The best scented candles for an absolutely incredible smelling home - whether you want floral, citrus or musk fragrances

Taking deep breaths has never been so calming

Best scented candles
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If you want to know what the best scented candles are to buy that will fill your home with a gorgeous aroma you’re not alone.

From luxury cult brands to those lesser-know gems we have compromised a list of the best scented candles that will make your home smell wonderful. We looked at hundreds and tested dozens of scented candles in order to whittle down the list you see here and to select the overall best scented candle buys.

How we selected and tested the best scented candles

Woman&Home Features Writer Sibelle Mehmet tested the best scented candles repeatedly over several weeks. She weighed up every aspect of the glorious scented candles from the way they look in the box, to the glass container, the gorgeous aroma and how long each scent lasts.

When looking at how the best scented candles perform across the board of course scent is top on our list of priority, but not the end of the story. As well as leaving a lasting aroma to create the perfect home fragrance, Sibelle looked to find the best scented candles that lift your mood, help you relax or, on a more practical level, cover up those not-so-nice household odours.

In this best scented candles guide, as well a review of what each candle is genuinely like to use, you will also find technical information, including the weight, burn time and cost of each candle, because we believe these details are just as important when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

If you’re looking for a new home accessory of a gift for someone special, take a look at our round up of the best-scented candles that will make your home smell wonderful and luxurious.

Overall best scented candle in 2020: w&h’s verdict

W&H’s best buy: Jo Malone, Lily of the Valley & Ivy Charity candle, £48

Best scented candles

We’ve named this candle woman&home’s best buy. From the absolutely gorgeous packaging to the fabulous floral scent inside, this Jo Malone's Lily of the Valley & Ivy candle is the best buy for the absolute candle obsessed. The delicate blend of lilies and citrus is perfectly balanced and not in the slightest overpowering. It's long-lasting and a beautiful addition to any home.

SHOP NOW:Lily of the Valley & Ivy Charity, £48,

W&H’s star buy:Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose, £39

best scented candles

Of the dozens of scented candles we tried, and the 15 that made the best candle edit, Molton Brown's Rhubarb and Rose candle came out as the best value candle in our best scented candles guide. Worthy of the hype and an excellent addition to your bathroom, it's a slightly cheaper candle than some of the other scented candles tested. We loved this candle – you’ll hope it never burns out!

SHOP NOW: Delicious Rhubarb & Rose, £39,

Thebest scented candles you can buy

Here are the 15 best scented candles you can buy in 2020:

1. The White Company Seychelles candle, £20 - best candle for conjuring up images (and smells) of summer

When it comes to candles that help to create a zen, spa-like atmosphere, there really are none better than those from The White Company. When w&h tried out their best-selling scent, Seychelles (conjuring up all sorts of images of white, sandy beaches - oh, one can dream), we certainly weren’t disappointed. The exterior is already beautifully calming. Coming in a simple, white box - the store's trademark, of course - it's already looking very chic.

The actual candle itself comes in a lovely, simple glass vessel with minimalist, elegant writing on the front, meaning it would fit in well with any kind of decor. The Seychelles candle comes in just one size (140g), and while it's not enormous, it makes a big impact. With a sweet but subtle smell that comes from the notes of bergamot, amber, orange and vanilla, the White Company candle fills the room within 20 minutes, and I could even smell it from the next room while dinner was cooking - now if that isn't staying power, I don't know what is. Evoking feelings of lying on aforementioned sandy beach, with a cool breeze on our faces, this candle will having you dreaming of brighter sunnier days on holiday - and will help to bring that feeling to life even in the depths of winter. We can certainly see what it's a best-seller.

Burn time on this elegant pick is 33 hours, which is pretty impressive for 140g candle.

Overall – a beautifully pleasing scent

Weight: 140g Burn time:33 hours Star rating out of 5:5

SHOP NOW: Seychelles, £20,

2. Kalmar Calm, £45 – best scented candle for meditation

best scented candles

Inhale. Exhale. Kalmar’s Calm scented candle brings tranquillity and relaxation to precious space in your home. The wonderful earthy aroma transports you to a world of spiritual zen. It’s a perfect bathroom candle or addition to your meditation routine encouraging you to let go, easing anxiety and helping you unwind.

