23 DIY Valentine's Day decorations and ideas for your home this February

From the simple to the show-stopping, these Valentine’s Day decorations are easy to create and will add a romantic touch to your home ahead of February 14

a pink and red living room full of Valentine's Day decorations, including red balloons, bunting and signs
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There are some brilliant DIY Valentine’s Day decorations and ideas you can use to incorporate romantic decor into every room of your home this February.

Whether you're looking to set the mood, or are just keen to add some fun seasonal charm to your home, Valentine's Day decorations are a sweet way to switch up your decor. 

In our pick of the best Valentine's Day decorations for 2022, you'll find everything from thoughtful DIY creations that you can make with the kids, to statement ideas that will really impress guests–whether you're throwing a party or just having a few friends over to watch the best romantic movies on TV.

DIY Valentine's Day decorations for 2022

1. Add a Valentine’s Day wreath to your front door

Who said door wreaths were just for Christmas? In fact, decorative wreaths are becoming increasingly popular throughout the year—so why not add some romantic charm to your property with a gorgeous display of fresh flowers (and not just the ones from the best flower delivery services!).

Whether you opt for romantic red roses or pretty pink peonies, if you DIY it, you've got complete control over which flowers are included and what additional decorative details you choose to include. You can work with a florist to create your wreath, or plenty of retailers have the essentials for a DIY wreath available to buy, such as a wire and a wreath base, to help get you started. We love the DIY Valentine's Day wreath kits from Etsy.

2. Add Valentine's decor to your porch

Why let the front door have all the fun? If you've got a generously-sized porch area, you might want to consider going all-out with a front yard display as one of your Valentine's Day decorations ideas. 

A decorated porch can be a great way to really make a statement, without bringing any decor indoors (especially useful if you have limited space inside). A few of the ways you could decorate your porch are to add Valentine's-themed bunting to your door frame. Or, you could pop a love-themed mat outside of your door. If you want something really special, why not place some oversized vases full of faux flowers outside your door? It'll certainly impress your neighbors and visiting guests!

3. Craft some love letter bunting

Love letters are the epitome of romance, so why not embrace the sentiment in your decor, with a hand-designed love letter garland. You can find an easy tutorial for the above garland here, and it's a cute way to add a really authentic feel to your Valentine's Day decor. You can make it super personalized too—choosing everything from the envelope color to the garland thread used, meaning you can tie it into an existing décor scheme, or pick your loved one's favorite colors if you're giving it as a sweet Valentine's Day gift idea too.

No glue gun? No problem. Make the envelopes out of paper or cardboard instead. You could even use actual envelopes and include love notes or inspirational poetry quotes inside each one, if you were feeling really romantic. 

4. Design heart-shaped paper chains

If you're after Valentine's Day decorations the whole family can get involved in making, look no further than an easy craft project like these heart-shaped paper chains. These can be really simple to make: simply cut your strips of paper into the shape you want (we'd suggest love hearts for an easy option), and glue it all together. Then, wrap the second strip of paper around your completed shape, and glue that one together—and so on and so forth, until you have a chain that's the length you want it. It may sound fiddly, but it's certainly a fun exercise to do with kids, and the completed look will be totally worth it. 

Whether they're hung in the hallway, in your living area or perhaps even down the banister for a more subtle look, they're an affordable, colorful way to embrace the season of love via your decor.

5. Pop up some letter lights

Whether you buy them or hire them, carnival-style light-up letters are an easy, zero-fuss decoration to set up and display. Place them on the floor of your living space, or on a large cabinet. The simplest option is to use them to spell out 'love'—though if you're trying to impress a loved one, you could spell out their name or initials too! If you're after a more affordable option, you could use fillable letters instead. Decorated with the filling of your choice, they can offer a more budget-friendly way to spell out your feelings than the light-up letter.

6. Make your fireplace a decorative focal point

If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, incorporate it into your decoration plans—after all, the hearth is traditionally the heart of the home. "A fireplace is the focal point of many living rooms, and you could consider decorating it for Valentine’s Day so that you can have something to admire whilst you relax on the sofa with your loved one," says Jess Martin, decoration expert at Ginger Ray. She suggests trying:

  • Balloon bunting or a tassel garland—"They'd look great hung across the fireplace and would leave plenty of space on top for setting the mood with candles."
  • Paper fans—"Try hanging these from the edges of the mantlepiece and arrange them in groups of odd numbers to achieve a polished look."

7. Put up a Valentine’s Day tree

Thought decorative trees was just a Christmas decorating idea? Think again. Whether you opt for a mini artificial tree that can sit on a countertop, or decide on a bigger one for your living space, a Valentine's-inspired tree is a truly creative—and on-trend—take on romantic décor. "Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day trees are the latest trend taking over social media," explains Jess. "Baubles, fairy lights and tinsel have been replaced by red and pink themes and an abundance of sickly sweet decorations." 

