How to bring positive energy into your home in 2023 – 9 expert tips

Experts share simple ideas to attract positive energy into your home, to create an uplifting space for the year ahead

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The start of a new year is the ideal time to explore how to bring positive energy into your home to ensure your personal sanctuary is one of uplifting vibes and fulfillment throughout 2023.

In the same way, you can walk into a space where the energy feels wrong, conversely, you can experience a positive energy that makes a physical space feel energetic and more uplifting. Similar to how you can use crystals in the home to create calm or follow practical tricks for how to keep a house warm in winter there are simple exercises that can welcome more positive energy into your home.

Look no further, because these transformative tips from leading interior therapy experts and designers focus on how to bring positive energy into your home to ensure your surroundings leave you feeling more energized every day.

How to bring positive energy into your home in 2023

Today's biggest interior design trends are more thoughtful toward how our homes make us feel. "People want their interiors to make them feel good," explains Jo Littlefair, co-founder and director of Goddard Littlefair. "Whether it’s a cocooning and relaxing spa experience or a vibrant and uplifting space."

Here are nine simple tricks, shared by experts to attract more positivity in any room of the house.

1. Declutter

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Like most exercises that involve bettering your surrounding environment, from organizing the kitchen or arranging the bedroom to making a house feel more expensive, decluttering is absolutely key because unwanted mess equals stress and chaos.

“Decluttering is essential to make space for the good vibes,” explains interior therapy expert Suzanne Roynon, “and that begins with removing anything which is adding to the negativity around a home.” 

"Donate anything you no longer want," advises Suzanne, "there is no obligation to keep anything that does not add to your contentment or support your lifestyle of choice."

Sometimes decluttering a home can feel like a daunting task, but that's natural. If you are limited on time try to tackle the clutter a little and often, perhaps picking one area to declutter per day. If you keep on top of the process you will have less to clear any time you start to feel it becoming overwhelming again. 

2. Maintain an unrestricted flow

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When it comes to welcoming positive energy into your home it's crucial to make your space feel more receptive by keeping entryways clear, to create a seamless flow from the front door into the rooms beyond.

"You want fresh positive energy to have an unrestricted route into your home so clean the front door and the area around it then keep it free of junk and debris," suggests Suzanne. 

Before adding: "open an external door or large window wide for at least a couple of minutes each day to boost oxygen levels and activate life force energy."

3. Keep your home dust-free

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Aside from feeling a sense of pride from having a beautifully clean home, upping how often you vacuum and mastering how to get rid of dust effectively can also bring positive energy into your home. 

"Notice where cobwebs and dust bunnies grow. These are the pockets of still, stagnant energy which encourage negative sensations to seep throughout your home," Suzanne explains. "Get into the habit of wafting a feather duster in those spots regularly to break down sticky energy."

4. Welcome houseplants

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Fill your home with houseplants. More than merely a welcome pop of color indoor plants can help to improve well-being, leaving a lasting positive effect on our minds and soul, so it’s no surprise that their popularity is growing within home decor.

"Investing in houseplants can help reduce stress, and in turn, increase levels of creativity and self-esteem," says Suzanne, "real house plants also improve the air quality of your home, circulating more oxygen." 

Wendy Rea, an expert florist at Direct2Florist shares suggestions for the best plants to bring positive energy to your home: "Orchids are a great addition to places we go to relax in the home, such as the bedroom or living room, as their benefits help relieve stress and boost relaxation, countering depression and anxiety levels."

“Monstera Deliciosa, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, affects the nervous system, making us breathe slowly and deeply, slowing the production of stress hormones, and helping us to relax," Wendy explains. 

“Aloe Vera promotes a good night's sleep, so they are good to have in the bedroom. They boost oxygen levels, which can help you drift off easily and improve overall sleep quality."

5. Adjust the light

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Lighting and color hues are at the forefront of how to bring positive energy into your home, with LED and therapy lighting being used in the home more than ever before for this very reason. 

