Hair Colour Ideas: Bronde

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  • Transform your features and stop the clock with 2016's brand new hair colour ideas...

    The latest Hollywood hair trend to have A-listers lining up for their turn in the salon chair is ‘Layage’ – a cross between ‘Bronde’ and ‘Balayage’. This bespoke colour technique involves hand-painting strategically selected strands of hair with a customised colour to suit YOUR face shape and complexion.

    A much more controlled method of highlighting than traditional balayage – which can appear ‘dip dyed’ at worst, the layage process enables more precision and expensive looking results.

    We expect to see on the likes of Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara sporting this age-defying look at the Oscars. Click to the next slide to see the jaw-dropping before and after transformation…

    Image by Charles Worthington