40 best long distance relationship gifts to surprise your partner with in 2023

From personalized long distance relationship gifts, to funny and thoughtful present ideas, these gifts will keep sparks flying no matter the distance

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The best long distance relationship gifts can make your partner feel special, even from afar, and can even help deepen your connection during your time apart.

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but let's face it, no one in a long-distance relationship likes hearing that. Being apart from your partner is never fun, but long distance relationship gifts can help pass the time and make up for all the miles that separate you two until you can be reunited.

Just seeing their name on a surprise package will mean the world to them, so whether you're shopping for last-minute Valentine's Day gifts, 30th or 40th birthday gift ideas for a surprise delivery, or thoughtful long distance relationship gifts that are a little more personal than your local flower delivery service, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for long distance couples below.

Where to find the best long distance relationship gifts online in the US 

Our pick of the best long distance relationship gifts in the US to surprise your loved one with this month


1. Homesick Love Letters Candle

If all your kind, loving words for your partner were put into a scent, you'd have a sweet, fresh, fragranced candle. I'm no relationship expert, but I'm a lover of candles and once was in a long-distance relationship for five years, so receiving a candle that represents the love between you and your partner would make them feel on top of the world. 

The Homesick Love Letters candle has notes of rose petals, jasmine, sandalwood, lemon, red plum, and peony, the perfect floral mix and one of the best scented candles to say 'I miss you'.


2. Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket

Personalized gifts will always make your giftee feel extra special, especially when it's a plush hand-written love letter they can snuggle under whenever they miss you. This letter blanket is the perfect way to express to your partner just how much they mean to you, and it's not over text or a FaceTime call, but on a cute, cotton blanket instead. Unique and something to cherish. 


3. BEIS Convertible Duffle

What better gift to give your long-distance partner than a gorgeous, sturdy weekender duffle they can use when visiting you? The BEIS Convertible Duffle can be carried in four ways and has plenty of compartments and space to store all their outfits and personal items. And if you want to make this the best weekend bag gift ever, you could attach a roundtrip plane ticket for them to come and see you.


4. The Kissing Mugs

A fun and unique housewarming gift representing you and your partner as the perfect match. These adorable mugs are the best gifts for couples who enjoy having a morning FaceTime call over coffee or tea. These porcelain kissing mugs meet with a kiss and form a heart at the handles. You'll be thinking of them after each sip. 


5. Cozymeal Gift Card

Who said you can't still have a nice dinner with your partner miles apart? Cozymeal is known for its online cooking classes, food tours, and more delicious experiences. And although gift cards aren't the most unique present, one that gets you a virtual cooking class for you and your partner to enjoy is definitely a one-of-a-kind gift. The choice is up to them, whether it be virtual wine tasting or a private chef experience.


6. Long Distance Messages in a Bottle

Keep the butterflies fluttering in the relationship no matter the distance with a daily dose of sweet love messages placed inside cute, colorful capsules. Inside this plastic bottle are 50 pre-written messages specifically made for couples in long-distance relationships. It's the perfect gift to keep the anticipation going for when they see you again, plus it'll keep a smile on their face every day.


7. Hoya Heart Plant

Your significant other won't expect to receive a plant in the mail, especially a cute, heart-shaped plant. The Hoya indoor plant is a gift that keeps on giving. They'll think of you every time they water and look at it. This present will make the perfect gift for a plant mom or dad or the green thumb in training.


8. We-Vibe Nova 2 Vibrator

 We know not being able to see or touch your partner physically is one of the hardest things about being in a long-distance relationship. But that doesn't mean the intimacy has to stop. That's why the best remote vibrators for long-distance couples exist. You can control your partner's vibrator right from your smartphone, and the best part is you can be intimate together through the connected app using video or audio.


9. Custom Embroidered Hoodie

Would this even be a couple's gift guide if we didn't include matching hoodies? Give them the best personalized long-distance relationship gift by customizing cute matching hoodies with your initials and anniversary date embroidered. 

Whenever you start to miss each other, you can just throw this hoodie on.


10. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Another unique and sweet gift that'll keep the sparks flying even with being miles apart. These long-distance touch bracelets will send your partner a bond touch (vibration) to their bracelet, all with just one tap in the connected app. These bracelets are rechargeable and waterproof, so whether you're in the shower or at work, you never have to go a second without it. 


