The best ever period dramas to catch up on during lockdown

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  • To celebrate the iconic TV genre that's endured through generations, we've picked the best period dramas to watch on catch up, buy on DVD, or reminisce about.

    Period dramas have been classic TV watching for years now – going all the way back to the very first remake of Jane Austen’s Emma, to the now world famous Downton Abbey.

    A new one often pops up on our TV or film screens every years, and attracts audiences far and wide.

    So just why are period dramas so beloved? Is it the nostalgic comfort of simpler times gone by that audiences flock to? Or, the dramatic but ever-relatable storylines, full of love, drama and loss? We reckon it’s a combination of all of that, and more.

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    There’s just something about settling down on the sofa with a cup of tea in hand, to be welcomed with huge hats, impressive ballgowns, and picturesque England country homes and gardens that soothes our souls.

    So if you’ve never seen a period drama before, want to explore more, or simply fancy reminiscing on your favourites, we’ve rounded up the best period dramas to be on TV. Some are still available to watch too, so we’ve let you know where you can find them, if you fancy spending lockdown getting to know some of drama’s most classic characters.

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