Its minimalist designed packaging will appeal to those wanting to add a hint of chic to their home and will sit pretty on your bedside table. Poured into a heavyweight pastel-pink glass that looks exquisite when glowing, Calm will appeal to anyone drawn to comfort.

Let's start with the gorgeous fragrance. It’s fabulous. Cool and ozonic top notes combine with balancing bergamot and open into smooth herbal and soft floral heart notes of lavender, iris, violet and rich vetiver. After the candle has been burning for over an hour you will notice a woody and musky blend of moss, amber, nenzion base notes, which bring stillness and calm to your home.

One of the best things about Calm is that the hints of musk set off the floral tones beautifully filling the room impressively but without being too overpowering. The woody and musky nostalgic scents makes it a candle popular with men, while the beautiful fresh floral aroma grows in warmth as the candle burns taking us back to summer. Burning the candle for longer only intensifies the evocative blend. Lasting for up to 45 hours, you’ll be pleased to know the mystic scent hangs in the air long after blowing the candle out, which is why we felt it was worthy of inclusion in our best scented candles edit.

Overall – deliciously soothing

Weight: 190g Burn time: 45 hours Star rating out of 5: 4.5

SHOP NOW:Calm, £55,

3. TOM DAXON Sous Les Glycines, £55 – best scented man candle

best scented candles

Although a relatively pricey option, Sous Les Glycines offers plenty of bang to justify the considerable buck. Probably one of the best things about Sous Les Glycines is its physical form. It definitely looks the part. The gorgeous candle arrives in a sophisticated matt black holder with staple white labelling. It’s a status symbol in your living room, and that’s before you’re taken a whiff of the gorgeous scent. Think country walks, fresh leaves and honey-flowers accompanied with musk of this scented man candle.

The candle is housed in heavy black glass in an octagonal-shape and wouldn’t look out of place in a lavish spa. Everyone of Tom Daxon’s luxurious candles are handmade in England. Its modern classy appearance makes it popular with men, hence us dubbing this the best man candle in our guide, and there’s no doubting that the sleek signature black design certainly has the luxe factor to appeal to both sexes.

Let’s move on to the all-important aroma. The citrusy Italian Bergamot oil is absolutely fabulous, while the fresh hints or jasmine and rose grow in warmth while burning, taking us back to summer nights. Its scent is both uplifting and nostalgic.

The high-dosage fragrance infuses the whole room quickly and soon covers up any household odours lingering in the kitchen. Although I’d suggest that you probably wouldn’t want to leave the candle burning for too long, as the scent at times can be overwhelming. There’s no doubting that Daxon’s Sous Les Glycines will make a stunning addition to any home and wins our vote, but priced at £55 perhaps the burning time could last a little longer.

Overall – Impressive and a true statement man candle

Weight: 190g Burn time: 40 hours Star rating out of 5:3.5

SHOP NOW:Sous Les Glycines, £55,

4.Marks and Spencer, Coastal Walk , £9.50 – best cheap scented candle (but it's still fabulous)

best scented candles

Think of the fresh and calming scent of the seaside, reminiscent of blustery walks along the beach, breathing in the salty air. It's totally intriguing.

This Marks and Spencer scented candle is attractively housed in a modern, blue-tinged and understated glass container. The gorgeous blue hue is a nod to the coast and looks great when glowing once the sun's gone down. The faceted design works well to brighten up any household space. I recommend placing this candle in your bathroom, or on your bedside table.

The wonderful fragrance is a mix of salty oceanic mist, subtle mossy notes and a musky background for depth. For candle lovers who favour afresh scent mixed with an intriguing mix of subtle spice, this new home fragrance is one for you. For me, this particular fragrance was complicated to understand, sometimes it smelt more salty, other times more sweet. I'll let you decide...

For a cheaper candle this one quickly infuses the room, without being overwhelming. You'll be pleased to know the scent remains in your home for at least 30 minutes after the candle is blown out. For £9.50, I must admit I was impressed, because while we tested lots of cheap candles under £10, it was only this one that we felt was good enough to include in our best scented candles guide.

