The 35 best books of all time for your must-read list

Our list of the best books of all time include classics from acclaimed authors and novels that made such an impact their influence is still felt today

Covers of eight of the best books of all time
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The titles featured in this best books of all time list were chosen thoughtfully and with care by woman&home's very own team of bibliophiles. After all, who can truly say what qualities make a book one of the best ever? Is it to do with sales and popularity? Beautiful words or an intriguing plot? A book, fiction or non-fiction, that changed the way we think? We’ve tried to make choices that span genres and centuries and that offer new ideas as well as the showing our love for stand-out classics. 

We love to stay up-to-date with the best books of 2022, but this list offers something else. The books we've included below are ones everyone should read at least once in their lifetime - because they will stay with you long after you’ve read the final lines. Whether you're looking for a beautiful love story, a magical adventure, a dystopian exploration of the future, an emotional thrill-ride, or a tale that makes us reflect on our real-world values—there's something for everyone on this list.

So, load up your eReader and prepare to delve into another world with w&h's round-up of the best books of all time, that we believe everyone should read at least once. We’ve listed them in date order, so if you’re looking for modern and contemporary classics, just scroll down the page. 

W&H's pick of the best books of all time