The best science fiction books of 2021 that will transport you to another world

The best science fiction books will let you escape to a new world, and explore fascinating, unknown relms...

Best science fiction books
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The best science fiction books are about far more than lightsabers and aliens wanting to “phone home”. 

Fundamentally, good sci-fi fiction sets out to tackle present issues in a future setting - but there is also scope for authors to let their imaginations run wild and whisk readers off on a fantasy thrill-ride. 

Science fiction books are some of the best books of 2021. Whether it’s a dystopian world decimated by war, a time-bending life story lived multiple times, an artificial intelligent being seeking the truth about love, a troubled caretaker with the keys to a body farm or an astronaut trapped on a distant planet with no way home, every story on this list is an insightful, evocative, exciting and thought-provoking must. 

Whether you read your books on one of the best eReaders, or prefer a print book, find out which science fiction books we recommend adding to your to-be-read pile today.

The best science fiction books to read in 2021

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