Overall - Salty and sweet with a hint of spice

Weight: 93g Burn time: 35 hours Star rating out of 5:3.5

SHOP NOW:Coastal Walk, £9.50,

5. Anya Hindmarch Smells, Chewing Gum Scented Candle, £50 – best candle gift for your coolest friend

best scented candles

For candle lovers who adore a sweet, fruity smell, the combination of juicy cherries and wild raspberries from Anya Hindmarch could be just what you’re after. I promise you’ll be instantly thrown back to blowing bubble gum in the school corridors, or reminded of your Great Aunt's mouth-watering cherry pie.

From the outset the packaging is just as fun as the flavoursome scent inside. In the white box littered with catchy quotes such as DREAM BIG and BEST DAY you’re reminded of the thrills of childhood. On the top of the box Hindmarch has been crossed out, and SMELLS! is scribbled wittily in its place: Anya SMELLS! (absolutely fabulous, we would like to add!)

Once you delve into the box the candle is held within an understated black heavyweight holder. The candles are finished with graphics from the Anya Hindmarch Sticker Shop to add a simple yet effective dose of humour. So note, this wins our vote for best candle gift.

Look and feel aside, what you really want to know about is that all-important aroma. It would be impossible to start without mentioning that this candle is definitely on the more herbaceous side and the aroma is a little subtler than some of the others I tested. Upon lighting the candle notes of herbs and especially mint and thyme intensify the room. I’m a lover of fresh herbaceous and forestry scents so this fragrance is one of my favourites. It's a perfect scent for your bedroom or bathroom. Imagine almond flavoured amoretti-style biscuits that you sometimes get when you order coffee in a fancy artisan café. Sweet and creamy - this scented candle smells good enough to eat.

One of the best things about this nostalgic scent is its ability to fills even larger rooms after burning for only 15 minutes. Its medium in strength while not overpowering. Though, at times the candle has a tendency to smoke so be sure you keep the wick trimmed to just 5mm to avoid this occurring.

While it couldn’t be described as a budget option candle - priced at £50 - it does have a solid burn time of 40 hours. And, after I blew the candle out from my bedside table the smell did remain in my room for at least another 35 minutes. Yay!

Overall - Cherry Bakewell tarts cooking in my bedroom

Weight: 175g Burn time: 40 hours Star rating out of 5:4

SHOP NOW: Chewing Gum,£50,

6. ELM RD, Happiness, £30 - best soy candle

best scented candles

Happiness wins our vote for best soy candle. Its unique blend of natural oils, including bergamot, mandarin, rosewood, rosemary and pine needle. According to the spec, this perfect blend works to trigger positive emotions, soothing your mind, body and soul for wellbeing.

This sumptuous scented soy candle arrived in a sleek white box, and housed a delicate looking wooden-wicked candle. The minimalist design will appeal to those who love simplicity. One of my favourite things about this soy candle is that the soy wax has been poured into a cute jam jar, which can be reused once the wax has burntaway.

After lighting this scented candle the first few times, it extinguished itself twice... so, it does take some time to get it going. But on the third go, it stayed alight and I began to smell the gorgeous fresh scent. I must say that the aroma of this candle didn't travel particularly far, so it’s best placed in smaller areas of your home.

The citrus notes in this scent are a trusted pick-me-up when feeling glum or stressed and the zesty tang encourages vigour and life. It has been proven scientifically that citrus aromas can relieve stress and anxiety so this soy candle is perfect for those wanting to bring a little relaxation into their homes. The rosewood provides grounding heart notes, while the aromatic notes of pine and rosemary help clear your mind.Opt for this citrusy soy candle to bring hints of freshness into your home. It can light up any living room and really lift your mood.

ELM RD home fragrances are handcrafted in England using the authentic botanical and essential oils. The perfect combination of rapeseed and soy wax with a wooden wick creates a clean and long-lasting burn. The price is reasonable for a lengthy burn time of 50 hours.