So how should you style your Valentine-inspired tree? "The general rule has to be more is more," says Jess. "An artificial rose garland can look stunning adorning the branches, or try weaving in ribbons in shades of pink and red to make things a little more romantic. Bunting and garlands with cute messages will also look great draped around the tree and make for the perfect Instagrammable backdrop."

8. Use playing cards for a fun and unique decor option

Playing card décor might not be something you've considered before, but they can make for a really fun and unique way to decorate your home for February 14. From card bunting to quirky table place-settings, there are all sorts of ways to incorporate the 'Queen of Hearts' into your decorative plans. Plus, it's one of the most affordable DIY Valentine's Day decorations ideas if you've already got a pack to hand!

9. Add a pop of fun with heart-shaped balloons

Whether you opt for one statement balloon as a decorative Valentine's day gift idea for your loved one, or a statement balloon backdrop, balloons can add a really fun touch to your decor.

Jess has a few different ways to add balloons to your Valentine's day decorations:

  • Use balloons to fill the bedroom—"Balloons are a great way to create impact. Some love heart-shaped balloons could be a gorgeous way to fill your bedroom and will be sure to impress. You can even get fun and flirty balloons to turn up the heat."
  • Use a balloon arch kit—"Whether you choose a classic pink and red color scheme or some more muted nude and metallic tones, arches achieve major wow-factor."
  • Use individual letter balloons—"Spell out a personalized message and show your significant other that you've really gone the extra mile to make it special for them."

10. Get creative with blackboard displays

A blackboard is a wonderful way to add some low-key Valentine's sentiment to your home, whether you use it to draw pictures, write love notes or share the best love quotes inspired by movies, books and poetry. It's low-effort and low-cost, but it can add a lovely feel to your quickly and easily, especially in places that often aren't ripe for decor, such as the kitchen and bathroom. For an extra special touch, pop it in an elegant frame, as per the one above.

11. Add decor to your morning coffee station

If you and/or your partner are fans of hot drinks, consider transforming the tea/coffee area of your kitchen into something a bit special for Valentine's Day. This is another great way to add Valentine's Day decorations into a part of the home that doesn't often get decorated: your kitchen. You could splash out on heart-patterned crockery, linen or napkins, or add cute and romantic signage. Just make sure that your decor doesn't interrupt how you use your best coffee machine—you want your decorations to add joy to your life, not cause inconvenience as you go about your daily tasks.

12. Turn cozy nooks into decorated focal zones

Designated 'zones' and multi-functional spaces are one of the biggest interior design trends for 2022, so why not apply them in your Valentine's decor? Window seats and hallway benches are a great place to add romantic accessories and decorations, for a bespoke Valentine's decor look that's truly unique to your home. "Accessories can be used to complement existing furniture and transform a space," says Richard Petrie, home expert at Thomas Sanderson. "Incorporate blush pink cushions to add softness to your space or use scented candles to create a more romantic atmosphere."

13. Hang hearts above your bed

Vertical garlands of paper hearts make for a fuss-free decorative addition to any home, but they can add a lovely romantic touch to the bedroom especially. If you want to make yours, simply fold your paper hearts in half and carefully attach them to a board backdrop, rather than putting them directly on the wall. There's a great tutorial via LoveCrafts here. And once you've decorated your bed, why not snuggle up in some of the best Valentine's Day pajama's

14. Hang a Valentine's-themed neon sign

Neon light displays are bang on trend right now, and adding a love-heart one could be the perfect way to up the wow factor on February 14. Neon signs combine modern energy with an endearingly retro feel. Depending on their size, they can look great on walls or propped up on counters, and are as much an art installation as they are a colorful way to light up your home. This decor option can look so stylish that you might even want to keep it past February...

And if you want to make February 14 even more stylish, why not take a look at our guide to some stunning Valentine's Day nail ideas too?

15. Branch out with paper hearts in vases

Whether they're purchased from your favorite florist or have been sourced while out on a walk, branches and sage green foliage make a great alternative to bouquets of flowers. For Valentine's Day, you could use a glue gun to attach paper hearts in varying sizes and colors. Or, buy or hand-make felt decorations that can be hung from the branches. Place your decor in a clear vase for maximum impact. And, take the look one step further by twining strings of fairy lights around the sticks. 

16. Hang paper decorations above the table

From paper fans to strings of love hearts, a paper "chandelier" is a great option if you're keen to create one statement area, instead of having decorations scattered all over the home. Buy or make paper decorations in typical Valentine's Day colors—think reds, pinks and whites—and hang them from your ceiling (you can use tape or hooks to do this) above your dining table for a real showstopper.

17. Opt for stylish monochrome decor ideas

If the love hearts and over-the-top motifs of Valentine's Day isn't for you, swap all the usual February 14 suspects for a palette that's a bit more subtle, sophisticated and suits the interior paint color trends in your home. Monochrome decor items can be equally as lovely as the classic red or pink; think black and white love heart pillows, prints, and blankets. 

