The calming hobby to take up during self-isolation

Fill some of your spare time with this mindful hobby...

calming hobby self isolation knitting sets
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With coronavirus spreading throughout the world, most of us are at home social distancing and self-isolating.

We usually all have the best intentions when it comes to taking up a new hobby like gardening, crocheting or growing our own fresh greens, learning a new skill like sketching or baking or developing our knowledge of history, languages or literature.

But life and to-do lists tend to get in the way.

So with so much extra time on our hands at the moment amid self-isolation, either for those who are unable to work or those who are saving time on a long commute, it’s the perfect time delve into learning those skills and hobbies.

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And with so much stress and anxiety around at the moment, there’s one hobby in particular that is proving popular for its positive effects on mental health.

Taking up knitting has become common in light of self-isolation for its ability to calm the mind and relax the body.

A 2018 report revealed that the hobby has both physical and mental health benefits, and is even able to help towards combatting depression.

calming hobby self isolation knitting sets

There is an enormous amount of research showing that knitting has physical and mental health benefits, that it slows the onset of dementia, combats depression and distracts from chronic pain,’ revealed the report.

‘It is an activity that can be continued into extreme old age. It is a sociable activity that helps overcome isolation and loneliness, too often a feature of old age.

‘It is a skill that can continue when sight and strength are diminished’.

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Previous research by Harvard Medical School’s Mind and Body Institute also found that knitting encourages the body’s natural relaxation response and lowers the heart rate by an average of 11 beats per minute, meaning that it could even help with lowering blood pressure.

Want to try out the calming hobby for yourself? Here are our favourite beginner’s sets to try…

Beginner’s knitting sets

Calm Club Knit Your Own

knitting sets

Knit yourself a cosy lavender blanket with this easy set that comes with seven balls of yarn and a set of knitting needles.

And the packaging is recyclable too!

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Scarf And Snood Knitting Kit

knitting sets

The sun might be out but the temperature is still chilly!

With a choice of 25 colours this set comes with enough wool to make either two scarves or a scarf with snood.

SHOP NOW: Scarf And Snood Knitting Kit, £40, Not On The High Street (Free delivery available)

Give a Knit Bertie Bear Crochet Kit

knitting sets

The perfect cuddly companion for you to get ready to give your child or grandchild once we’re all allowed out again!

Suitable for beginners and intermediates, all proceeds go to children’s charity HIHFAD – and you can even send back your completed Bertie Bear to be donated too!

SHOP NOW: Bertie Bear Crochet Kit, £15, Give A Knit

We Are Knitters Kilim Blanket

knitting sets

Knit your own chic monochrome blanket with this beginner’s set.

Complete with wool and a choice of knitting needles, this kit will leave you with a cosy blanket that looks so professional it could even used as a scarf.

And if you need help with your knit, the brand is now doing virtual knitting tutorials on their Instagram page!

SHOP NOW: The Kilim Blanket, £85, We Are Knitters

We can't wait to start on a few of these!