Overall - Simple and invigorating

Weight: 170g Burn time: 50+ hours Star rating out of 5:3.5

SHOP NOW: Happiness, £30,

7. Hotel Chocolat, Cacao and Vanilla, £28 - best musk scented candle

best scented candles

Cosy up in the chilly winter months with Hotel Chocolat’s Cacao and Vanilla delicately perfumed candle, made from a flawless blend of soy wax, coconut wax and beeswax. It’s ideal for winter nights snuggled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate.

The scented candle is boxed in deep purple with very chic minimalist packaging. The creamy candle has been poured into an amber-brown coloured glass. It looks refined and understated.

So, the smell. There’s something dreamy about this candle – it’s smells like coco moisturiser you want to smother all over your body. Infused with natural fragrances and essential oils, this candle smells of rich cacao and sweet vanilla with woody undertones of musk, cedar wood and amber. It’s a unique scent, finding the perfect balance between comfort, relaxation and freshness.

For me, this scented candle gets a lot of love for being at the cheaper end of the scented candle price range but is still high quality. It burns slowly and the smell intensifies throughout the room evenly. It’s so mighty that the sophisticated aroma even masked scents from cooking in the kitchen, and after blowing the candle out after two hours of burning the scent lingered in the living room. It's a perfect dinner candle to have burning while hosting a party.

It's fair to say the cost of candles have been on a steep incline for a few years now. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t find something that smells great without a whopping price tag. This is scented candle is an attractive option if you are looking for a cheaper version but still looking for that luxurious scent.

Overall – A solid cheaper scented candle for those romantic movie nights snuggled on the sofa

Weight: 220g Burn time: 40 hours Star rating out of 5: 4

SHOP NOW:Cacao and Vanilla, £28,

8.Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose, £39 – best smelling candle for a citrusyscent

best scented candles

As you’d expect from the brand that managed to turn body wash into a bathroom obsession, the spec is impressive. Molton Brown’s Rhubarb & Rose single wick scented candle is a fruit blend of bitter rhubarb, zest grapefruit and yuza to produce tantalising sweet home scent.

So, what’s it actually like to use? In a word, delightful. If, like me, you love to lather yourself in the Rhubarb & Rose body wash and remain in the shower for as long as possible to enjoy the bitter sweet scent, this vivacious yet elegant candle is the one for you and will make a stunning addition to your bathroom.

The scented candle is elegantly packaged in a beautiful sleek sherbet-pink box almost identical to the unique bathing and body products we love so much. Upon opening the box, the candle is held in a glossy pink-coloured glass container, and the branding is minimal. The casing is simple yet stylish, but without the extra fuss. When you first hold the candle, it’s solid, heavy and good quality.

The best thing about Molton’s Brown’s Rhubarb and Rose candle is its lasting fragrance. Think scrumptious summer tart at your grandmother’s garden party. When you first light the candle you are immediately immersed into the citrusy top notes of grapefruit and yuzu, but after an hour or so the heart notes rhubarb leaf and gentle rose extract shine through the zesty fragrance to perfectly balance the beautifully feminine aroma.

The candle burns slowly and evenly, though I suggest leaving the candle to burn for just over an hour to really notice the complexity of the fragrance and the final base notes of vanilla and musk, which will fill your home with a distinctive but undeniably relaxing scent. That’s a lot of fragrance in one candle, but all scents work really well and I adore it.

Overall - the perfect home fragrance for those who love a sweet aroma with a zesty twist

Weight: 180g Burn time: 60 hours Star rating out of 5: 4.5

SHOP NOW: Delicious Rhubarb & Rose, £39,

9. Jo Malone, Lily of the Valley & Ivy Charity Candle, £48 - best scented bathroom candle

Best scented candles

The newest addition to the Jo Malone candle collection is Lily of the Valley & Ivy. And, there is no doubting that this candle will make the perfect interior accessory for your bathroom.

To begin, let’s face it, Jo Malone offer the most beautiful gift wrapping ever. My scented candle arrived in the signature black box with cream finishing and a dainty cream bow. I opened up my gorgeous packaging and to my surprise found the candle poured into a porcelain holder decorated with purple berries, ivy leaves and delicate white roses. It’s truly stunning to see the candle glow through the leaves and flowers painted on glass jar.

