The Best Dry Shampoos

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  • The affordable quick fix product that's a saviour for every hair type

    here are precious few things we couldn’t live without water, food, a great moisturiser – but one of them is definitely a good (if not the best) dry shampoo. It’s the very definition of a savior, literally buying us a couple extra hours of time that we might’ve wasted on washing our hair to spend on something much more fun (having a lie-in, watching Netflix, painting our nails).

    But absorbing the oil in our roots to give us an extra day on our blow dry isn’t all it’s good for: the best dry shampoo has a few more secret functions that’ll leave you wondering how you ever managed without it. For example, it has incredible powers when it comes to volumising hair: it’s the perfect way to get some superstar oomph into your hair if it’s feeling a limp and lank, whether it’s a few days old or freshly washed. Just spray it into roots, massage in and then brush out: your hair will be lifted at the roots, making it look thicker and full of body.

    But that’s not all: it’s also the ideal first step when it comes to styling you hair. Any plait afficiando will know that most hairstyles work best when your hair is a little dirty: the oil and general lived-in texture are great for giving it grip, so your hair can hold on to its style better (that might be the reason why your braids always come loose). Dry shampoo is great for faking that feeling: simply spray and rub into the lengths to rough up the silky, cleanness that gives your hair that slip-factor, and then marvel at how well it stays in place, whether you’re doing a fishtail plait or just a simple chignon.

    With all that in mind, all that’s left is to decide which is the best dry shampoo for you. So we’ve collected 10 of our favourite.

    Famed for their nutrient rich hair oils and smoothing shampoos, Moroccanoil have launched their first ever dry shampoo, £14.85 and it comes in two shades.

    Dark tones for brunettes who want clean roots without misting on a powdery white substance that’s going to dull their colour and Light tones a subtle violet infused formula that diminishes brassiness to keep highlights looking their best.

    Lightweight and volumising this clever spray not only covers roots it lifts them. Ultra-fine rice starch soaks up oil and odour, whilst a conditioning Argan oil formula gets to work replenishing the hair shaft for bouncy, fresher looking locks.

    Already awarding-winning in the United States it launches in the UK today! What are you waiting for?