11. Bouqs Co. Sugar Rush Flower Arrangement

Your partner will feel all the love when they open their door to a gorgeous flower arrangement from their favorite person. It's also worth mentioning Bouqs sources their flowers straight from the farm and uses sustainable practices, so will suit any eco-conscious giftees or recipients. 


12. Long Distance Heart Map

This customized heart map literally represents the phrase, "distance makes the heart grow fonder." With a cute, heart-shaped map and two mini red hearts placed on you and your partner's geographic location, no matter where you are in the world, the love and bond you both share will never waver. Your love can hang this thoughtful gift on their wall of choice.


13. Edible Arrangements Confetti Berry and Chocolate Bouquet

A surprise gift that will warm their heart and cure their sweet tooth. Edible Arrangements is known for its gorgeous, sweet fruit arrangements that can be delivered right to your gift recipient's front door. And if you're looking for a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift for friends, this one'll make them feel super special too.

Edible Arrangements' Confetti Berry and Chocolate Bouquet is exactly what it sounds like, a mix of chocolate-covered strawberries and confetti strawberries dipped in cake batter-flavored white chocolate. 


14. Personalized Two Time Zone Clock

It can be hard to keep up with the time zone difference when you're in a long-distance relationship. This personalized two-time zone clock is a sleek and modern way to do so. You can hang this clock on the wall or place it on your desk for a cute work station.


15. Pandora Timeless Wish Sparkling Alternating Ring

In a long-distance relationship and looking for the jewellery gifts? A Pandora ring, such as this gorgeous dainty one, will make for a special gift for your special lady. The Pandora Timeless Wish Sparkling Alternating Ring sparkles with the front being filled with pear-shaped cubic zirconia stones. This will be the accessory she wears with all her outfits.


16. Chanel Bleu de Chanel Parfum

Has he mentioned wanting to get a new cologne? The Chanel Bleu is one of the best men's colognes, known for its long-lasting woodsy scent. This gift is the perfect way to show him you've been paying attention to his wants and needs. Plus, who wouldn't want to receive a luxury cologne from their significant other?


17. Custom Spotify Album Cover Digital Portrait 

Do you have a Spotify playlist specifically for your relationship? If not, why not make one for you both to listen to while you're apart? Bring the playlist to life with this customized digital Spotify album cover. You can get a digital print of your favorite photo of the two of you and pick a song that's meaningful to the two of you. 


18. Kodak Step Instant Camera

You’re going to want to document all the new memories you both make when visiting each other, so why not make those memories extra special through the lens of a Kodak instant camera? They’ll be able to relive those moments every time they look at the print hanging on their fridge or wall. 


19. Airbnb Gift Card

Every long-distance couple deserves to take a trip together and spend a weekend without any interruptions or distractions. Gift your partner an Airbnb gift card and watch their whole face light up. Seeing you will be a gift for them alone, but a getaway to the location of their choice with the love of their life will be like a dream come true. 


20. We're Not Really Strangers Couples Edition

Grab the snacks and your phone, and hop on FaceTime to play the We're Not Really Strangers Couples Edition card game. Elevate your relationship and deepen the connection by getting to know your partner on a deeper level. This card game includes 156 questions and several wildcards designed to learn new things about your partner. The cards are separated by level and include questions you never would've thought to ask your partner.

Where to find the best long distance relationship gifts online in the UK

Our pick of the best long distance relationship gifts in the UK


1. Capsule Letter Message in a Bottle Glass

Gift your partner a meaningful and thoughtful present with these mini messages in a bottle - the little notes can be opened by the recipient whenever they're missing their partner. All of the relationship experts we spoke to for this piece advised that communication is an integral part of a long distance relationship going the distance, and these messages will remind your partner of the way you feel for them, even if you can't talk at that moment.


2. Personalised Custom Spotify Song Plaque With Wooden Stand

Customize this personalized Spotify song plaque by choosing a song that holds a special meaning for you and your partner. Choose a picture of the two of you, write out a message to sit across the top of the plaque, and send this unique gift to your loved one. They'll certainly cherish this thoughtful gift that will be totally unique to your relationship.


