The Luxury YOU Can Afford: Cheap Designer Bags

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  • Our selection of the best designer handbags that won't break the bank...

    For years we’ve lusted after designer bags – from the Chanel 2.55 to Mulberry Bayswater and Hermes Birkin. But admiring from a distance is as far as we’ve managed to get, thanks to the high – and sometimes obscene – price tags.

    But designers are becoming wise to what elevates a bag to cult status nowadays – and its all about the price. Michael Kors started a trend with his highly covetable but totally affordable bags, that are generally no more than £300. And designers have followed in his footsteps ever since. Even those that often retail their products at around £1,000 have created new or mini versions of their classics at a lower price point – which is just perfect for us! So now owning a piece of luxury doesn’t have to mean spending a month’s salary.

    Handbags can make (or break) an outfit, so it’s worth investing in a quality product. Expensive-looking yet cheap designer bags have dominated the market in recent years and show no signs of abating. You can now get your hands on affordable pieces of luxury for a fraction of the price.

    From bucket bags to clutches, we’ve found the best cheap designer handbags in classic shades or brighter prints to suit every taste. Both functional and fashionable, Longchamp bags are perfect for carrying around your daily essentials in style. We love this gorgeous purple tote bag, £680.

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