The best audiobooks with five star reviews – to listen to on your commute, around the house, or on holiday

Or, anywhere you like...
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  • Reading more books was likely at the top of many of our New Year's resolutions list.

    Now that we’re almost a full month into the year though, it’s time to evaluate those resolutions, and review just how well we’re managing to stick to them.

    Because for some of us, wanting to read more can be tricky. It often means trying to carve out a peaceful half an hour in the day, when plenty of us are already busy with work life, home life, social lives and trying to stay fit and healthy – which means that 20 minutes of alone time can feel nigh on impossible.

    But that’s where audiobooks come in. Rather than needing to sit down, and dedicate all your attention to the words on the page of a traditional book, audiobooks allow you to carry on with your everyday tasks, whilst being able to dive into the next must-read on your list.

    It means that you can cook dinner, clean the house, get on with some work, or go on a walk, and at the same time, getting to delve into the next chapter of the thriller you were desparate to finish the night before.

    best audiobooks

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    While it’s undoubtedly lovely to settle down with a good old hardback, audiobooks give us back the chance to read, even when we barely have a minute to sit down – a regular occurence in our modern world, full of appointments, notifications and lists.

    Which is why we’ve picked some of the best audiobooks on offer on Audible, all of whom have overall 4.5 star ratings or above – with plenty of individual five star reviews!

    So if you want to try out an audiobook for the first time, or are simply searching for your next listen if you’re already a dedicated convert, check out our list of the best audiobooks below…