Jo Malone’s scented candles feature on just about every mum, sister and grandma’s Christmas wish lists. Though don’t be shy, it will look oh so glam in your home too (go on, treat yourself).

Sparkling cassis and green ivy open the fragrance, while delicate lily of the valley and decadent narcissus add a lavish heart to this captivating and ethereal home scent. With blended soft and sensual scent you’ll want to keep this candle burning for hours. It’s delicate and not in the slightest overpowering. Think light floral notes with a hint of citrus.

This scented candle has the ability to transform even the largest living room into the cosiest little den after just a few minutes of burning. It will give your home a delightful fresh smell and will make your home feel tranquil all year round.

And for each charity Home Candle sold in the UK, Jo Malone will make a donation equal to 75% of the RRP of £48 to support individuals and families affected by mental health problems. And no best scented candle edit would be complete without a candle from Jo Malone!

Overall – For the truly candle obsessed

Weight: 220g Burn time: 45 hours Star rating out of 5: 4

SHOP NOW:Lily of the Valley & Ivy Charity, £48,

10. Rituals, Imperial Rose, £49.50 – longest lasting candle

best scented candles

When I first unboxed this gorgeous scented candle I was immediately struck by the impressive packaging. The candle arrived in a sleek black box with subtle gold lettering and a luxurious gold stamp. Inside, the lush three-wicked scented candle had been poured in a matt gold vessel with an additional ritual stamp. It’s the ultimate fashionable interior accessory and will certainly look chic in your lounge.

Now down to the all the important smell. After two hours of burning, your home will smell like a blossoming rose. Combined with soothing oral notes with fresh watery elements and natural green tea, this scented candle creates a restorative and calming composition. It's one of the strongest smelling candles I tested - think late summer walks through rose bush gardens.

One of the best things about this candle is its ability to fill your living space quickly with a gorgeous home scent but one that is not at all overpowering. This is a perfect home fragrance if you adore floral and fresh scents.

Imperial Rose also stood out to me as candle for ultimate relaxation and has the ability to rebalance both body and mind. It’s the perfect bathroom candle or best scented candle for your living room helping you to unwind after a busy day.

With 70 hours of burning time this scented candle is the longest lasting candle with the best burning times. It’s a fabulous candle to elevate your interior, either in your own home or as a gift to another.Once I blew this luxurious scented candle out, the long-lasting candle remained in my home for at least another 30 minutes.

Overall – Chic and romantic

Weight: 100g Burn time: 70 hours Star rating out of 5: 5

SHOP NOW:Imperial Rose, £49.50,

11. Baxter of California, Sweet Ash, £32 - best outdoor candle

best scented candles

Think campfires burning in the great outdoors - a melded combination of smoking embers, bursting with citrus and floral notes.

This beautiful candle arrives in a pure white weighty cylinder with minimal branding. It makes a pleasant change for a candle to appear in a sophisticated cylinder box rather than a typical square package. When you open the cylinder, the candle has been poured into a clear coloured glass and you can see the striking charcoal-coloured wax. When you first open the packaging you immediately get a whiff of the ashy aroma.

After lighting the candle you instantaneously notice that this scented candle is a typical indulgent and masculine scent, so it's another good contender for those looking for a man candle. There's no doubt that it conjures up memories of warming and woody campfires. Musky candles are usually overpowering, but this one is definitely not.

As the candle burns, over time you'll notice floral fragrances such as orange, ginger, hints of patchouli and jasmine come through the woody aroma. This scent is comforting and warm, yet the citrusy notes make for a lively and fresh aroma. The addition of pure cedar leaf makes this candle strikingly luxurious.

A word of warning: it does take a while for this candle to get going, so burn for a couple of hours before you really get the feel of the aroma.

This coconut-based wax candle is an excellent choice for an autumn or winter's night toasting marshmallows outdoors. It’s long lasting and clean burning, which is why we included it in our edit of best scented candles.

