32 of the best feminist books and novels that everyone should read at least once

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A collection of the best feminist books for 2023.
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The best feminist books, whether fiction or non-fiction, should inspire and educate readers, encouraging them to think more deeply about themes of gender, equality and equity. 

From much-loved literary classics written by women and stories of trailblazing figures fighting for equality to quintessential feminist dystopian fiction like Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, many of the best books of all time are written by powerful feminists.

Feminist books date back hundreds of years, and while we've seen monumental changes and many waves of feminism since, the fight for gender equity is unfortunately not over. Intersectional feminism - understanding that not every woman's experience is the same, and many suffer from more than one form of oppression in their daily lives - is an integral lens through which to view gender inequality. These intersectional feminist books have the power to make readers feel represented and to encourage them to fight for change.

Whether you're looking for one of the best non-fiction books or best thriller books, you'll find something on our list.

The best feminist books that should be on everyone's reading list

These are the feminist books you should read at least once, from cult classics to zeitgeisty novels.

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