Best thriller books of 2020 – we just love these psychological page-turners!

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  • Thrillers have long reigned supreme over the bestseller charts as one of the most-read and most-talked about book genres. But just why are they so popular? And which standout thrillers should you have on your list to read this year?

    Due to their high drama storylines, range of complex characters and shifting perspectives, the very best thriller books make for fast-paced book-to-screen adaptations. Over the last few years several of these adaptions have achieved huge great success, with Big Little Lies, The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl being some of the most well-known examples.  Their popularity has secured more fans for the thriller books genre in general. But with bigger and better stories being published all the time, it won’t be long before another dark tale comes along to capture our imaginations (and dominate our book club book chats!).

    Here we reveal our pick of the latest and best thriller books in this gripping genre. Whether you want a brilliant plot twist, something with psychological insight or a classic deception story, we’ve got a great book recommendation for you.

    Best thriller books to read in 2020

    Best thriller books with killer twists

    We all love a twist in the tale and this is something thrillers have come to master. Building suspense, all the while preparing for the final devastating reveal, the best novels have not one, but several, major surprises in store. They cast characters in murky new lights and unearth secrets just when you think there’s nothing more to learn.

    For the ultimate rollercoaster reading experience this year, look no further than the upcoming His & Her by Alice Feeney and Emily Elgar’s debut novel, Grace is Gone which are well worth a pre-order. With their flair for the dramatic, you can’t help wondering where your loyalties lie when the truth is revealed…

    Grace is gone, by Emily Elgar


    best thriller books

    Released 20th February.

    PRE ORDER: Grace is Gone by Emily Elgar, Sphere, HB, £16.99

    His & Her, by Alice Feeney

    Released 28th May

    PRE ORDER: His & Her by Alice Feeney, HQ, PB, £7.99

    Thriller books that feel timely

    With their dark themes and conflicts, thrillers also have the ability to explore current affairs and issues, interwoven into the more day-to-day drama. This makes them all the more timely, as well as encouraging debate that makes these thrillers even more of a talking point.

    2020 has a great selection of upcoming issue-focused thrillers worth adding to your reading list. Helen Monks Takhar’s much-talked about upcoming debut Precious You taps into the perceptions and conflict between generations X and Snowflake in the form of an intense work-place rivalry. Whilst Jane Casey’s The Cutting Place covers corruption, freedom of speech and how having friends in high places can often be as dangerous as it is useful. Definitely two to watch out for!

    Precious You, by Helen Monks Takhar

    best thriller books

    Released 11th June

    PRE ORDER: Precious You by Helen Monks Takhar, HQ, HB, £12.99 

    The Cutting Place, by Jane Casey


    Released 16th April

    PRE ORDER: The Cutting Place by Jane Casey, Penguin, PB, £7.99

    Best thriller books with psychological insight

    Many of us are drawn to thrillers for the way they delve into the perspectives of twisted and damaged characters. Our need to understand motivation and find some shred of humanity in the most evil of criminals is something that is encouraged by this trend.

    Released earlier this year, The Wreckage explores the psychology of teacher Ben and widow Alice following the traumatic death of her husband as feelings of guilt and obsession rise to the surface. Rachel Abbott’s upcoming The Murder Game also showcases the psychology behind the disturbing decisions taken by a group of old friends, when the ends come to justify the means in their quest for the truth.

    The Murder Game, by Rachel Abbott

    best thriller books

    Released 16th April

    PRE ORDER: The Murder Game by Rachel Abbott, Wildfire, HB, £12.99

    The Wreckage, by Robin Morgan-Bentley

    SHOP NOW: The Wreckage by Robin Morgan-Bentley, Trapeze HB, £14.99

    Thriller books that switch perspective and make you doubt

    The ability to navigate often several distinct perspectives, adding extra insight into the characters’ motivations, suspicions and mistakes is another critical factor in the rise of the thriller genre. Nothing engages a reader more than the reveal of an unreliable narrator, or a suggestion that someone has been on completely the wrong track…

    If you want to read a thriller that takes in all angles, then two titles not to miss are The Other People by C J Tudor and She by H. C Warner – both wonderfully gripping and doubt-inducing. When a different character perspective comes to the forefront, every clue must be questioned and every conclusion re-examined.

    She, by HC Warner

    best thriller books

    SHOP NOW: She by H C Warner, HQ, PB, £12.99

    The Other People, by C J Tudor


    SHOP NOW: The Other People by C J Tudor, Michael Joseph, HB, £12.99

    Best thriller books to remind us perfection is deception

    Perhaps the most prominent and popular theme in domestic thrillers is the idea that perfection is impossible. They take the idea of the ideal family and twisting it never ceases to engage and entertain in written form and in adaptations alike. As we anticipate the cracks beneath the perfect façade.

    The more perfect the starting point, the further the fall – something captured brilliantly in Jane Corry’s late spring release, I Made a Mistake. Look out for this dark tale of temptation as “perfect” wife and mother Poppy’s life is upturned by former flame Matthew. Sarah Alderson’s In Her Eyes takes the idea to an even darker place when a mother is forced to question everything in her life after a home invasion leaves her young daughter in a coma.

    I Made A Mistake, by Jane Corry

     best thriller books

    Released 28th May

    PRE ORDER: I Made a Mistake by Jane Corry, Penguin, PB, £7.99

    In Her Eyes, by Sarah Alderson

    SHOP NOW: In her Eyes by Sarah Alderson, Mulholland Books, PB, £7.99

    Happy reading!

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