Overall – Surprisingly sophisticated

Weight: 168g Burn time: 45 hours Star rating out of 5:3.5

SHOP NOW:Sweet Ash, £32,

12. Victoria Cator, Casablanca, £55 -best smelling candle for a floral scent

best scented candles

I'm in total awe of Victoria Cator's beautiful candle gift boxes. The scented candle comes in a classy and elegant box. The colours are teal, gold and black - a striking and luxurious design. A perfect candle gift or lush aesthetic addition to any home.

The scented candle itself has been poured into a dark blue glass container and has two wicks. As you burn the candle, the chic blue glass looks absolutely stunning as the light shines through. In terms of presentation this is the most glamorous candle I reviewed for this best scented candles guide.

Now down to the all-important smell. Think bouquet of lilies. Casablanca has top notes of Cut Stems, Bergamot and Violet Leaf, middle notes of Lily, Tuberose, Jasmine, Rose and Carnation; and base notes of Guaiacwood, Sandalwood and Amber - if you adore floral scents this is definitely the candle for you.

After thirty minutes the scented candle had a subtle smell (which was surprising as the candle before lighting it, had quite a strong aroma!) but in a small room you definitely notice the scent when walking in. After an hour, the candle had a noticeably stronger fragrance although it was not at all overwhelming. It’s quite a light and delicate scent.

I would suggest burning this candle for a while in a relatively small room to really notice the aroma. It doesn’t take too long to give the whole room a pleasant and refreshing scent. This is an ideal bedroom candle or living room candle.

The scented candle burns really nicely and evenly, leaving no wax residue or black soot around the container. The wicks also burn with the candle, so no need to trim the wax as they burn. The dual wick also gives double the ambiance and releases double the fragrance.

I originally burnt it for about 2 hours and it burned almost the whole way to the edge of the candle. It didn’t seem to burn too quickly so you’ll be pleased to know you this delight has a good amount of hours burning time in it.

Overall – Elegant and exuberant

Weight: 270g Burn time: 55-60 hours Star rating out of 5: 4.5

SHOP NOW:Casablanca, £55,

13. Jo Loves, Pomelo, £55 - best smelling candle for a fresh scent

For lovers of Jo Malone candles, this Jo Loves Pomelo home scent should be added to your wish lists immediately. Instantly energising, this mouth-watering fragrance is fast becoming a cult classic. I promise you’ll be instantly transported to summer and walks along sandy coasts.

Inspired by memories of long summer holidays, this sharp, grapefruit-infused citrus is Jo's signature scent, now captured in a beautiful scented home candle.

My candle arrived gorgeously packaged in a minimalist sleek white gift box, with a bright red ribbon. Once you open the stunning box the scented candle is held within an understated clear heavyweight holder so you can see the dazzling hand poured wax inside. I must add, it looks stunning when burning. Hand poured in England, each 185g candle burns for approximately 37.5 hours.

It would be impossible to start without mentioning that this candle has a fabulous citrusy scent. The aroma is definitely subtler and less sickly than other citrusy scents I tested. Upon lighting the candle you immediately notice how fresh the aroma is – and, if you’re a lover of the smell of fresh linen sheets this is certainly the candle for you. It's a perfect clean smell for your bedroom or bathroom adding a understated touch of brilliance and elegance.

One of the best things about this freshly scented candle is it's ability to immediately fill the largest of living rooms. I only had to burn this candle for 30 minutes and I could notice the aroma filling the downstairs area of my home. And, you’ll be pleased to know the aroma hangs in the air long after the candle is extinguished.

While it couldn’t be described as a budget option candle - priced at £50 – it has an excellent burn time of 37.5 hours and makes a perfect pampering treat for yourself or a special friend.

Overall - Simply stunning

Weight:185g Burn time:37.5 hours Star rating out of 5:4

SHOP NOW:Pomelo, £55,

14. Diptyque, AMBRE / AMBER, £47 – best smelling candle for a woody scent

best scented candles

Diptyque's Ambre scented candle wins our vote as the best scented candle for a subtle, woody scent.

