Bixie haircut explained: why we love this short, trending style

Looking to switch up your 'do? Consider the bixie haircut - a new style that’s set to be huge for summer '22

Bixie haircut on Halle Berry and Rowan Blanchard
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The “bixie” haircut is this season’s most talked about hair trend that’s been spotted everywhere - both on and off the red carpet. Bold yet chic, hairstylists are expecting this short style to soar in popularity and we can see why. 

Sitting between a bob and a pixie, the bixie haircut could be the short hairstyle and summer hair refresh you've been looking for. “The bixie is a good move for anyone stepping away from the shag haircut,” says Syd Hayes, BaByliss ambassador and celebrity session stylist. “It’s also a great style for people who are growing out their bangs or are in-between a bob hairstyle and longer.” Different from a pixie haircut, Hayes adds that the bixie can be paired with “a cool, razored fringe and layers with a little 70s flair - something that we’re seeing on the runway and filtering onto the red carpet, too.”

Whether you’re in-between lengths or simply fancy switching up your style, the bixie haircut is an ultra-flattering trend that can work on every hair type. Here, the experts break down how to pull off the bixie and what to ask for in the salon. 

Bixie haircut: everything you need to know

What is the bixie haircut?

"The bixie is a fun and edgy haircut that we will see coming through for summer," explains Adam Reed, UK Editorial Ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel Paris. "It's the ultimate 90s hairstyle that offers the fullness of a short pixie and the versatility of a bob," adds Reed. 

“It has a soft bob shape, that’s shorter at the back and longer towards the front, with a lot of layers like a pixie,” explains Ryan Forsythe, International Artistic Director at Trevor Sorbie. And it’s the layering, according to Hayes, that sets this style apart. 

“The key to this look is to layer, layer, layer,” emphasizes Hayes, “think choppy, sliced-out layers with the length kept throughout the back.” This is what gives the bixie body, fullness and that cool-girl edge. “It’s a progression from the French bob with bangs,” says Forsythe, who adds that the bixie allows you to go short while still remaining feminine. This also makes the bixie one of the best short hairstyles for women over 50, as those layers add volume and movement, which is a blessing for hair that may have thinned with age. 

The bixie can be customized to suit you, so makes as flattering a short hairstyle for thick hair as it does fine or curly. If you’re thinking of going for this look, the most important part, according to Reed, is to ensure that you have a thorough consultation with your stylist on how the look can work for you in terms of hair type, texture, and face shape.

How to style the bixie haircut

“The difference between the bixie and other bobs or short hairstyles that we’ve recently seen is that this look can be worn in multiple ways and with multiple textures,” says Hayes. “It can be styled curly, straight, or wavy,” he continues.

“If you have a curly hairstyle, I would allow the natural texture to shine through and perhaps use a texture spray to add body and movement,” advises Hayes. Bixie hairstyles for straight hair can be elevated with the help of a heated hairbrush, to “create fullness and bounce in the hair," explains Hayes. "A hot brush is also the perfect partnering tool when it comes to creating volume in the fringe.”

Color-wise, this cut looks brilliant with a mixture of tones running through it, such as the on-trend tiramisu hair color. "You can also add amazing dimension to your bixie with color by adding a mixture of lighter and darker shades throughout the cut," says Reed, "I recommend consulting with your stylist to see what colors will work best for you." Finally, don't forget about accessories, there are beautiful headbands for short hair and sophisticated slides out there to suit every occasion.


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Who does the bixie haircut suit?

In short: everyone! This is due to its ability to be adapted to work with your own features. "The beauty of the bixie is how versatile the look is for every hair type and face shape," says Reed. "It is great for clients that want a low maintenance look and looks incredible on anyone who wants to embrace naturally wavy hairstyles or curly hair," he continues. 

