Best Kindle deals: save on Amazon's best-selling ereaders in the pre-Prime Day sales

Pack away your paperbacks, the Kindle deals have arrived

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Looking for one of the best Kindle deals of the year? Now is the perfect time to shop. With Amazon Prime Day pending, we're expecting some big discounts on Paperwhite, Original, Scribe, Oasis, and Kindle Kids – as well as some book deals too.

If you're thinking of buying a Kindle, ask yourself two questions: which Kindle do you need? And have you found the best Kindle deal out there? If you've got instant answers to both questions, spend away. If you're a little unsure, you're in the perfect place.

Not only do we have a guide to the best Kindles for every kind of reader, but we also have a dedicated team searching the stores for the best deals and discounts on all models.

Whilst there's almost always a saving to be made on some kind of Kindle, now is the best time of the year to invest – Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner (it's officially live on the 16th and 17th July). We've got all bases covered for you, including the best Kindle book deals to accompany your Kindle steal.

Where can I find the best Kindle deals?

Finding the best Kindle deals is about knowing where to shop and how to shop them. Here are the retailers that we know offer reliable and regular discounts across all the Kindle best-sellers. 

  • Amazon: find the biggest discounts on all the Kindles, especially on Prime Day
  • Argos: a reliable retailer for next-day delivery
  • Currys: the place to shop eReader sales (including Kindle alternatives)
  • eBay: find refurbished models for a fraction of the price
  • John Lewis: shop the Paperwhite, Oasis, and Scribe with free shipping
  • Very: watch this space for deals that rival Prime Day

Today's best Kindle deals

Amazon Kindle deals

Now on the 11th generation, the Amazon Kindle is where it all started. Since 2007 Amazon has made small tweaks to the design of this model, but the fundamentals are similar. It's a compact option that's good if you want a basic eReader. It won't break the bank either, so it's a great option for people who want to dip a toe into the pool of eReaders. Read our in-depth Kindle (2022) review for more. 

Amazon Kindle: £84.99 at Amazon - get 20% off when you trade-in

Amazon Kindle: £84.99 at Amazon - get 20% off when you trade-in
Right now, there aren't any deals on the Amazon 2022 Kindle, except for 20% off when you trade your current model in. Last year, we saw the Kindle drop to £75 for Amazon Prime Day, so it's worth holding out for some bigger deals soon.

You can pick up older generations of the Amazon Kindle from sites such as eBay and CeX. Always check the changes made between each generation, as the older models will be slower, with less storage, and more glitches. You also won't have the same warranty.

Kindle Paperwhite deals

The Kindle Paperwhite is widely respected as the best eReader on the market. I affectionately call it the Goldilocks-approved Kindle. It's not too expensive, nor is it too cheap. It's not too techy, nor is it overly simple. It has enough storage to make it useful without having an unnecessary amount. The screen is wide for reading (even with big text), but still slim, lightweight, and easy to hold in one hand. In other words, it's the perfect mid-range option.

The latest Paperwhite was released in 2021. Think of it as a more luxurious version of the Amazon Kindle (we've compared the two in a dedicated Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle post). It comes with 16 GB of space, a 6.8-inch display, waterproof design, and it's available in three colours (agave green, black, and denim). It also has e-Ink, which looks and feels like a paper page, a nice touch if you think you'll miss your books. Find out more in our full Kindle Paperwhite review

Kindle Paperwhite: £149.99 at Amazon- get 20% off when you trade-in

Kindle Paperwhite: £149.99 at Amazon- get 20% off when you trade-in

There's no discount on the Paperwhite at the moment, except 20% off when you trade in your current model. 

Keep in mind that the price of the Paperwhite is ever-changing. Back on the 25th of May, we saw the Paperwhite down to £109.99 at Amazon. A few months earlier, in February, it was down to £93.74, so hang tight, More deals are coming.

