Hobbies For Women: A List To Inspire Your Next Interest

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  • Finding time for yourself inbetween work and family commitments can seem impossible in the short space of 24 hours, but taking up a new hobby is a great way to lower stress, boost memory and meet fabulous, like-minded people.

    Immersing yourself in a new activity, be it physical or creative, will help bring you into the present moment (goodbye anxiety!) and encourage the growth of new brain cells. And with the wealth of activities available online, in your local area and beyond, there’s never been a better time to expand your horizons.

    Aspiring writer? Future chef? Proespective painter? If you’re in need of hobby ideas, look no further than our round-up of some of the best hobbies for women.


    If you’ve been keeping your inner wordsmith in the wings, it’s time to get your thoughts onto paper. It doesn’t have to be a Man Booker Prize-winning manuscript, but jotting down ideas, or ‘free writing’ in a journal, will hone your skills and help develop your voice. Feeling brave enough to share your words with the world? Try a website such as WordPress, which offers a user-friendly way to build a blog.


    Nearly half of all ready meals eaten in Europe are consumed in the UK, which means an awful lot of us aren’t cooking from scratch. It may seem like a hassle to source ingredients and put it all together, but there’s much to be said for the joys of cooking everything from a simple meal-for-one to a sumptuous feast for family and friends. The tactile nature of cooking keeps your hands – and mind – occupied, which is a great way to reduce stress (just don’t let the pot boil over!) Try one of our One-Pot Dinner Recipes for an easy and delicious dinner.


    Ballroom, ballet or throwing shapes around your living room, dancing of every kind proves a fantastic way to get active, listen to your favourite music and, according to studies, reduce your risk of developing dementia. Search for local dance classes on DanceNearYou, or if you want to polish up your moves at home, try YouTube tutorials such as Howcast’s How To Master Simple Ballroom Dancing.


    Gardening, perhaps one of our favourite hobbies for women, comes with a huge list of benefits, both physical and mental. Planting bulbs, pulling weeds and tending to an allotment offer the perfect antidote to a day spent glued to a screen indoors, and can even alleviate depression. Head to your local DIY or garden shop to pick up compost, trowels, seeds and plant pots.

    Jewellery making

    Though fiddly and time-consuming, making jewellery is a therapeutic and creative outlet, perfect for those of you on the hunt for a new hobby. Make unique pieces to update your look or homemade gifts for loved ones, and before you know it you’ll have a covetable collection ready to sell on Etsy. HobbyCraft has everything you need to get started – beads, wire, pliers, thread and more.


    Channel your inner Frida Kahlo and get painting! From watercolour to oil paints, there are infinite ways to create beautiful images and impress your family and friends with your artistic prowess. Not only does painting allow you get creative, but it also improves motor skills, strengthens memory and relieves stress. Bonus!


    In the advent of smartphones and tablets, everyone has the potential to be a great photographer. Whether you’re amassing an enviable Instagram-ready photo album or looking to get published in a magazine, photography offers the opportunity to capture memories, improve your eye for detail and relieve anxiety, as you spend much of your time focusing and noticing your surroundings.

    Playing an instrument

    It’s never too late to pick up a violin, guitar or trumpet and reap the benefits of playing music. Mastering an instrument can boost your memory, improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination and sharpen your concentration, not to mention give you the chance to meet and socialise with other musicians. Find local teachers and courses on Google, or learn to pay along with your favourite song through one of the many YouTube tutorials online.


    Apart from saving you money on public transport or motor prices, cycling is one of the best forms of exercise to take up, improving heart health, toning leg muscles AND reducing the risk of cancer. Purchase a bicycle from any number of cycling shops on the high street, but don’t forget your safety gear!

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