Unique birthstone gifts that aren't just jewellery to give her in 2023

We've found the best birthstone gifts for every month of the year, including unique non-jewellery options

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The best birthstone gifts should be personal to the recipient, allowing your loved one to feel truly special. They don't just have to be jewellery, either; we've found plenty of unique birthstone gifts, from candles and keyrings to worry crystals and gem trees.

Wondering what the difference is between birthstone gifts and the best zodiac gifts? While a person’s birthstone relates to the month in which they were born, a zodiac-themed present refers to the star sign or even the specific day and time that the person was born.

From birthstone necklaces for every month of the year to the best birthstone gifts for mum, you'll find our top picks of 2023 below, including all the best personalised jewellery gifts that revolve around your loved one's particular stone.

The best places to buy birthstone gifts and birthstone jewellery in the UK

January birthstone gifts

January’s birthstone is garnet, which has associations with love - reflected in its gorgeous red colour - and friendship.

February birthstone gifts

Those born in February have a birthstone of amethyst, which is a popular stone featured on lots of jewellery pieces. Amethyst is known for its healing properties, and represents healing, calm, serenity and peace.

March birthstone gifts

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March, and its blue-green tone (as well as being named after the Latin for seawater) matches the Pisces water sign that also falls in March. Aquamarine symbolises tranquillity, youth, power and loyalty.

April birthstone gifts

If they’re born in April, their birthstone is diamond; a stone that’s a popular choice for celebrity engagement rings and definitely isn’t the cheapest of stones. Diamonds are known to symbolise good fortune, love, strength and courage, and are also the traditional gift to mark a 60th anniversary or milestone, making it one of the best 60th birthday gift ideas too.

May birthstone gifts

The May birthstone is generally agreed to be emerald, a stunning green stone. It represents new beginnings and growth. 

June birthstone gifts

There are a couple of different birthstones connected to the month of June, but it is mostly understood to be moonstone, which symbolises peace, good luck and power.

July birthstone gifts

July’s birthstone is ruby, which (similarly to January’s birthstone, garnet) is often linked to romantic love and passion, due to its red hue and is the traditional anniversary gift to mark 40 years - so you could shop ruby gifts for a 40th birthday present too. This birthstone is believed to protect those who wear it.

August birthstone gifts

August is most often associated with the stone peridot. Due to its green colour, peridot is often believed to symbolise good fortune, but it also represents prosperity and balance.

September birthstone gifts

September’s birthstone is sapphire, a one of the most versatile stones. It is generally believed to represent loyalty, wisdom and truth.

October birthstone gifts

For October-born recipients, the birthstones to look for are either opal or tourmaline. Opal represents hope and creativity, while tourmaline symbolises friendship and healing, making both stones perfect for gifts for friends.

November birthstone gifts

The November birthstone is either topaz or citrine. Citrine is linked to healing, joy and success, and topaz represents love and affection.

December birthstone gifts

For December birthdays, there are actually a few different birthstones. Turquoise, blue topaz and tanzanite are all associated with December, and they symbolise happiness, clarity and calm, respectively.

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