Top 10 Shampoo And Conditioner

Try this fabulous haircare to boost colour, shine and even the thickness of your hair

The two most important hair products a woman can have are shampoo and
conditioner. After all, great hair needs great foundations, and shampoo
and conditioner are your first chance to coax your hair into the style
you desire.
First and foremost, it’s important to pick the right
Shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. The best shampoo will
cleanse your hair effectively but gently, leaving it clean and free from
any product build up, but not stripped of the oils it needs to stay
healthy-looking and strong. The best conditioner will leave your hair
feeling moisturised, nourished and silkily smooth, but without leaving
it greasy or weighed down. Apart from that, the rest depends on you!
your hair is dry, you need a shampoo that’s as moisturising as your
conditioner, and a conditioner that’s even richer. If you’ve got damaged
hair, look for haircare with strengthening ingredients and oils to
nourish.Thinning hair can get an inner boost from rebuilding polymers,
as well as a visual lift from clarifying root boosting ingredients.
Curly hair, which tends to be dry, loves oil-based products and
two-in-one cleansing conditioners to keep curls defined and hydrated.
If, like so many of us you have fine hair, weighing it down is your
biggest concern. Luckily we’ve found a new light-as-air shampoo and
conditioner combo to cleanse and hydrate without making it flat and
Whatever you need from your shampoo and conditioner, read
on for our round up the best shampoo and conditioner and discover the
perfect double act just waiting to be added to your bathroom shelf.