Forsythe adds that the bixie “is especially great for fine hair as the choppy layers and shaping around the face allow you to cheat body and volume in the hair.” And if you're wondering how often should you cut your hair in a bixie style, those layers do make it a little more low maintenance so you can get away with every 10-12 weeks.

Bixie haircut inspiration: 12 looks we love 

"The bixie is definitely having a moment right now; it emulates that cool girl look with very little maintenance," says Reed. Considering the chop? Take inspiration from our round-up of the best bixie haircuts below, spotted on several A-listers over the years. 

1. Bixie haircut with finger waves

Viola Davis with bixie cut and finger waves

Viola Davis

(Image credit: Getty)

For a going out glam bixie haircut, ask your stylist to recreate Viola Davis' finger waves—or, alternatively, try this look at home. Finish with one of the best hair styling products for extra hold.  

2. Classic bixie haircut

Bixie haircut on Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard

(Image credit: Getty)

When we think of the classic bixie haircut, this is the image that springs to mind. Spotted on Rowland Blanchard during Paris Fashion Week, the cut is choppy yet chic and goes so well with bangs. 

3. Short bixie haircut

Bixie haircut on Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

(Image credit: Getty)

Looking to dial up a short hairstyle? Take your cue from actress Jennifer Lawrence and ask your stylist to cut in lots of layers as well as a sweeping side fringe. 

4. Bixie haircut on thick hair

Bixie haircut on Princess Diana

Princess Diana

(Image credit: Getty)

Could this be the most iconic bixie of all time? While it's not always been called the 'bixie' haircut, this style has been around for decades. Just look to Princess Diana who often wore her hair in a stylish mid-length with heavy layers. 

5. Bixie haircut with bangs

Bixie haircut on Úrsula Corberó

Úrsula Corberó

(Image credit: Getty)

One of the best bangs hairstyles has to be the bixie. It works so well with choppy bangs, full bangs and sweeping side bangs. "Depending on your face shape, go for blunt bangs or add a bit of texture," says Hayes. 

6. Swept back bixie haircut

Bixie haircut on Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh

(Image credit: Getty)

Actor Florence Pugh underwent a hair transformation when she switched from long locks to a shorter, bixie haircut. Here she's slicked it back for a laidback look. 

7. Curly long bixie haircut

Halle Berry with a curly bixie haircut

Halle Berry

(Image credit: Getty images)

Halle Berry is known for having one of the most iconic pixie haircuts of all time, but this natural, curly crop is just as flattering. It's a longer take on the bixie with curly bangs and plenty of shaping through the back. 

8. Textured bixie haircut

Bixie haircut on Ruth Negga

Ruth Negga

(Image credit: Getty)

Curly or naturally textured hair? Look to Ruth Negga for inspiration who recently transitioned from a pixie crop to this stylish bixie haircut with short bangs.

9. Wavy bixie haircut

Bixie haircut on Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren

(Image credit: Getty)

Length at the back, lots of layers through the top, and sweeping bangs at the front - Helen Mirren's bixie haircut looks effortless with loose curls that can be recreated using one of the best curling irons

10. Swept over bixie haircut

Bixie haircut on Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

(Image credit: Getty)

This sleek bixie haircut on Michelle Williams requires low-maintenance upkeep. All you need it one of the best hair straighteners to smooth hair and tame any unruly flyaways. 

11. Curly bixie haircut

Bixie haircut on Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

(Image credit: Getty)

The bixie is a grey area between the bob and the pixie, meaning it can be both short and long. Model Naomi Campbell makes a convincing case for a long, curly bixie haircut with lots of body and volume. 

12. Grunge bixie haircut

Bixie haircut on Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

(Image credit: Getty)

If anyone can pull off this edgy bixie haircut - it's Kristen Stewart. The face framing bangs add softness to the contrasting roots and wispy layers. 

woman&home thanks Syd Hayes of BaByliss, Ryan Forsythe of Trevor Sorbie and Adam Reed of L'Oreal Professionnel for their time and expertise. 

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