3. The School of Life Connect Relationship Cards

We know how important communication is in relationships, and these cards encourage honest, caring conversations with your significant other. The cards can be saved up and played in-person the next time you see each other, or you could prop up your phones and ask each other the questions over FaceTime.


4. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Your next in-person date may not be for a while, but an important aspect of any long distance relationship is being able to plan events to look forward to in the future. With this scratch off poster you won't be stuck for ideas, and you can both get excited for upcoming outings to enjoy together.


5. Personalized Two Time Zones Clock

It can be a struggle to connect if you and your partner are on different time zones - it may not be easy to find a good time to talk, and you might feel less connected as a result. This two time-zone clock allows you and your partner to see the time both where you are and where your partner is, and the best part is that it's fully personalized, so you can simply add the desired destinations when you order.


6. 'You're So Golden' Dried Flower Heart Wreath

Flowers are always a welcome surprise for Valentine's Day or a partner's birthday, but a bouquet of fresh blooms often won't last long. Dried flowers should be your go-to instead - and this dried flower wreath makes for a more unique gift still. Each wreath is made by hand, so every heart-shaped one will be different from the next. Add a personalized gift card to make your partner feel even more special and make this sweet Valentine's Day decoration last until you next see them.


7. Chocolate Making Class for Two People

Gifting an experience that the two of you can share together is not only a great gift idea for couples who live together or close to eachother, but also for long distance relationships, as you'll be able to look forward to the experience when you're missing the other's company. Red Letter Days offers lots of different variations of cooking classes, but this chocolate making class is available in three UK locations and will last up to a year, meaning there's no rush to use the voucher straight away.


8. Snuggins Snugback Unisex Slippers

Made from 80% wool, with a suede trim and a New Zealand shearling inner, these unisex loafers are the perfect gift for wearing alongside the best matching pajamas for couples. Snuggle up with these best slippers while you're apart and match together when you reunite: the slippers come in sizes 4-10.


9. Friendship Touch Lamps

Although they're technically called 'friendship lamps', these lamps make the perfect long distance relationship gift. Using a Wifi connection, they work by connecting to your loved one so that their lamp lights up when you touch your own lamp - so they'll know you're thinking of them, even when they're far away. 


10. Airbnb Gift Card

International dating and relationship coach Sami Wunder says that in long distance relationships, "if you know you're going to be meeting up in two weeks' time or two months' time, you could gift an experience that the two of you can enjoy together, which is a lot of fun". Let your partner choose their own experience (to be shared with you!) and gift them an Airbnb gift card, which has no expiry date - they're available to use in 17 countries, and the amount added to them is completely up to you.


11. Personalized Calendar

These customizable calendars can start from any month, and are available in a desk calendar size (A5), or standard wall calendar sizes of A4 and A3. Each month on the calendar use yours and your partner's name to illustrate the images - get one for you and one for them, and write down all your upcoming date nights and trips to your partner's calendar before gifting it to them for an extra personal touch to help countdown the days until you're reunited.


12. Gooseneck Phone Holder

Arm getting numb from holding up your phone for hours whilst chatting to your long distance partner? This flexible phone holder stand can be attached to a headboard, bedside table or desk and allows for hands-free chatting. It's adjustable, so will fit to the size of your phone (even with a case on), and the flexible arm means you can stretch the stand to reach as far as you need.


13. Personalized Socks

Take the gifting classic to the next level with these personalized socks. Handmade with 100% cotton, they're available in several different sizes, and the all-over print is completely customizable, whether you choose a picture of yourself, a pet or a place that's special to the both of you.


14. Custom Treat Box

Kendra Capalbo, licensed couple and sex therapist, believes that "sending the perfect gift requires really knowing the recipient, so put some thought into it" - this gift box allows you to hand-pick the products for your other half, making it a fully personalized box of goodies. Choose from items such as a rose quartz heart, 'world's best mum' coaster, soy wax melts, and much more.


15. Personalized Couples Wine Glass Set

Capalbo also recommends "a pair of unique glasses" as a long distance relationship gift: she advises "keeping one and giving the other to your partner, with a note saying these are special glasses to use and have a glass of wine 'together', when you can't physically be with each other". These personalized glasses are customized with the names of each partner, and you can also use them when you're finally reunited.