Kids Kindle deals

The Kindle Kids eReader is the lowest price of all the Kindles. It's perfect for little ones, because it's designed to keep their minds focused on building reading as a habit and a hobby. They won't have access to apps and games, just books, audiobooks and comics. It's waterproof, Bluetooth-compatible, and it comes with 8GB of storage.

Kindle Kids: £104.99 at Amazon - get 20% off when you trade-in

Kindle Kids: £104.99 at Amazon - get 20% off when you trade-in

There's no discount on the Kindle Kids right now (unless you can trade in an existing model). However, just last month it was as cheap as £79.99. Amazon aren't afraid to slash the price of this on what looks like a bi-monthly basis, so hold on for Prime Day.

Kindle Oasis deals

The third generation of the Kindle Oasis was launched in 2019 and it's one of my favourite models offered by Amazon. The 7-inch screen is bigger than the Paperwhite, plus it's complete with a 300-ppi display and e-Ink technology. 

You may pay more money for some subtle extras with this one. Aside from the bigger screen, Amazon has reintroduced page-turning buttons (great news for left-handed readers), and automatically adjustable backlights. It's a great model if you want to treat yourself.

Kindle Oasis: £229.99 at Amazon - 20% when you trade-in a model

Kindle Oasis: £229.99 at Amazon - 20% when you trade-in a model

This is one of the hardest models to find a really good deal on. In fact, the last time Amazon dropped the price in any way, shape, or form, was Black Friday when the 32GB model was slashed from £259.99 to £215. 

I'm confident Amazon will offer some kind of discount on Prime Day, but, for now, your best deal on offer is 20% off when you trade-in an old Kindle model.

Kindle Scribe deals

The Kindle Scribe is the most elaborate of all the Kindle deals on offer. Whilst this makes an excellent eReader, it's a waste of your money if all you want to do is read books. The Scribe is made for the doodlers, note-takers, sketchers, and writers among us. Think of it as your tablet, rather than just an eReader. Then you'll be able to justify the price a little better.

In their latest update, Amazon lets you select notebook templates, and make annotations in your books and notebooks, and they offer better tools for your writing and notetaking (including a fountain pen, marker, and pencil). You can convert your handwriting to text, copy it, cut it, paste it, and resize it too.

Kindle Scribe: £329.99 at Amazon - get 20% off when you trade in an old model

Kindle Scribe: £329.99 at Amazon - get 20% off when you trade in an old model

No retailers have any deals on the Scribe right now, but don't fret. Just two months ago, Amazon dropped the price by a full £100. And then they did the same thing the month before. We hadn't seen discounts that big before 2024, but it bodes well for Prime Day.

Which Kindle should I buy?

Amazon has designed each of their Kindles to suit different people. You can generally split people into six different groups based on their needs. Here's who we recommend each ereader for:

Are there any Kindle alternatives on sale?

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Even though Kindles are some of the best e-readers out there, we're not blind to the fact that there are some competitive alternatives to the Kindle models — and they're included in the sales too. Here are the best deals that we've found on our favourite Kindle alternatives.

KOBO Libra:was £199

KOBO Libra: was £199, now £179 at Curry's
The KOBO is the Kindle's biggest rival. If we're stripping things back to basics, the two are very similar. Kindles are slimmer and more stylish, but KOBOs are better for offering more versatility in access to books.

Lenovo Tablet:was £220

Lenovo Tablet: was £220, now £120 at Levono
The Lenovo has a very attractive price right now and it actually comes pretty close to the Kindle Scribe in terms of performance. The only differences are that this is a little clunkier and it can run Android apps much better (as well as recording audio for transcription - something the Scribe can't do).

Deals on books, subscriptions, and extras

The wonderful thing about Kindles is that there's always some sort of deal on for Kindle books, accessories, and bundles. For starters, Amazon has Kindle Daily Deals, which is where they drop the price of best-sellers to nothing (they're totally free) or to 99p. These only last 24 hours, but there are other week-long and month-long deals too. We cover all of them on our Amazon book deals page.

