The best Christmas gifts for dads who have everything

Follow our guide to the best Christmas gifts for Dads with thoughtful and useful ideas he'll love

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Finding the best Christmas gifts for dads is no easy feat. Cue: our handy guide, featuring editor-approved gifts that he'll use and appreciate. 

Most dads seem pretty easy to please; however, shopping for them is nearly impossible—they seem to have everything they want already, or claim that they don't need anything for Christmas. 

That's where we, the shopping experts, come in. We've put together a comprehensive list of Christmas gifts for men that includes ideas for every type of dad, whether they're sporty, outdoorsy, foodie, techie, or into fashion and grooming.

Where to find the best Christmas gifts for dads in the U.S.

Our pick of the best Christmas gifts for dads in the U.S.

From luxe sweaters to pizza-cooking sets, our curation runs the gamut. In short, you're bound to find something that he'll treasure well after the holiday season. 


1. Le Creuset Signature Stainless Steel Saute Pan: View at Williams Sonoma

RRP: $205 | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer

If your dad is a keen cook, this multi-use sauté pan will be a handy addition to his kitchen essentials collection. It features an uncoated inner surface that makes it useful for searing and browning, plus a 3-layer construction that makes for fast and even heat distribution. And it doesn't just work on gas and electric hobs, this is also one of the best induction pans out there too. 


2. KitchenAid 2.1L Food Processor: View at Crate & Barrel

RRP: $199.95 | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer

As one of the best food processors, the KitchenAid 2.1L Food Processor can do everything from chopping up your ingredients to mincemeat for burgers, all in a sleek little package that will look good on the kitchen counter. It's also really easy to use and the parts slot together without any hard work. A must for any keen cooks out there, or a great Christmas gift for parents who may be about to embark on the process of weaning. 


3. Global 7-piece Knife Set: View at Amazon

RRP: Varies | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer

Every chef needs a reliable knife set and Global is known for its quality products. And with a seven-piece set, you can be sure that your dad has all the blades he needs to bring precision and quality to his cooking preparation. 

There are various seven-piece Global knife sets available but most include the essential Cook's Knife, which can be used for all types of preparation from chopping vegetables to slicing meats and everything in between. It's also worth noting that a seven-piece set will generally contain six instruments as well as a stand, block, or case to hold the tools.


4. Oral B IO8 Electric Toothbrush: View at Amazon

RRP: $299.99 | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer

Give your dad the gift of his best ever smile with this high-tech toothbrush. One of the best electric toothbrushes, this uses artificial intelligence to track your brushing and alert you to any bits that you've missed. Its unique vibration patterns let you customize your clean so that it suits your dental needs and the pressure sensor will ensure that you don't brush too light or too hard. 

It's also one of the sleekest-looking toothbrushes out there which is sure to give your dad a reason to brush his teeth before bed.


5. Braun Multigrooming Kit: View at Walmart

RRP: $49.99| Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer

Many of our dads and husbands have been converted to DIY haircuts over the last year so upgrade his clippers with this all-in-one set. These clippers make at-home grooming as straightforward as possible with attachments to trim your dad's hair and beard and a precision trimmer for a clean shave. The set also comes with a separate razor if your dad prefers to avoid the stubble.


6. Bleu De Chanel Eau De Parfum Spray: View at Amazon

RRP: From $98 | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer 

For cologne-obsessed dads, this fragrance imparts woodsy notes of vetiver, pink pepper, dry cedar, and more.  And if you're a mom helping out the kids with their dad's Christmas present, this will be a treat for you, too! 


7. Garmin Approach S62 Golf Watch: View at Amazon

RRP: $499.95 | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer 

If dad’s a keen golfer he will need one of these GPS golf watches. Built-in technology helps users calculate distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, as well as hazards, plus this watch automatically records the location and distance of each detected shot and also lets you manually adjust to today's pin position for accurate approach shots. 


8. Theragun Mini: View at Best Buy

RRP: $199 | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer

This deep muscle treatment device aids quicker recovery after a workout and helps the body to stay injury-free.  Percussive therapy works by rapidly compressing soft tissue to stimulate blood flow, increasing oxygen to the muscle—and because the Theragun Mini self-massage gun is portable, it makes it the perfect on-the-go gadget to soothe a sore body. 


