Brilliant gift ideas for your daughter’s 21st birthday

When it comes to buying presents for your children, the older they get, the trickier it can be.

As our sons and daughters approach their teens and 20s, gone is the fascination with cuddly toys, dolls, cars and action figures. Instead, our older children are usually after something a little bit more special, and long-lasting.

And not many birthdays are more of a milestone than a 21st. The official marker of adulthood, your once-baby is now able to fly a plane, and even adopt a baby of their own, if they want!

So it’s no surprise that picking out a gift for the much-anticipated 21st birthday can seem like an impossible task when the awaited date eventually rolls around. And, if we’re speaking generally, girls – specifically, our daughters – can present the biggest problems when it comes to present-buying.

So what are some brilliant 21st birthday gifts for daughter? Take a look at our list…

A lovely and popular idea is a photo album/scrapbook of their best moments over the years. This can take almost any form you like. Fill it with pictures from their birth to the present day, for a nostalgic look back at their life. Or, fill it with memories – cards, tickets, receipts, or of course photos, to spark happy memories of everything you’ve shared together.

These can also include messages from her nearest and dearest, if you’re able to get in contact with them. Pop it all together, wrap a bow around it, and voila – a touching and thoughtful present perfect for a milestone birthday.

But what about a keepsake? Another possibility is a special piece of jewellery – something she can keep, and use, for years to come.

Whether you opt for a bracelet full of meaningful charms, or a sophisticated necklace, any gift of this kind is sure to wow. Add that personal touch for an extra-special present, by having the item engraved, perhaps with their initials or birthdate.

Personalising gifts in general guarantees a present with a lovely touch. On websites such as Etsy and NotOnTheHighStreet, you can personalise almost everything – from a jumper with their birth year on, to cross-body bags with their initials on! Take a look at NOTHS’s range of 21st birthday gifts here.

At 21, it’s likely that your daughter is also beginning to plan out her life away from home. While this may come with some sadness for you, it’s likely to be a very exciting time for her. So perhaps consider a cash gift as a way to help out as she prepares to fly the nest. It’s certainly likely to come in handy for all of the inevitable expenses of moving out!


Equally, a framed photo, or photos, can also be a touching present – and something she can decorate her home-away-from-home with.

At the other end of the scale, some parents also opt to send their children away for their 21st birthday, if finances allow. Paying for a one-night stay in the city, or even footing the bill for a weekend in Paris, is an incredibly generous gift for your daughter’s birthday, and something they’re sure to love.

So that’s the present sorted – but what about the actual celebration?

Ideas for 21st birthday party for daughter

No matter your budget, it’s easy to find something fun to do for your daughter’s milestone birthday.

If you are planning a big party with quite a few guests, a fun option can be a ‘grown-up’ children’s party. Hiring a bouncy castle and playing childhood games can all be adapted into a fun, grown-up party – especially if alcohol is involved!

Themed parties can also be fun for a larger group celebration – why not try basing it on the year or decade she was born in? Play music from the era, and get guests to dress up as a celebrities from the time. Instant winner!

However, if it’s a quieter celebration you’re after, heading for dinner at a fancy restaurant with all of her friends and family is always a safe option. Consider booking a table in a bar or a club for afterwards, for the real 21st birthday fun.

For the more adventurous among us, there is also plenty of inspiration to be found in fun activities. Whether you’re daughter favours rock-climbing, assault courses, or even fancies trying her hand at zorbing (rolling down a hill in a ball!), any wild, outdoor activity could be a totally unique way to spend her day.

Equally, you could combine both your daughter’s 21st birthday present with her celebrations, by picking up tickets to a theatre show or relaxing spa day. Packages are available all the time for discount tickets and packages, so it needn’t be an expensive option.

So what will you be planning for your daughter’s 21st?

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