I’m a huge fan of Diptyque’s candles and their chic and minimalistic packaging, they were one of my first thoughts for this best scented candles guide. My scented candle arrived in a white presentation box with the signature Diptyque lettering. It’s stunningly elegant and screams utter sophistication. The single-wicked scented candle is held in a beautiful clear glass vessel, so you can see the carefully poured creamy wax. It’s simple yet aesthetically pleasing. The fabulous scent tingled my nose as soon as I unboxed this gem.

The main scent of this candle, is given away by its name – Amber. Think Egyptian incense and spices. It’s a warm and woody scent but with a floral undertones of Vetiver and Patchouli. Tonka beans sweeten this gorgeous home fragrance. Diptyque Ambre scented candle is handmade and burns evenly filling your home. With a sophisticated and luxurious fragrance it’s perfectly balanced blended of balms, resins and woods soon permeates even large spaces.

Made with vegetable and paraffin waxes this woody scented candle wins our vote for the best candle to burn evenly. With just one hour of burning time, the aroma of amber quickly fills even the largest rooms, bringing warmth and enchantment to your home. This unique scent is mysteriously satisfying.

Overall - Timeless centrepiece and perfect dinner candle

Weight: 190g Burn time: 55-60 hours Star rating out of 5: 5


15. Yankee Candle, Ciderhouse, £23.99 - best home scent candle

best scented candles

There's a reason Yankee Candles are so popular. For me, Yankee Candle's Ciderhouse offered the best home fragrance.

The traditional design of the signature classic jar candle reflects a warm, relaxed sense of style that's always at home. The big glass container is undeniably impressive and makes for a nice feature in your living room. The glass container makes this scented candle convenient and easy to use. And, after burning, the candle left little residue around the sides of the vessel.

At first this scented candle felt a little overwhelming for me, but after burning, the scent was much more subtle and absolutely gorgeous. Think, the ultimate autumn harvest treat… freshly pressed apples, lightly spiced and ready to sip. The candle worked really well at filling the rooms - in fact, I could smell it in all rooms of my home after just an hour!

After first lighting the candle, fresh apples and sweet golden honey tingled my nostrils. The main body of the candle smelt like autumn with notes of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. After burning the candle for two hours the candle leaves a lasting impression of sandalwood and sweet Tonka and vanilla beans. One of the best thing about this scented candle is the large jar provides 110 to 150 hours of true fragrance enjoyment, for a fraction of the price of most of the other best scented candles I tested.

Overall – a long-lasting autumnal smell to spice up your home

Weight:623g Burn time:110-150 hours Star rating out of 5:4

SHOP NOW:Ciderhouse, £23.99,

Which is the best scented candle for me?

The three most important considerations you need to make when choosing the best scented candles for you are:

  • What fragrances you are drawn to?
  • Where will the candle will be placed in your home?
  • Your budget

Everyone loves a scented candle, but what most of us can’t agree on is which scent is best. With hundreds of smells on the market, choosing an aroma, whether floral, woody or herbaceous can sometimes be tricky.

From the smell of fresh laundry to give a deliciously welcoming feeling to your home, or a citrusy aroma prefect for the kitchen, believe it or not, your choice of fragrance says a lot about your style and personality.

Once you’ve nailed your scent, think about the space. For a longer-lasting fragrance in your home, use different scents in different areas. You’ll notice the scents as you move from room to room.

The correct way to burn a candle

We asked candle expert Jo Malone, founder of Jo Malone candles and owner of Jo Loves, to share her tips of for getting the most out of our best scented candles by burning them correctly every time. Jo says:

“For the best possible burn and to prolong the life of a candle, it's best to burn the candle for long enough so that the whole surface becomes molten, this usually takes around 2 hours.Candles have memory, so if you blow out a half-melted candle it’s less likely to burn down evenly the next time.

"Avoid burning any candle for more than 3-4 hours at a time and once you have put it out, leave the candle to completely cool before relighting it. To get the best longevity out of your candle, it is important to trim the wick each time before relighting it. Trim the wick to between 4mm and 5mm as this allows the candle to burn evenly and also prevents smoking.

"Avoid burning the candle in a draft as this may cause it to smoke."

Happy burning!