9. Bose SoundLink Color II: View at Amazon

RRP: $129 | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer

This speaker is a must-have for dads who love to listen to music wherever they go. At a pretty reasonable price for such a high-end tech brand, this speaker boasts impressive volume, bass, and clarity in a compact package. It's also water-resistant so is perfect for taking on a holiday to use around the pool and the silicone body means that it's protected from drops and scratches.

It comes in a variety of colors so that you can personalize the design to suit your dad's tastes. This is also a great pick if you need ideas for Christmas gifts for teenagers that will soon be heading off to college. 


10. Kindle Oasis: View at Amazon

RRP: $249.99 | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer

While there are many Kindles and eReaders on the market to choose from, the Oasis makes a lovely gift. As one of the best Kindles, it boasts a large 7-inch screen and high 300 pixels-per-inch resolution, adjustable lighting that can go from bright white to warm amber, and a sleek but waterproof design. Plus it can hold a huge selection of books with 8GB or 32GB capacity options.


11. NAADAM Café Cotton Cashmere Sweatshirt: View at NAADAM

RRP: $125 | Delivery: 5-15 day shipping | Refundable?: 30-day return policy

Through sustainable practices, NAADAM aims to democratize cashmere, one design at a time. Enter: The Café Cotton Cashmere Sweatshirt, coming in at just $125/£125. Available in four muted colors, this garb has a crewneck, straight fit, and ribbing at the hem. More importantly, it's equivalent to a warm, comfortable hug on a chilly day. Available in sizes XS-XXL.


12. New York Times Crossword Puzzle Calendar 2022: View at Amazon

RRP: $16 | Delivery: 2-5 day shipping | Refundable?: 30-day return policy 

Help keep his mind sharp with the New York Times Crossword Puzzle Calendar, featuring 313 puzzles for both beginners and certified cruciverbalists. Plus, when you purchase this calendar, you'll receive one free month of full digital access to New York Times Games.


13. MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer: View at Amazon

RRP: $99.95 | Delivery: 2-5 day shipping | Refundable? 30-day return policy

For the pedantic grill master, this smart thermometer allows users to monitor their cooking through WiFi and app connections. This gadget leverages dual temperature sensors, which ensure even heating and, more notably, preserve the rich flavor. Users can even set up custom alerts and notifications based on the temperature and time.


14. OONA Fyra 12 Portable Wood-Fired Outdoor Pellet Pizza Oven Bundle: View at Selfridges

RRP: $415 | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable?: 28-day return policy 

Transform his backyard into a fully-robust pizzeria,  courtesy of OONI's oven bundle. This kit includes all of the essentials for creating the perfect wood-fired pie: a portable oven, hardwood pellets, perforated pizza peel, a cooking guide, and a carry case. The oven is protected by an insulated carbon steel shell, which is both powder-coated and durable. Now that's amore!


15. Personalized Leather Chess and Draughts Set: View at Not On The High Street U.S.

RRP: $106.33 | Delivery: 5-10 day shipping | Refundable? No

Gift him this ultra-luxe set, designed to be enjoyed among loved ones. Crafted from fine leather, this set features chess pieces in rich gold and comes in navy, blush, pink, tan, or black colors. Plus, it folds for easy storage and can be customized with text.


16. Make Your Own Belt Kit: View at Not On The High Street U.S.

RRP: From $55.29 | Delivery: 5-10 day shipping | Refundable? No 

For the style maven, this kit will allow him to curate his belt with a unique flair. The leather comes in three classic colors, while the bucket is available in solid brass and nickel-plated brass. Available in sizes XS-XL.

Where to find the best Christmas gifts for dads in the UK

Our pick of the best Christmas gifts for dads in the UK


1. Le Creuset x Harry Potter Signature Cast Iron Casserole Pot: View at Selfridges UK

RRP: £365 | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable? 28-day return policy

This enameled cast-iron sauteuse crafts stews, casseroles, and one-pot meals, featuring a Harry Potter-inspired lightning bolt brass knob. Its sloped slides simplify stirring, while its wide surface makes browning and searing a breeze.


2. AARKE Carbonator 3 Black Stainless Steel Sparkling Water Maker: View at Selfridges UK

RRP: £200 | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable? 28-day return policy

Enjoy sparkling drinks around-the-clock with this sleek maker. Made of stainless steel, the AARKE Carbonator features a BPA-free water bottle and drip tray for mishaps. Plus, it's cordless.


