A Healthy Scalp Can Transform Your Hair

Regularly cleansing your scalp can give you longer, softer locks

Unless you suffer with a common scalp disorder such as dandruff, your
scalp might not be something you have steered much attention towards
before. But, a healthy scalp is vitally important for a youthful head of hair.

Genetics, everyday stress, hormonal changes and over-styling can take their toll on a healthy scalp,
causing an excess build-up of sebum (a waxy matter) which clogs and
inflames your hair follicles – restricting growth, moisture and
eventually resulting in hair loss.

Our diet also plays a huge
part in the health of our hair. If you suffer form a dry scalp,
incorporate more omega-3 ad oily fish into your diet. Vegetarian and
vegans should also be careful not to skip protein and supplement their
diet with iron for optimum hair health.

Other great ways to keep
your scalp in tip-top condition is to schedule all topical salon
treatments such as colour or relaxers during non-menstrual weeks, as our
scalp is more prone to sensitivity and bruising at that time. Also deep
conditioning your strands 24 hours prior to your visit, this will keep
your scalps natural pH in check. Many people avoid using conditioner at
the roots because they’re afraid to weigh down fine hair, but just like
your face requires moisturiser, a healthy scalp benefits from hydration.
The same goes for exfoliation. Use a scrub on your scalp once a week to
revive dead sin cells and promote growth.

In the fight against
thinning experts recommend deep cleansing your scalp once a week. So
with that in mind we’ve compiled our top 7 scalp care products, ranging
from deep cleansing treatments to gentle shampoos because a healthy scalp leads to beautiful hair.