7 Reasons To Embrace Your Greys

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  • Embrace winter's coolest colour with these inspiring cuts...

    Good news – silver tresses are back in fashion and the icy tones seen from the red carpet to the runway have the ability to make your skin look more radiant and youthful than ever!

 Introducing this year’s hottest hairstyles for older women…

    Not only is the new grey hair trend a great look, but it could also save you a small fortune on trips to the hair salon. That’s because grey hair has the densest pigment and is therefore the hardest to cover. But if you’re not quite ready to embrace your natural colour, why not try easing into it? Hair experts advise that once your hair reaches over 40% grey you should swap heavy colour in favour of subtle highlights and once it reaches 90% you should ditch the colour altogether. Embracing your greys is a great hairstyle for older women, plus it will be kinder to your tresses in the long term.


’With the weather getting colder and the evenings getting darker, hair trends are taking a more wintery feel, trends are becoming more stonewashed and Goth-like with gorgeous mixes of white, grey and black giving an ombre look,’ says hairstylist Lisa Shepard who is inundated with requests for the look in her Color Bar.

    Think grey hair will make you look older? Think again! Not only is grey hair bang on trend at the moment, but many hair professionals believe that grey hair can even brighten tired complexions. ‘Gray hair grew in for a reason: to give your face a softer frame.’ explains LA hairstylist, Umberto Savone. Hey, if it’s good enough for Dame Helen Mirren, then it’s good enough for us! 

    So, will you embrace your natural colour? From long flowing locks to low-maintenance pixies, keep reading to discover 6 of the best grey celebrity hairstyles for older women to choose from…