3. Cuisinart Griddle & Grill Set: View at Selfridges UK

RRP: £120 | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable? 28-day return policy

Meet the ultimate multitasker, designed to cook everything from paninis, steaks, and chicken breasts. This gadget features interchangeable nonstick cooking plates, which allow for grilling, griddling, and pressing.


4. Oral B IO8 Electric Toothbrush: View at Amazon

RRP: £150 | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer

For a deeper clean, this device tracks your brushing and alerts users to any missed spots. Additionally, it offers six modes for personalized brushing.


5. Braun Multigrooming Kit: View at Amazon UK

RRP: £44.99| Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer

Compared to traditional razors, these clippers come with plenty of attachments for a precise, clean shave. The result? No stubble, cuts, or mishaps.


6. Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne Duo: View at Selfridges UK

RRP: £113 | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable? 28-day return policy

This cologne pair is infused with notes of Pear, white freesia, rose, amber, patchouli, and wood. It'll become his signature scent in no time.


7. Fitbit Inspire 2: View at Currys UK

RRP: £89.99 | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable? 21-day return policy

Among the best Fitbits, the Inspire 2 is a compact, easy-to-use fitness tracker. You can monitor your steps, distance, hourly activity, resting heart rate, and calories burned.


8. Theragun Mini: Very Co UK

RRP: £175 | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? Depends on retailer

To alleviate muscle tension, this gadget offers three speeds for deep, personalized treatments. Plus, it's compact for on-the-go use, be it pre or post-workout. 


9. Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit: View at Selfridges UK

RRP: £70 | Delivery: Depends on retailer | Refundable? 28-day return policy

If he fancies shower jam sessions, give him a public platform with Lucky Voice. This kit comes with all of the essentials for great karaoke, be it solo or with loved ones.


10. Apple 11" iPad Pro: View at Currys UK

RRP: £849 | Delivery: 2-5 day shipping | Refundable? 21-day return policy

The Apple 11" iPad Pro leverages advanced tech in a sleek package. Weighing under two pounds, this tablet allows users to stream shows, browse online, edit footage, enjoy gaming, and more. In terms of design, it features a large liquid retina display and ultra-wide camera.


11. Ralph Lauren Bathing Robe: View at Selfridges UK

RRP: £150 | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable?: 28-day return policy

This deep-navy robe offers a relaxed, plush fit, decked out in brand embroidery at the chest. Available in sizes S-XL.


12. Sadler's Peaky Blinders IPA Gift Set: View at Amazon UK

RRP: £11.99 | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable?: 28-day return policy 

This gift set celebrates two things *almost* everyone loves: booze and the hit TV series, "Peaky Blinders." Included, you'll find 2x Black IPA, a limited-edition stemmed glass, and a themed Peaky Blinders cap.


13. Barbour Nelson Mudguard Chukka Boots: View at John Lewis

RRP: £125 | Delivery: 2-5 day shipping | Refundable? 35-day return policy

Elevate his shoe game with the Chukka Boots. Backed by a lightweight, flexible sole, this contemporary pair features a mudguard, lace-up fastening, contrasting color details, and printed lining. Available in two colors and UK sizes 7-12.


14. Rayban Iconic Aviator Sunglasses: View John Lewis

RRP: £184 | Delivery: 2-5 day shipping | Refundable? 35-day return policy

If he says "I don't want anything this year," go with classic Raybans. Available in multiple colorways, these specs marry style with exceptional quality for comfort. Choose between gradient or solid dark lenses, both of which keep light from reaching your eyes.


15. Mulberry Heavy Grain Leather Card Wallet: View at John Lewis

RRP: £135 | Delivery: 2-5 day shipping | Refundable? 35-day return policy

Made from luxe leather, this wallet boasts a slim profile to streamline the essentials. It comes with three credit card slots, along with three slip pockets for cards, folded notes, and papers. Available in four colors.


16. Roberts Revival iStream 3 DAB+/FM Internet Smart Radio with Bluetooth: View at John Lewis

RRP: £229.99 | Delivery: 2-5 day shipping | Refundable? 35-day return policy

This retro-styled stereo offers internet radio worldwide, plus streaming services and wireless Bluetooth connection. It also connects with Amazon Alexa devices for easy voice control. 

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