10 Inspirational Poetry Quotes

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  • We found 10 of the most inspiring, beautiful lines from the most wonderful poets. Read and enjoy...

    Do you ever read a poem and find that a line perfectly encapsulates how you feel at that exact moment? Or sometimes it’s just so beautifully written that it sends a chill up your spine?

    Here at woman&home, we often feel that way when we read poems. Sometimes poets have a way of expressing emotions that we, ourselves, are unable to quite put into words. There are certain poets who, throughout time, have been noted for their brilliant skill at capturing a whole wealth of emotion in a single line or verse. Ranging from the 1600s, to the 21st century, some very powerful lines do stand the test of time.

    And of course, this Burns Night we’re looking to the inspiration behind many artists’ work – Robert Burns. The influential Scottish poet is celebrated worldwide, and his poetry is still recited everywhere from bestselling books to popular TV shows. This quote is one of our favourite – what’s yours?

    Click through to take a look at our favourite quotes from poems that are uplifting, inspirational and joyous. These quotes will make you smile, make you think or make you feel strong.