16. Papier Joy Notebook

If your partner is a fan of the best journaling apps or likes to put pen to paper to journal each day, gift them, and yourself, a notebook or journal in which you can both write down details about your day to share with your partner in the future. As Capalbo suggests, "write a daily note in the journal - it can be a funny story from the day, or an expression of your feelings - and then every time you see each other, you exchange journals".


17. The Green Roasting Tin: Vegan and Vegetarian One Dish Dinners

Capalbo also recommends gifting one of the best cookbooks to your partner (and one for yourself), with the idea that "you take turns picking out a recipe, before cooking dinner and eating together via Zoom or FaceTime". Choose from a variety of simple, nutritious vegan and vegetarian recipes that can be cooked in just one tin, giving you more time to eat and connect with your partner.


18. Pamper Treat for Two Experience Box

Gift your partner a luxurious treat to look forward to - this voucher can be redeemed for over 500 different pampering experiences at locations around the UK, all designed for two people. The voucher is valid for up to a year, but it can be extended upon request - choose from massages, manicures, spa breaks and even photo shoots, to enjoy with your partner and celebrate their special day.


19. Couples Spa Gift Hamper

If you'd rather bring the spa experience into the home, this gift hamper includes everything you'll need to treat your partner when you next get quality time together. The hamper includes candles, two bags of herbal tea, a chocolate bar, bath and body oil, a fabric hanging heart and two 'Moroccan mud rituals', which you make alongside your partner using the step-by-step instructions.


20. WeVibe Sync 2

The best sex toy kits for couples can bring you closer together and allow both parties to try new things. Not to worry if you can't be physically together at the moment - several sex toy brands now offer long-distance toys, which are designed for partners to use while in different places. This WeVibe couples can be used during sex to increase pleasure for both partners, or controlled via the WeVibe app, so one partner can control the vibrations even from afar.

Long distance relationship gift advice from relationship therapists

How to make someone feel special on their birthday long distance?

We sourced expert advice from a marriage and family therapist on the best ways to pamper and make your partner feel special whether you're states apart or across the world. Relationship therapist and owner of Three Points Relationships, Kate Engler, says it's first important to know and understand your partner's love language.

"Some people like affection, some really like gifts," Engler explained to woman&home. "When you're far away from someone, it's important to really know what's meaningful to them and what touches them."

To make your partner feel special on their birthday long distance, Engler recommends thinking about small things your partner has mentioned to you that they've been wanting or needing. For example, gifting them a gift card to a restaurant they've been wanting to try or treating them to a pedicure they've been putting off getting until payday. 

"Figure out what means the most to them and target [your gift] to something they wouldn't get for themselves or something that's a little out of the ordinary," Engler suggests. 

Kendra Capalbo tells us that if your partner is celebrating a birthday and you can't be with them in person, the best way to make them feel special is through "little surprises throughout the day". She recommends "starting the day with a happy birthday text or phone call", before "continuing the festivities by having their favorite coffe/tea/smoothie delivered to them at home or work. If the two of you are into social media, a birthday post expressing how much you love them is always a great idea".

Capalbo also says that if you know your partner's friends or family well, you could even "arrange for that person to take them out for a nice dinner - on you, of course! - and then perhaps call the restaurant to arrange for a special dessert to be delivered at the end of the meal. End the day with a birthday call and make sure to express to your partner how much you look forward to spending many more trips round the sun with them".

You could also send long distance relationship gifts that evoke future plans and experiences that the two of you can look forward to together, such as experience gifts or a specially designed itinerary for your next trip together. This will help focus attention on when you'll next be together, rather than the fact you are currently apart. 

How do you pamper someone in a long-distance relationship?

You might not be able to spend quality, in-person time with your partner as soon as you’d like, but long distance relationship gifts can help remind them of how loved they are.

Even though you may be over 200 miles apart from your significant other, there are still ways you can pamper and nurture your partner from afar. According to Engler, a few ways to spoil someone in a long-distance relationship is by sending them a few comforting gifts. These might include a cozy blanket with their favorite tea, or a gift card to order pizza for the ultimate movie night. Engler also recommends treating your partner to a spa day for some relaxing self-care.