feel your hair has gone a little brassy prior to your appointment, you can visit the salon for a toner to keep it looking fresh." To quickly and easily tone brassiness from home, you can incorporate one of the best purple shampoos into your wash routine once a week. This is a great way to keep your hair the perfect shade between salon visits.

How to style and care for tiramisu hair

"With this trend, it’s so important to ensure you take care of your hair at home as your hair has been lightened and gone through a color process," says McGill. "Invest in a good quality shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask or treatment you can use at home." Using the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair type is the key to shiny hair that won't break or thin.

"Always be sure to use heat protection before any heated styling to avoid color fade and keep your color long-lasting," says McGill. Heat styling can damage and dry out all hair types, especially hair that has been colored or bleached. Using a high-quality heat protection spray is one step not to be missed in your routine.

"Serums and oils are other great products that can be used on damp and dry hair to inject further moisture into your hair, to seal split ends, banish frizz and flyaways and give it a healthy and shiny appearance," says McGill.

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6 tiramisu hair styles we love

1. Soft tiramisu hair

ciara at an event with tiramisu hair


(Image credit: Getty)

The perfect tiramisu style, Ciara's look keeps the ends and face-framing layers creamy whilst retaining those natural roots around the head without too much contrast. We love how the color looks with light waves, so use the best curlers for thick hair to recreate the beachy vibe.

2. Bright tiramisu hair

meghann fahy with tiramisu hair

Meghann Fahy

(Image credit: Getty)

Meghann's color comes quite close to the root to get that all-over brightness. Show your hairstylist this picture or ask for a short root smudge to achieve the look. Keeping shadowy roots and lighter face-framing sections, this is a great option for medium hairstyles that have some length to play with. 

3. Curly tiramisu hair

serena williams with tiramisu hair

Serena Williams

(Image credit: Getty)

The best thing about the tiramisu color is that it works for all hair types, and looks beautiful on tighter curls. If you're after a color change for natural hairstyles, there's no going wrong here. Use the best hair masks once a week to keep your curls healthy and hydrated.

4. Long roots tiramisu hair

emma roberts on the red carpet with tiramisu hair

Emma Roberts

(Image credit: Getty)

With dark brown hair, colors like Tiramisu that embrace your roots are the easiest way to begin a color transformation. The key to nailing this look is to keep your color blend soft, similar to a grown-out balayage. To show off the style and the range of tones in your hair, use the best hair straightening products and keep it sleek.

5. Tiramisu bob

beyonce on the red carpet with tiramisu hair


(Image credit: Getty)

From the French bob to the box bob, you really can't beat a cropped cut. Beyoncé's wavy bob pairs beautifully with the tiramisu color, keeping those warm tones that give a more natural look. Allow your hair to air dry or braid overnight to get natural-looking waves.

6. Tiramisu up-do

mariah carey on a talk show with tiramisu hair

Mariah Carey

(Image credit: Getty)

Side swept bangs are back on trend, and when styled in a vintage updo like this, they look so chic. Use hair pins to secure your bangs behind your ear and finish off with hair gel to get that sleek look like Mariah.

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