"Blue colorings are used to regulate mood and enhance relaxation, so areas of the house like the bedroom will be most appropriate for their use," explains Yvonne Keal, senior product manager at Hillarys. "If LED lighting doesn’t take your fancy, quirky droplet lighting offers a beautiful alternative." 

Explaining how the impact of light at this time of year is especially important Kate Baker, Light and wellness advisor, at smart lighting expert 4lite explains: “Because it is darker in the mornings and evenings in winter, the reduced levels of sunlight may disrupt your body's internal clock and lead to feelings of lethargy, For some, this can even be a contributing factor of Seasonal Affective Disorder."

“This is because environmental factors, especially light, impact our circadian rhythms. Our body clock develops over a lifetime, using the color of the light around us to tell the difference between daytime and evening." Use brighter unfiltered lights to mimic daylight and opt for dimmed light levels for the evening to adjust your eyes to the natural world to create a sense of balance and wellness.

To simulate natural sunlight you might benefit from investing in a UV lamp, or as it's otherwise known SAD lamp. These specialist lights are designed to trigger the brain to release serotonin - the happy hormone, to make you and your home adopt a more positive outlook. 

6. Remove painful momentos

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Improve the positive energy by removing items that might be unknowingly making your home feel resentful or sad.

"Initiate positive change by noticing everything which brings up unhelpful emotions. This is especially relevant after the end of a relationship and long periods of stress or illness," suggests Suzanne. 

"If something reminds you of difficult times, it will niggle away at a subconscious level each time you see it. This might be furniture, photos, gifts, and even the most random things.  If you can’t bear to part with it just yet, at least put it out of sight so it’s not harming you so deeply."

7. Let natural light in

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Flooding a room with natural light is an easy way to welcome a boost of positive energy because it links the indoor space to the outside and nature. Natural light works wonders for improving your mood and therefore is essential to a home that feels joyful and positive.

“Research shows that spending time outdoors helps relieve anxiety and stress, boosts mood, and releases feelings of happiness and positive well-being, but as many of us simply don’t have all the time in the day to get out, creating a cozy home environment inspired by the outdoors and natural elements is the next best thing," says Yvonne.

Open the window shutters, curtains, and blinds to expose your home to the maximum daily dose of natural light. 

Maximize the light levels in any way you can, even by rethinking your furniture layout: "ensure your furniture doesn’t block the light and move any mirrors in your home to face opposite a window," advises Johanna Constantinou, brand director at Tapi. "Change the positioning of any sofa or chairs, and pull your furniture out from your wall to allow light to flow more freely."

Thoughtfully position furniture to provide a clear view to any outdoor space, to make it outside feel like a continuation of indoor living space – unifying the two areas.

8. Introduce uplifting color

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Welcome uplighting color, whether it's a splash of the latest interior paint colors on the walls or soft furnishings a hit of feel-good color can enliven a room to make it feel more energized. 

Consider tones of green, like soothing sage green or forest green, to truly replicate the presence of nature, or choose alternative earth-inspired colors such as terracotta and sand.

"Stay away from pure, stark white as it will make your space look colder and unwelcoming during the dark seasons," says Emma Bestley, co-founder and creative director, YesColours

"If cloudy skies aren’t doing it for you, we recommend sun-kissed orange tones. They are brilliant, not only for warming up but also for brightening a space. The color of sunsets and sunrises instantly adds a joyful warmth to any space and has a positive impact on your mental well-being."

9. Remove negative decor

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"Keeping sharp implements on display will damage your well-being," advises Suzanne. "The fashion for using swords as decor encourages a fighting mentality which isn’t conducive to a happy ambiance."

Suzanne adds: "Ditch the knife block! Aside from the obvious risks of weaponizing a kitchen, knife blocks are hotspots for bacteria. Knives are safer and more practical when kept in a drawer and you’ll also improve the flow of energy in a kitchen." 

This simple enough swap keeps your organized kitchen countertops clear and stores chef knives out of sight in organized kitchen drawers instead.

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