18. Create a romantic drinks trolley

If you have an at-home bar cart—or are planning to get one—it's an easy way to add some Valentine's Day decor to your home. Adorn the sides of your drinks trolley with garlands of faux florals or twinkling lights, and fill the shelves with fresh blooms, a bottle or two of your favorite fizz and glittering glassware. It'll make a great addition to date night too, if you're planning on staying in and cooking some Valentine's Day recipes on February 14.

20. Invest in heart-shaped home accessories

Keep it simple for Valentine's Day by adding heart-shaped everyday items to your home, such as bath mats or wall prints. The secret here is to only buy products that won't offend you on the other 364 days of the year. "Seasonal homewares offer a quick and often budget-friendly way to add a pop of personality to any space," explains Dayna Isom Johnson, Trend Expert at Etsy. "Plus, Valentine's Day decorations like these can be easily repurposed for other occasions in the year, such as anniversaries and birthdays, allowing you to get as much use out of your purchases as possible."

21. Create a rustic step-ladder display

Step-ladders or wall ladders are one of the best bathroom storage ideas, as well as being a popular option for adding decor to your living room or bedroom. But they can also be a great way to display Valentine's Day decorations—allowing you to showcase everything from candles and flowers to garlands and ornaments.

When it comes to styling your step ladder, getting the balance right is vital. A few tips for styling your ladder are:

  • Start at the top—"Think about displaying something a little larger on the top shelf to make your step ladder the center of attention it deserves to be," says Martin.
  • Add floral pieces—"Try displaying the bunch of flowers you might have been gifted for Valentine’s Day by splitting a larger bunch into some smaller vases and placing these on different shelves," Martin suggests. 
  • Opt for the classics—"Bunting is a timeless decoration for good reason: it's easy to assemble, can be used time after time (which is great for making your decorations more sustainable) and looks great against most backdrops," says Martin. "Flower garlands can also look stunning and add a really romantic touch when wound around the sides of a ladder."

22. Decorate your garden gate

If your property features a gate, adorning it in Valentine's Day decorations makes for a fun way to set the tone from the moment someone approaches your home. This hanging wreath idea is eye-catching, and we love how the red and white pops against the blue. A single floral wreath could also look beautiful, as below.

23. Set the table for romance

Whether you're planning a romantic meal for two or a dinner party for multiple guests on Valentine's Day, set the scene by creating a gorgeous tablescape. "It’s about creating an experience that feels different from your average night in," explains Callie Pettigrew, founder and Creative Director at Dine Studio + Store. "Think about small personal touches you can add to the table to make it feel special. Don’t be afraid to get creative."

Creating a Valentine's tablespace needn't be complicated. For inspiration on how to create yours, Callie suggests:

  • Adding a floral touch—"If you're after a modern look, steer clear of classic Valentine's day staples like roses, and replace with something a little more unexpected—Ranunculus are a great choice, come in many shades, and will save you a few pennies too! Alternatively, pop stems from the garden into bud cases." Add a couple of vases to your table for a really special, layered look.
  • Get the lighting right—"Table styling is really all about creating atmosphere, so lighting and ‘vibe’ is also important. You want your space to feel warm and cozy, so make sure to light one of the best scented candles and put your favourite playlist on to set the scene." You could also add fairy lights to the table, for a more magical feel.
  • Make it personal—"Handwrite menus or add a personal note to add to each place setting," Pettigrew suggests, for a really personalized experience.

Valentine's Day might not warrant quite the same level of decorative detail as Christmas, but that's not to say it's not worthy of some proper thought if you choose to embrace it. 

If you do, there are some exciting décor trends for 2022 that might influence your Valentine's decor plans:

  • At-home wellness havens—incorporating self-care into your Valentine's Day plans is a great way to help you and your loved one switch off. "We're seeing shoppers focusing on self-love as well as romantic love this year, by creating soothing, stress-free sanctuaries in their homes, with everything from handcrafted wooden bath caddies to heart-shaped Himalayan salt tealight holders," says Johnson.
  • Red and pinks—they're the colors at the beating heart of most Valentine's Day decor ideas, and they're not going anywhere for 2022. "Color blocking is the retro trend everyone is loving at the moment, and a pink-and-red combo is a popular duo," says Martin. "Whilst red and pink have always been big for Valentine’s Day décor, this year they're back together to spread some romance all year round."
  • Decorations inspired by nature—"following the rise of trends such as cottagecore and farmcore last year, we're increasingly seeing shoppers opt for decorations that are inspired by nature and sustainable living," Johnson notes. "Think decorations that are made from sustainable materials, such as wood or canvas, that offer a sophisticated twist on traditional motifs." This also stretches into wider home trends—sustainability is predicted to be big for the most popular bedroom trends of 2022 and kitchen trends for 2022, as well.

With thanks to the following for sharing their insights and expertise: Jess Martin, decoration expert at Ginger Ray; Richard Petrie, home expert at Thomas Sanderson; Rachel Epstein, Creative Director of CARME Home; Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy trend expert; and Callie Pettigrew, founder and Creative Director of Dine Studio + Store.

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