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If you're not already a regular on the Kindle deals page, you should be. On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, Amazon slashes the price of a range of best-selling books. You can pick up the most popular holiday reads and the latest conversation starters for free or for 99p.

I spend more time than I care to admit on the Amazon Kindle book deals page. If you're on there at the right time and you know what to look for, you can find some incredible discounts.

For example, in the last couple of months I've read the first book in Lucinda Riley's best-selling Seven Sisters series for free, and finished the Bridgerton books for 99p each.

So, make sure you've got the best Kindle for you, that's full of charge; block-book your evenings and your weekend; put away your paperbacks; and get cosy in your comfy chair (or on the beach). You can speed through a whole year of the latest and greatest Kindle book deals for the same price as one hardback, with advice from our keenest readers at w&h. And with Amazon Prime Day coming up, you'll soon be able to grab one of the best Kindle deals too!

Today's best Kindle books deals

Amazon updates their book deals daily, weekly, and monthly. If you see a deal you like, it's worth investing there and then as some offers are only live for 24 hours. 

If you want to get straight to the deals for yourself, this is the page you'll find today's Kindle deals. If you'd like some ideas, we've been through all the best Kindle book deals available right now and can vouch for each recommendation on this list.

Kindle Audiobook Deals

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When you're shopping on Amazon, there aren't just eBook deals to snap up. I found plenty of my favourite books available for free as audiobooks, including A Little Life, which I think is the best book ever written (although, listen with caution, because it's a tough, emotional story). The beauty of listening instead of reading is that you can rest your eyes and relax in bed or you can crack on with house chores — all whilst losing yourself in a good book.

There's a lot to shop, so I've just brought together all the audiobooks that I've loved listening to over the past month. I've sense-checked these with the w&h team, friends, and family, all of whom agreed that these are indeed, audiobooks that are more than worth your time.

What is the Kindle Daily Deal? And what are Kindle book deals?

A selection of books that have been in the Amazon Book Deals. These include Matt Haig's 'The Midnight Library' and Richard Osman's 'The Bullet That Missed'

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The name 'daily deals' is relatively self-explanatory, but what exactly are these Kindle daily deals? And why do people get so excited about them?

Amazon's daily Kindle book deals are just like the manic, crazy sales that leave people scrapping in the middle of shops, except, they're a lot calmer when they're online and these deals are Kindle books instead of handbags and TVs. 

Amazon reduces the price of ebooks and audiobooks to nothing (they're totally free), 99p, or £1.99. Normally, Kindle books will sit around £5.99 or £6.99, so to have access to them for a fraction of the price is exciting if you're a bookworm like me.

When I first heard about this concept, I thought the daily deals would be on books that are old enough to collect dust on the shelves, but they're not. As you can see in the section above, you can pick up the latest best-sellers, brand-new autobiographies, and some seriously sought-after novels.

If you want to see for yourself, check out today's Kindle book deals at Amazon

Where can you find Kindle book deals yourself?

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The most logical place to look for Kindle Daily Deals is on Amazon. However, if you're not a seasoned shopper or you know you get easily overwhelmed by choice, there are plenty of blogs and pages that will whittle down your options for you.

Just like I've done on this page, blogging sites can bring together the best Kindle book deals. Each has its own unique offering, so, if you haven't seen something you like just yet, we recommend taking a look at these sites. They might not always have something that you're interested in, but it's worth signing up to subscription accounts that can notify you when your favourite books become reduced.

  • eReader IQ: Make a wishlist of books and then this'll notify you when any of them are reduced in Kindle Daily Deals.
  • The Reader Cafe: known as the spot for free novels, bargain books and killer deals
  • Net Galley: a community for discovering and recommending books

Is it worth getting Kindle Unlimited instead?

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We had a long list of Kindle book deals that nearly made the cut for this page and a fair few of them are free on Kindle Unlimited. Over there, you'll have access to thousands of books, audiobooks, comics, and magazines for £9.49 a month. If you know you're a prolific paperback consumer, Kindle Unlimited could be well worth your time.

The only downside of Kindle Unlimited is that you won't necessarily have access to the same list of the newest best-sellers. Instead, you'll need to keep an open mind, especially if you're interested in more niche genres. There will still be some big-name titles, but don't expect to have the same offering as Kindle deals.

The way I see it is: Kindle Unlimited is £9.49 a month, which is about the price of a paperback. If you read more than one book in a month and you're not super picky about what you read, you'll be saving money. 

If you don't, it might be worth just shopping carefully. Kindle Unlimited offers a free 30-day trial, so you can try it before you buy. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, you can try three months of Kindle Unlimited completely free. By that time, you'll know whether it's for you.


How often does Kindle change their book deals?

Amazon has a series of ebook deals. First, there are the daily deals, which, you guessed it, change at the end of every day. Then, their more generic Kindle book deals change weekly and monthly. There's a relatively fast turnaround, so if you see a title that you like, we recommend snapping it up.

Are Kindle books cheaper with a Prime account?

Whilst Kindle books are cheaper than physical books, you won't see any price difference whether you have a Prime account or not. However, you can use your Prime account to have three months of access to Kindle Unlimited, where you can read and download thousands of titles for free.

How many free books do you get per month with Kindle Unlimited?

With Kindle Unlimited you can borrow up to twenty digital books, audiobooks, or comics at a time. Amazon doesn't set any limit on magazines either, so you can have a lot of books on the go. This is generally more cost-effective than shopping Amazon's book deals, although there are some amazing books in the daily deals right now that are totally free.

Does Kindle Unlimited go on sale for Prime day?

Amazon Prime Day is set to fall on the 16th and 17th July and, whilst they haven't released anything official on book deals and Kindle Unlimited, it's likely that Amazon will offer some sort of discount on both Kindle Unlimited and their Kindle book deals over the Prime period. We'll let you know if we see anything you'll like.

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