Then, there's Kindle Unlimited. Essentially, Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service. You pay £9.49 a month to have access to over three million eBooks, audiobooks, comics, and magazines. It's a good deal if you're a speed reader.

Right now, Amazon has a special offer where anyone can trial Kindle Unlimited for free for three months. You don't even need a Kindle to enjoy Kindle Unlimited. As long as you have the Kindle app on your phone or on your tablet, you enjoy endless books. 

What to expect on Amazon Prime Day

Officially, we've only had the headlines of what to expect for the Kindle deals in store this Prime Day. So far, all Amazon has told us is that Prime Day falls on the 16th and 17th of July and that they've made Kindle Unlimited free for three months for everyone already (that's normally a Prime member-exclusive deal). 

Whilst I'm no soothsayer, I've watched Amazon's prices for the past few years and there's definitely a trend. Every Prime Day, they drop some of the biggest discounts on their own brands, one of them being Kindles. This is your best chance to find the biggest deal on a new e-Reader and Kindles are the ones to buy in Amazon's sales.

That's not the only product that you can find incredible discounts though. Amazon's Kindle daily deals become absolutely ridiculous, as do their deals on Kindle covers and accessories. You can get some of the most sought-after best-selling novels completely free as well as kitting out your Kindle with a chic case for less than £10. 


When is the best time to buy a Kindle?

The best time to buy a Kindle is on Amazon Prime Day. They host multiple sale events throughout the year and this is the time when the RRP of all of their Kindles will be slashed by the most. Amazon have historically been the most ruthless retailer when it comes to Kindle deals and discounts. Only recently, we saw a full £100 off the premium Kindle Scribe and that's just one example.

Luckily for you Amazon Prime Day isn't very far away (16th and 17th July). If you can wait for a few days, you'll have access to some of the best deals of the year. However, if you miss those, don't worry. There will be other sale events on throughout 2024.

What's a good price for a Kindle?

Even at full price, some of Amazon's Kindles are great value. The original Kindle (£84.99) and the Paperwhite (£149.99) are both competitively priced within the e-reader market. However, after years of watching the Kindle sales and deal prices, I've seen the original Kindle for sale as cheap as £35. There's no guarantee that it'll return to that price.

Generally, anything above 25% of the original RRP is a deal worth considering. However, it's also worth having a look at price comparison or price history sites. I have an add-on called CamelCamelCamel that shows you the history of prices for any product on Amazon, so you can know whether you're getting a good deal relative to the recent offers that have been around.

Are Kindles worth it?

You might think that we're all Kindle converts at w&h, since we have such comprehensive coverage of all the Kindle models, but we're a well-balanced team. 

Some of us refuse to relinquish our paperbacks, because, let's face it, nothing smells quite like a printed page and nothing feels the same as cracking the spine of a paperback. However, there is a group of us who recognise Kindles for their practicalities. You can pack endless books into your carry-on luggage if you take a slim Kindle with you. Plus, you can enlarge the text (bye-bye reading glasses), backlight the page (hello late-night reading), and look up the definitions of words in just a moment. They're both practical and savvy, so Kindles certainly serve a purpose compared to books.

In the broader market, Kindles are some of the best e-Readers out there. Amazon have had nearly twenty years to refine their tablets, offering the sleekest, smartest set-up out there. Their library is the most vast, the reading experience is the most seamless, and the technology is the speediest. Kindles have models tailored to every kind of bookworm. You can check out our favourite Kindles over here.

Should I buy a Kindle with or without ads?

You'll see different storage options for each Kindle model as well as an option to buy the Kindle with or without ads. I've been on both sides of the table and, I actually don't think there's much point in buying one of the models without ads. Sometimes, the adverts can be useful.

When you buy an ad-supported Kindle, your e-Reader will show you ads on the lock screen when you turn the device off. This doesn't use up any more of your battery and, they can actually be quite useful for finding recommendations. It's a bit like watching the trailers of other films when you're at the cinema. If you're into it, you can have some fun. Plus, if you hate the ads, there are ways to disable them, they're just a little tedious.

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